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Throughout the world there is a New Generation of Witches people practicing or wishing to practice the Craft on their own without an in the flesh magickal support group To Ride a Silver Broomstick presents both the science and religion of Witchcraft so you can become an active participant while growing at your own pace This book is ideal for anyone regardless of religious background male or female young or old beginners and initiates

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    This book like almost all Llewellyn Press books is total crap It's a dumbed down version of a religion that Allister Crowley thought up over the course of a very drunk weekendIf you want to read something about real pagan religions take an anthropology courseIf you want to be a magician turn towards Peter Caroll and Robert Anton WilsonIf you want to piss off your parents start getting good grades

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    Disappointing There is some general good information but overall Silver RavenWolf is irritating to read She writes as though she's talking down to you much like that of a parent to their teen and since I've already did my time as a teenager I was annoyed through most of this book There is some interesting parts which is why I gave this book two stars but it is important to keep in mind that what she writes about is the color of the world through her glasses Beware of trite generalizations and gross misinformation For every gem in Silver's book there is a mountain of garbage to sift through

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    Fluffy new agey wicca presented as canon Wicca has no canon Spirituality has no canon This is like WicDonalds Wicca in a Box Think outside the broomstick Read Cunningham's work for a better intro to Wicca One that doesn't condescend

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    I read this book as a beginner in Wicca as a teen Now that I am older I realize a lot of what was written came across as condescending and that a lot of it was incorrect That being said I don't feel the need to bash this book Many people start out with less than stellar resources and then branch out to find credible resources and as Yoda would say Unlearn what you have learned There are some tidbits to be gleaned such as the detail of supplies and a list of the very basics of different types of witches Seeing what is good and what is not is part of the critical thinking process of all religions and life in general It is a good starting out book and a person will adapt to reliable autors like Scott Cunningham Starhawk Raymond Buckland and Margot Adler if they continue in their pursuit of knowledge For teen books and people new to the Craft this isn't terrible It is fluffy but starting out there is no need to read a thesis paper that will only confuse someone Taking it for what it is and the purpose this serves I give it three stars for the record I did eventually sell the book to a used bookstore rather than keep it to loan out like other Wiccan and Pagan books

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    It's been almost 10 years since I wrote my original commentary on this one which I'm going to leave below the updated versionA lot has changed in the world and for me personally since I first read any of Silver's books I picked this one up and the rest from this series as well as her teen witch book waaaaay back in the late 1990s and early 2000s Back then I was mesmerized Baby witchling me ate up her words even the things that made me feel uncomfortable I didn't have the life experience or anything else to help me articulate what it was that made me uncomfortable and even now there are other people who can do so better than I couldBasically I don't recommend this one At all There are far better sources for you to pick up if you want to learn about witchcraft andor Wicca There are also different kinds of Wicca out there a lot of traditional Wiccans from what I've seenheard are not particularly fond of Silver and other authors like her and even varieties of witchcraft Feel free to send me a message if you want some recsI don't remember enough of the specifics of this book to detail exactly point by point with page references why it's not great but it shouldn't be hard to find other people's dissections of it by googling something like Silver Ravenwolf cultural appropriation That should get you started Cultural appropriation is not the only issue with her books that's just an example search phrase to useNo author is perfect but yikes I'm not sure this is all from TRASB but what I do remember of skimming through these books a few years ago are cultural appropriation racism saying WiccaWitchcraft and only Wiccans are real witches Christian bashing and hatred I meanI get where those feelings come from but get a grip already crappy history that isn't actually accurate ex she promotes the 9 million dead witches Burning Times thing etc She also refuses to stop using slurs despite people bringing it up with her uite recently which is oh so charmingHoweverIf you did pick this up don't despair You can take something useful away from pretty much anything you read Just read it critically and don't take anything any singular author says as The one true and only way to do things Be critical do your own research and if something feels offwrongwhatever listen to your gut about itAnd here's what still a baby witchling me had to say before finally gaining access to better sourcesI know that many Pagans do not like Silver Ravenwolf but I've always enjoyed her books both fiction and non fiction This book is no exception She offers the same information as any other author on the subject but in a much lighthearted and down to earth style As with any other book concerning Paganism in any form I would recommend that someone learning about Wicca andor witchcraft at least give her a chance before coming to a conclusion This book in my opinion is a very good beginner's book for those studying Wicca andor witchcraft

