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What the hell happened I LOVED the first book and I absolutely HATE the sequel In the first installment, Eon was a crippled girl disguised as a boy struggling with identity while navigating the treacherous world of court politics As Eona, she becomes an insecure and highly distrustful young woman caught in a control power struggle masquarading as a love triangle between two powerful men, the new emperor Kygo and the manipulative Ido Meanwhile, they are being pursued by the vast army of would be emperor Sethon, who is a one dimensional and stereotypical evil villain.Eon was both a character driven and action driven story With Eona, the action completely overwhelmed character development and growth They had no deep struggles about the consequences of their actions or the morality of their choices Bizarrely, an erotic and sexual attraction develops between Eona and Ido the man who once tried to rape her Eona s mirror dragon represents Truth but she is anything but truthful.The interesting secondary characters like Ryko, Dela, Tozay, Chart and his mother faded into the background The wonderful world building lost its appeal for me with this sequel s poorly developed storyline where an unlikely hero turned into an unlikeable and unreliable heroine. I m not even done reading, and I already love this bookUpdate How do I even begin with this review sigh I guess it s time to bring my feelings out and spill the beans but I warn you, it will be a huge, jumbled up mess of emotion Okay, here we go I loved this book But I hated it at the same time At some parts, I would be cheering on the characters and at others, I would be rolling all over the place, screaming at the pages because I thought what was going on was crazy I hate that I loved this book so much, to be honest It kept me up at night, made me an emotional wreck and took me away from my real life which I loved, but now hate While reading, I was so captured in the story, that my life didn t seem to matter until I finished the book But now, that I finished the series, I don t know what to do with myself Silly, I know I keep thinking about the characters, and thinking about the story and what happened I actually just finished the book, and I feel the same feeling I felt after I read Mockingjay loss and emptiness I feel as if myHuawas drained out of my body and soul Eh Eh Get it Get it No Okay, moving on Basically, what I am trying to say is that I got way too attached, and now, it will take me a few days to recover from this emotional wreckage le sigh C est la vie.The characters What to say I loved all of them, and to be honest don t kill me, please I loved Lord Ido in this book In Eon, not so much because he was a total asshole, but throughout this whole story except the end, I will be getting to that later he was a sarcastic, funny character that I enjoyed reading about view spoiler All the times that he almost died, I found myself hoping that he would survive I was so wrong hide spoiler Eon Has Been Revealed As Eona, The First Female Dragoneye In Hundreds Of Years Along With Fellow Rebels Ryko And Lady Dela, She Is On The Run From High Lord Sethon S Army The Renegades Are On A Quest For The Black Folio, Stolen By The Drug Riddled Dillon They Must Also Find Kygo, The Young Pearl Emperor, Who Needs Eona S Power And The Black Folio If He Is To Wrest Back His Throne From The Selfstyled Emperor Sethon Through It All, Eona Must Come To Terms With Her New Dragoneye Identity And Power And Learn To Bear The Anguish Of The Ten Dragons Whose Dragoneyes Were Murdered As They Focus Their Power Through Her, She Becomes A Dangerous Conduit For Their Plans Eona, With Its Pulse Pounding Drama And Romance, Its Unforgettable Fight Scenes, And Its Surprises, Is The Conclusion To An Epic Story Only Alison Goodman Can Create Three stars, but barely.It is hard for me to hide my disappointment after reading this second installment of the Eon Duology After so many reviews signing its praise, my expectations had soared high and I feel let down now I do love Alison Goodman s writing, her skill in creating atmosphere, making Eona a lush and sensual reading experience Nevertheless, especially the second half of the book was a let down character wise I am sad to say that I lost my respect and admiration for Eona Full of strength and courage as Eon, her union with her dragon and the power she has gained through it have made her weak and insecure The way she treats her loved ones, the way she meets everyone around her with mistrust and suspicion were not necessarily unrealistic traits for someone in her situation, but they made it almost impossible for me to feel with her The love triangle introduced did not make it any easier for me It is one of those cases where you just know it ll end badly, and it made me think even less of the heroine I have to admit, though, it is not necessarily only there for the sake of adding tension it really illustrates the heroine being torn not only between two men, but also between two paths she can take but one of the men is a total creep, and the other s intentions aren t clear either Additionally, the relationship developed a bit too fast All in all, I was just very surprised as the first book was romance free for a change , but the second one was so heavy on it Add all the trust and power issues it was kind of painful, partly in a good way, but mostly in a frustrating way I do like my portrayal of heroes realistic they should always be complex characters, with strengths