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The carnival is in town What was supposed to be an evening of fun and laughter for JD Cole and the other students of Whitebridge High turns into a never ending night of terror Trapped inside the Castle of Horrors by the demonic Proprietor good friends and bitter rivals must band together to make it through the maze of torturous attractions where fictional monsters come to life eager to feast on human flesh Vampires zombies werewolves and aliens lurk around every corner as JD and his friends struggle from one room to the next fighting for their sanity fighting to survive fighting to escape The Carnival of Fear

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    Trigger warnings for sexual assault and a school shootingI was looking forward to a fun B grade horror experience with this book and that’s mostly what I got It’s almost Halloween and ‘Carnival of Fear’ is in town for one night only Advertisements promise “ Terror Blood Mayhem Monsters Ghouls and Murderers Experience the agony of the damned” and “ The World’s Most Terrifying Haunted Mansion Enter At Your Own Risk” They’re not lyingSeveral groups of high school students are amongst those who are inside the Castle of Horrors at midnight when hell begins to literally break loose on the town of Whitebridge “It’s not like a regular haunted house There’s only one exit and you can’t get out until you go through all the rooms You can do them in any order you want except for the last one That’s where the exit is” The characters are so clichéd that they’re essentially caricatures You’ve got the jocks the cheerleader the nerds and the goody two shoes I eagerly anticipated a lot of the characters’ death scenes from our first meeting particularly those who spouted derogatory homophobic racist ableist misogynist word vomit I was also keen for the date rapist to be dispatched with the ample blood spatter he deservedI had planned on keeping track of all the deaths in the book in order to provide a body count in my review There were so many that I decided to make up rules about which deaths could be included They had to happen on page so no dead bodies that were stumbled upon once they’d already started cooling and I had to know their name for them to count Before I made it a third of the way through the book I had already reached double digits so I decided to abandon my tally and just sit back and enjoy the bloodbath insteadI grinned as B grade horror glory unfolded in front of me There were some really entertaining over the top deaths I witnessed a Jason VoorheesLeatherface mashup scenes from Alien and every alien invasion movie ever made witch trials Frankenstein at work werewolves and zombies I was really enjoying being ringside but then just before 70% I almost stopped reading I’m all for slasher bloodshed I’ll happily cheer on decapitations limbs getting twisted off bodies disembowelments and impalements especially when they happen to a character I love to hate It’s all part of the fun of B grade horror However the story stopped being fun the moment view spoilerthe vampires started raping at whim Both male and female characters experienced this with some rapes happening in full view of the rest of the characters I hesitated in the beginning when one of the main characters was described as a date rapist but tried to ignore this and simply looked forward to their demise The story lost me at the first gratuitous sexual assault and while I continued reading until the end I never got the fun back hide spoiler

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    This book could have benefited from writer’s workshop feedback Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free copy of this ebook in exchange for an unbiased review

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    For any small town a traveling carnival is a huge event This traveling carnival is a little different because not everyone will survive this one This carnival's Castle Of Horrors is the real deal Aliens zombies vampires and werewolves They're all here and waiting for the unsuspecting townspeople When JD Cole and the other kids from the local high school entered the castle they thought it would be fun instead they have to count on each other to survive Carnival Of Fear by JG Faherty is the type of book that to me shouts Read Me Now Monsters a traveling carnival and a bunch of teenagers who can't get along what's not to like? This book was really a mixed bag though it kind of felt like a YA novel but with violence It has its moments though I liked the idea that all these kids from different social backgrounds had to work together to survive and because of this they grew and changed On the bad side there was so much going on in this book it bordered on ridiculous If you can suspend your disbelief though this is a fun book

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    Special thanks to Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review this book Unfortunately it was just ok I liked the story concept from the beginning and the ending was great but everything in between was slow and a tad confusing I couldn't keep the characters straight in my mind and then when they were going into the different rooms and the book would jump from room to room I was lost I wanted to enjoy this than I did but it just fell flat for me