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    I really enjoyed this book but I'm only giving it 3 stars for a couple of reasons I'll start with the cons First of all I often felt like Silver RavenWolf was talking down to me I understand the book was written for a beginning practitioner but a lot of the time it just seemed like the author was boasting instead of teaching Secondly a lot of the examples of actual magic the author claims to have done to strengthen a point are just so far fetched I just don't believe her It turns Wicca which is a beautiful religion into something fluffy and suitable for TV which is what the author claims to be debunking in the first place And lastly while the book has a lot of information in it some important aspects are left very vague which for a beginner to magic can be disastrous However Silver RavenWolf does cover a TON of material in this book and is able to introduce a beginner to a lot of different practices that can go into Witchcraft She does a good job at defining tools stones colors and holidays I had a lot of fun reading this book even if I didn't agree with parts of what the author had to say This not being the first book on WiccaWitchcraft I have read I can say a lot of what Silver teaches in this book goes against a lot of what I already know But I think there are things in this volume worth learning and reading However for someone who wants a serious introduction to this religion or intermediate and advanced practitioners with no sense of humor look elsewhere

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    Silver RavenWolf offers the most down to earth practical non fluffy guides to Wicca and magick This was the first book I ever read on Wicca back in the day Though Wicca is no longer the right path for me I'm just straight up Pagan these days I still find Silver's books to be full of useful knowledge ethics and practices

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    Please don't take this personally it is not aimed at anyone but Silver Years ago when I first heard of Silver Ravenwolf in the early to mid 1990's I searched her online and found her website It looked like the online version of a New Orleans tourist trap Black background with yellow typeface very 'oogy boogy' in it's presentation and many items for sale which are in violation of the three fold law such as Come to me oil I may have the name slightly wrong but it was certainly along those lines it could be I bid you come oil or something similar I remember poppets that had a revenge intent an oil like that too After that; I avoided her books no matter how positive the reviewLet's be clear here I have no issue with someone in the Craft making a living based on their gifts; we all have to pay the bills but I do have an issue when someone promotes the dark side of the Craft Especially for financial gainInterestingly I checked back a few years later and her website at that time had a white background I don't remember the typeface; I believe it was a pale pink but if I'm wrong it was something soft and pastel and a long stemmed rose across a Tarot deck spread in a half circle All photographed with a soft focus lensAll her other items for sale were gone only promotional pages about her as a writer and her books currently in print remainedFor me the message seemed to be that the leopard would change her spots whatever it took to make a buck Once her writing started to take off she took off the hoo doo or vodoun image that had previously worked in her favor A well meaning non Pagan friend gave me a copy of Teen Witch for my daughter Thank goodness I read it first I remember Silver giving out a love spell A love spell for teenagers? Can you imagine High School with love spells flying around?? Read Gwinevere Rain's SpellCraft for Teens The author wrote this book while she was still a teenager and it is way better than Teen Witch The chapter on ethics alone makes the book worthwhile Yeah Gwinevere Rain a teenager thought to write on ethics Why didn't you Silver?I think the other big issue most people have I certainly do is her trashing other faiths specifically Christianity I have worked for over 15 years in interfaith and I have found that surprise There are some Christians who are open minded and curious about what our faith is about Check out a Unitarian Universalist Church with a CUUPs group Or some of the the independent Methodist Churchs Or Unity Church of Christianity And many others It is heartening that the one result of the current crisis against Muslims is that interfaith groups are forming The Live Oak Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess has been a member organization of Interfaith Action of Central Texas in Austin TX for about a decade Many of us have been wounded by Christianity To you I say you're a Witch heal yourself and move on It is not healthy to carry your anger and hurt through your life And also when it comes to other faiths we will not receive respect until we are willing to give respect If you want specifics on Silver's attitude toward Christianity with uotes from her books Google Wicca for the Rest of Us and click on the page Continuing Anger Over Silver Ravenwolf by Cassie Beyer For those of us who are working for peace between religions reading that page gave me a slow burn Don't promulgate hate Silver It will not serve youWe should be better and have peace in our hearts than those who would harm us Because what we send out returns to us three times right?

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    In my opinion this author is a fraud

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    I liked some parts of this book very much Other parts made me feel like the author was being condescending instead of instructional