and faults Here, I felt like everybody besides the main character was strong, but Eona herself failed to carry responsibility and power on her shoulders She does redeem herself later, and chooses the path I wished she would take, but in the end, I felt like she hadn t earned the ending she got.Still, I admire this story for its diversity, for the amazing side characters especially Dela and Ryko and for the atmospheric setting I would recommend giving the books a try despite my disappointment in this second volume, they are excellently written and the cast of characters is definitely unique in the fantasy genre7 Aussie YA Challenge 2011 RTC How often does the sequel outdo its predecessor Not often at all EPICALLY good, in a way that kept me up late at night.Review to come. Men were always quick to believe in the madness of womenEona, the second and last instalment of Alison Goodman s duology very much exceeded my already high expectations The ending left me shocked and breathless, sad but with a smile on my face If you loved her first novel Eon, you must read this book as well, because it s even betterYou have seen Lady Eona s power and resolve, he said harshly Be thankful that you have also witnessed her compassion and restraintAlison Goodman has one of the most amazing writing styles I have encountered, it s beautiful and descriptive, but not too flowery or tedious.This instaltment has romance then the first book, but it wasn t at all overwhelming or romance driven story It s very much plot driven duology There s even a very subtle touch of love triangle, but not to fear, it s almost nonexistent, very well done and complex This, very subtle, triangle has a lot of distrust, politics and scheming between them, which makes the storyline even interesting And there s also beautifully done side romance between Lady Dela Alias the best character from this duology and RykoWatching my father plan and strategize for the resistance has taught me about trust She leaned forward Personal trust is very different from political trust, my lady The first thrives on faith The second requires proof, whether it be upfront or covert Awkwardly, she patted my hand His Majesty has always been a powerful man Perhaps he has never had to distinguish between the twoThe world author created is simply epic Phenomenal Full of magic and colorful descriptions, not just the world, but the story itself is so very much alive Every building, every created landscape, almost flew from the pages to me.Goodman s Chinese dragons almost breathed magic, the whole magical and mythological aspect of these books was very enchanting In fact, the best aspect of this book I was absorbed into this beautifully dark storyToo many doubts grow in the cracks of silence and separationEona is story about power, greed, politics, destruction, war, sacrifices, death, magic and life itself And so much I don t know what else to say, that will make you read this beautiful duology Maybe one thing Magical Chinese Dragons and beautifully done Asian inspired culture You re already hooked Aren t you Then let s give it a tryHistory does not care about the suffering of the individual Only the outcome of their struggles I was so hopeful and the beginning was such a teaseA wise man once wrote In war, truth is the first casualityBrillant, intriguing, foreshadowing I was pumped, i was so ready for a dragon novel with wizards, war, emperors, and some kicking some sexist warlord ass Except that no one really knew what was happening at any point or time Eona wasn t included on any major decisions within the war despite being the chief adivsor So she kept finding out stuff last minute and try to take action and would end up ruining everythingI know His head tilted a smile quickly suppressed Of course, you have already punched me in the throat and tried to stab me with a sword, but I know you would never hurt meThis character made me so sad i swear to god Events just happened to her She rarely had an active role or really try to but kept complaining that no one took her seriously Seriously there was a grand total of TWO training scenes AND THEY WERE BOTH FULL OF TEEN ANGST I LITERALLY GAGGED ON IT A bunch of lame shit would happen but then these small little moments continued to tempt and tease me this entire novel Small glimpses of sassy teasing, interesting side characters, and i swear to god i really wanted to like this book i swear i triedFour days with a mother I had not seen for ten years, two powerful men who hated each other, and friends who did not trust meThat sounds pretty damn intriguing doesn t it Except she spends the entire time in her cabin, worried about Ido the prisoner She then tries to save the boat by making out with Ido in her bedright.There was even a creative plot twist about the very foundation of the whole goddamn country view spoilerThe dragons were enslaved There was no bargain between man and beast We had stolen their egghide spoiler As seen on The ReadventurerIf you liked Eon Dragoneye Reborn and your eyes didn t glaze over every time you read about Eona uniting with her dragon, easing into her mind sight, channeling her Hua and so forth, I don t see any reason for you to dislike this novel I really don t.I feel like every issue I had with the 1st book of this duology was successfully fixed or improved upon in this sequel.Eona, unlike its predecessor, has no info dumping Instead, it is a quest type adventure in which Eona attempts to save her home country and in the process learn to control her newly acquired immense