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    I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest reviewThe Carnival has come to town and everyone is eager for a night of fear filled fun The biggest ueue is for the Castle of Horrors and once inside the people must visit every room before they can exit But behind each door a very real terror awaits and only the strongest will surviveThis was a brilliant horror story one of my favourite ever in this genre I like reading about these scary carnivals but this author manages to do something completely different with a popular concept turning it into something new and fresh It's not just zombie monsters chasing you through a dark funhouse Behind each funhouse door is a room which depicts a gory waxwork scene involving a supernatural or human monster but when the door closes the people in the room are transported to a real life version of that nightmare where you need brawn and brains to survive Behind the doors you will find the vampire castle in the middle of nowhere the mad scientists lab where you are the next experiment a pack of werewolves trying to get into the castle to eat you the deadly witch trials where you are to be killed a mad serial killer at summer camp chasing you through the cabins a full scale alien invasion in your town the zombies breaking into the shopping mallto survive you must find a way to defeat each monster and return across country to find the door If you die in these rooms you die Survive and you are back in the Funhouse with doors to open and only when all rooms have been explored and defeated do the survivors get a chance to escape So you are getting lots of exciting mini adventures within a main story which I LOVEDThe author does not waste time on long winded descriptions or massive amounts of background information Instead you are told just enough to understand the characters before you are thrown into the plot and they are put in the Funhouse Character development does occur through the story and interaction with each other so there is no need for big info dumps or slow scenes which I hate in horror books There is nothing slow in this book The writing style is uncomplicated and free flowing the plot moves at rapid speed between the action in each room hardly giving you time to catch breath and there is the perfect blend of tension terror and gore All my favourite horror monsters and scenarios are featured here and I enjoyed every single one If you like chainsaw psychos and classic film monsters you'll love this You just don't uite know what is around the corner or behind the next door Will your favourites survive?So was there anything in the book that I didn't like? Simply put no I don't do many 5 star reviews for horror books and I've read a lot in the genre but this really reserves the accolade It was action packed full of tension gory deaths psychological scares and a wonderful storytelling flair JG manages to combine every element of great horror into one compelling novel This is the second book that I have read of his and it will not be the last I have already ordered my own print copy so I can re read this many times Have I mentioned yet that I totally love this book?There is sexual content mega violence and gore and the usual language you would expect in the genreI seriously hope that this will be made into a film

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    The carnival of fear by JG FahertyThe carnival is in town What was supposed to be an evening of fun and laughter for JD Cole and the other students of Whitebridge High turns into a never ending night of terror Trapped inside the Castle of Horrors by the demonic Proprietor good friends and bitter rivals must band together to make it through the maze of torturous attractions where fictional monsters come to life eager to feast on human flesh Vampires zombies werewolves and aliens lurk around every corner as JD and his friends struggle from one room to the next fighting for their sanity fighting to survive fighting to escape The Carnival of FearThis was a fantastic read with some great characters It was a little slow in places 4

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    Pick a fear your worst fear Is it vampires? Warewolves? Zombies? How about dealing with Hell? The Carnival of Fear has a fun house that promises to be the biggest and best scare you have ever had Come on inif you dareA small New York town is abuzz with excitement this Halloween A carnival has set up shop overnight and the citizens are ready for some Halloween thrills and chills No one is immune to the pull of having the pants scared off of them on this holiday it's a traditionit's your rightand you're going to have fun even if it kills you And in this carnival you may just want to dieAs in any high school you run into the jocks the nerds the stoners and the artsy kids None of them hang out together but they all have seen each other picked on each other and crushed on each other None of these groups planned on spending any time with any of the “other” groups That just isn't how things are done They never knew that in the span of less than an hour these groups will have suffered what seems an eternity together As midnight approaches several kids from each of these groups enter into the Castle of Horrors with the Proprietor silently watching on Once you enter the kids learn you cannot leave until you have visited every room in the castle Every nightmare imaginable lays in wait inside the castle The kids will enter eagerly anticipating a good scare Soon after they will be running for the exit screaming for their lives Can they really survive all the Proprietor has in store for them? Carnival of Fear has something for everyone’s horror taste There is blood gore dismemberment and a special fear for just about everyone I loved this book because it took me back to the good old days of horror We see all of our favorite horror style characters in this book and it kept me wanting to keep entering the next room even though I knew I wouldn't be able to turn my bedroom light off for a while The book is written in parts and each part is from the view point of one of the teenagers trapped inside the castle This really helps you bond with each of the characters and you being to even like the characters you really thought would be the perfect person to be decapitated All of these kids learn to work together and get past their differences if any of them are to survive Unfortunately some of them do not learn this lesson uickly enough This book is not for the sueamish There are certain scenes that are uite brutal if you have a vivid imagination There are several times I was uite grateful I had chosen to read during the daytime Otherwise I would have NOT been sleeping for a while I give this book 5 stars and will definitely be picking this up again to make sure that there was nothing I missed No tickets necessary for this carnival but I guarantee one Hell of a ride

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    It's Hallows Eve in a small farming town in New York In the fog descends evil beyond your imagination in the form of a carnival All of the townspeople learn about this carnival that's come to town in the middle of the night The teenagers are ramped up and ready to go Little do they know what they will encounter once they get there The carnies in attendance all have red eyes and slithery tongues and are in need of their next meal Once midnight comes and it's Halloween all are trapped in the Castle of Horrors They are left in this otherworld to face their worst nightmares Carnival of Fear by JG Faherty was one awesome ride I loved the campy teen 80's horror movie feel which gave this novel that extra something that not all horror novels today have Will read again Highly recommended

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    I was very disappointed with Carnival of Fear I found at least one character description to be very disturbing While the plot is sound I noticed than a few times a word was left out of a sentence I can not recommend Carnival of Fear

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    Loved itbut then I wrote it