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Charlie Giles inventor of a new digital entertainment system for automobiles is stunned when his life abruptly falls to pieces around him After being publicly humiliated by a seemingly self destructive stunt at a high level meeting Charlie says he was set up by a colleague who apparently doesn’t exist Then he’s fired from his company after an audit reveals that he used his computer to access pornographic web sites; he swears he never did but the evidence is conclusive Fearing he could be losing his mind Charlie turns to his brother Joe who suffers from schizophrenia for advice But when Charlie’s former colleagues start getting murdered he realizes that whatever is happening isn’t going on entirely inside his own head

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    Delirious is billed as a thriller but so much A very touching and affecting portrait of the effect mental illness has on a family especially two brothers and how they come to understand each other under very difficult circumstances so a great thriller indeed but also a coming of age aspect too David Palmer is a superb writer The character of Charlie evolves so very much over the course of this superb book The reader's understanding of the mentally ill and the challenges they face not just from their illness but from the perceptions of others is expressed with grace and great skill The thriller aspect of Delirious is gripping and coupled with the mystery inherent in the plot David Palmer has hit a grand slam at his very first time at batAN OFFICIAL JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB MUST READRICK FRIEDMANFOUNDERTHE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB

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    I had a hard time reading this book It is an excellently crafted thriller It has a uniue set up but one that is particularly personal to me I am not schizophrenic like Joe the main character's brother But I am epileptic and the twist in this book really bothered me It is horrifying to think that something like this is possible But I'm scared that it might be

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    I found the writing long winded and sometimes extraneous I didn't particularly like Charlie the main character and I couldn't bring myself to care about his plight I skimmed the second half of the book trying to see if it got better For me it didn't

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    Charlie Giles worked hard to get to the top of the high tech company Solucent He also made than a few enemies in the process Now his success will come with a price and he finds himself in a desperate fight to stop a killer The problem is convincing himself and others that he’s not the killer Is someone out to get him make him think he's the killer or is his worst nightmare coming true? With the help of his schizophrenic brother he frantically tries to solve the mystery while still trying to keep his family's past a secret“Delirious” Daniel Palmer's riveting fictional debut takes readers on a mind bending psychological ride There are fantastic plot twists wonderfully deceptive characters and most of all it gives a look into how vulnerable we have become in this techno driven societyReviewed by Catherine Peterson for Suspense Magazine

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    Daniel Palmer’s DELIRIOUS delivers an intense non stop suspense debut with corporate espionage on steroids for a bang up psychological thrillerEddie Prescott was world class software engineer whose life spiraled out of control a partner of Charlie Giles who took a wrong turn and ended his life from a bridgeCharlie Giles sold his successful start up company to a Boston electronics firm where he now serves as senior director As a top software engineer at SoluCent developing cutting edge InVision a high profile sophisticated car entertainment system He is successful intelligent and lives to work money and a futureThis all changes when a woman Anne a SoluCent marketing employee tips Giles off that one of his superiors Jerry Schmidt will argue against a deal with GM to make InVision standard When Giles crashes an executive team meeting and confronts Schmidt Giles cannot prove Anne works for SoluCent or even exists and his betrayal leaking secrets to competitor leads to his firing and is escorted out of the building He is astounded and has to prove he was set up However as things start stacking up against him he fears he is falling victim to his family history of schizophrenia after finding a note in his own handwriting listing names of SoluCent executives marked for death Someone is manipulating him as he is surrounded with deceit lies and betrayal as he turns paranoid slowly second guessing reality fiction or illusion Delirious in an acutely disturbed state of mind resulting from illness or intoxication and characterized by restlessness illusions and incoherence of thought and speech This accurately describes Charlie’s state of mind when no one will believe him and all the evidence is pointing at him as a cold blooded killerIn the meantimereaders learn about Joe his brother a blogger loved this which gave the techno thriller and even human interest side with family dynamics between the two brothers and an inside look into mental health issues and caretakers As Charlie fears of losing his mind intensify and his brother comes to his defense he has a better understanding of the real brother behind the illness he has overlooked loved Joe's characterI have read Palmer’s newer books and making my way backward to read his previous books Highly recommend Desperate I actually liked Delirious better than Helpless and Stolen as Palmer is brilliant as a lover of techno and psychological thrillers especially with the wrongly accused desperately proving their innocence Best of all love love Peter Berkrot swoon as he wows the intensity for an outstanding audio performance Missed him in Helpless Hard to believe this is a debut; love the wicked twists of revenge Check out his latest upcoming May 2015 suspense thriller CONSTANT FEAR

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    Finished this book Palmer has written a good first effort no doubt we will be hearing and reading from him This book is a very internal or mental process narration and if this is your thing then this book is for you Coming up on pg 100 I'm thus far drawn into the mental possibly disturbed world of the main character still unsure who he is and if he has serious issues Palmer is able to keep me at bay mentallylaughing with his crafting and narration while the character is someone I can't decide if I like or not Very cool makes you want to keep reading More soon on this first effort by Daniel Palmer I wasn't at all surprised to see it yesterday on the bestseller rack in TargetAnxious to get into this book late last night I scanned the first few pages Palmer doesn't waste any time pulling you off your feet and into the story I'll let you know as I read through this critically acclaimed and much anticipated release Love love love the cover art work Read on people

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    After coming up with a new invention that includes in one thin piece everything one needs for entertainment in a car Charlie is on top of the world Successful business alot of money loves his job Than everything falls apart and Charlie doesn't know if it the same mental illness that has impacted his brothers and fathers lives Or is someone out to get him but that its the first sign of mental illness Very good first novel interesting suspense and storyline This is a solid thriller where even when the readers thinks they know who to believe doubt creeps in Well done

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    This is my first read of this Author I must say I loved every minute got me turning the pages great plot the story delves into the illness of Schizophrenia which was very interesting as well as Epilepsy a good thriller well written will read of this Author

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    Delirious by Daniel Palmer was awesomeCharlie Giles a software entrepreneur is on top of the worldhe has money success and a great future ahead of him; however he's missing some of the most important things in like like family friends loveGetting to the top hasn't been easy for Charlie but he's made iteven if he's had to bump a few heads along the way However when someone suggests that Charlie crash a company meeting on a subject that will affect his product everything starts spiraling out of control Soon Charlie finds himself at the mercy of someone who's trying to sabotage him he starts thinking he's crazy that he's written these horrible notes and worst of all that he's murdered in cold bloodIf you read Delirous it will definitely take you on a rideit's very suspenseful It really takes you on a roller coaster ride and each chapter leaves you panting for I give it 5 starts

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    This first novel was horrendous from start to finish A good idea badly written is still a lousy book From the beginning our hero wanders through a series of frameups that a man of his supposed intellect would never have allowed to happen The story is so preposterous that I could not suspend my disbelief and the writing is amateurish as wellI hate books where we are treated to the character's thoughts ad nauseam Should he do this or should he do that If he does this this might happen but maybe not If he does that this might happen or maybe not etc etc etc Avoid at all costs I am now wondering why I finished it and have decided that I wanted to see how the techno things were accomplished Some of those explanations in the last chapter were interesting but it took soooooooo long to get there