power It is also a very personal story The time is no longer spent on extensive world building, but on Eona s exploration of her power as both a Dragoneye and a woman Of course, everything is messy With great power comes great responsibility how much violence is justified in war what is the rightful cause to use one s power against another person s will who can be trusted with limitless access to power and what can power do to a person who possesses it The romance story line is no less complicated romantic relationships are convoluted by mistrust, fear of deception, power imbalances, questions of morality, loyalty and honor Every decision Eona has to make is ambiguous and difficult and requiring serious sacrifices, just the way I like them.But the best part of the book for me was the fact that when I started it, I was sure it would simply be about saving the Empire of Celestial Dragons from Sethon, but it turned out to be much than that, sort of like in Shadowfever Note no other similarities So don t hold this comparison against me later on, ok I am thoroughly impressed by this intelligent, complex and thoughtful story Highly recommend it, unless, of course, you can t stand fantasy, dragons and heavy world building Night Owl Reviews You have seen Lady Eona s power and resolve, he said harshly Be thankful that you have also witnessed her compassion and restraint I m sure I m not the only one who cheered after reading that.I gave up on Eon Dragoneye Reborn when I first attempted to read it because the beginning moved like molasses I just wanted some action already, geez Well, I got what I wanted in this book, a bit too much of it at times Eona was nonstop action from the first page This is not one of those series where you can plunge in with the second book and there will be some nice characters having a conversation about previous events and then BAM, you re all caught up within 3 pages and ready for Nope The reader truly has to know what the heck went on in the first book or risk becoming hopelessly lost.After the events in the first book, Eona is on the run with the resistance Ryko is fatally injured, Dela is heartbroken, and Eona is feeling the sorrow of all the dragons as they mourn their dead Lord Ido tried and failed to rebel against Lord Sethon and is now being imprisoned and tortured somewhere The Pearl Emperor, Kygo, is on the run with his branch of the resistance, and they haven t a clue where he is Oh, and everyone is out searching for Lord Eon, who may or may not be a woman or possibly an eunuch, and Dela, who is a man, or a woman Yep It s a mess and a half.Eona is trying to decipher the mystery of the dragons with the help of Dela s translations she knows she has had two female dragoneye ancestors, Charra, and the traitor Kinra She is burdened with a mess of secrets that grow heavier as the book goes on Much of the book is about concealment Nobody really trusts anyone, and as a result, there s miscommunication and distrust even among the allies to the very end of the book.In contrast to the previous book, Eona had a lot character involvement The previous book didn t really give us a glimpse of many personalities, since we were never really given a chance to get close to many of the characters In this book, from the first, we are forced into close quarters with many characters, and as such, personalities are made clearer A lot of characters made me pretty angry at how unreasonable they are, for example, those close to Eona, whom she healed They know her, she did it to save them They believe in her, otherwise they wouldn t be on her side, and yet they re upset because she has the power to compel them I don t know about you, but if I were forced to be maimed my entire life or given to compulsion for a few moments, I d choose the latter Ingrates.Ryko was so annoying to me in this book, but the relationship between him and Dela was so sweet, albeit frustrating at times They re of the I love you but I m no good for you school, but at least their love is straightforward, unlike the major players in this book.Eona frustrated me at times, but then again, I m a bloodthirsty little thing I personally am of the kill one to save many school Eona is not She is powerful, she has destructive powers as well as healing ones, and each has its disadvantages She is so reluctant to use her powers sometimes, and so distrusting of herself Again, I think this is the fault of me, the reader, and not inherent of the character Eona does need to learn to grow into herself and what she is comfortable with, after all.I felt the mystery involving Kinra was well done, though so, so very dragged out The clues were given in a believable manner, spaced out so that it doesn t seem like clue upon clue is forced upon us The concept of the diary is a good one the other book, the Black Folio and the accompanying Dillon frustrated me to no end How hard can it be to wrestle a stupid cursed book from a 12 year old boy Ugh I ve wrestled with my sister for a prized possession before It s not easy, but it s definitely doable especially with fingernails.The love triangle is very well done I couldn t decide who to root for, and I was torn between both men even as the book reaches its final pages Both men, Lord Ido, and the Emperor Kygo, are such complex and flawed characters They re both imperfect, they both love Eona in their own way, and they both seek power for different purposes, and I honestly could not tell whose heart truly loved Eona for who she is I liked Ido a lot in this book He seems to be in tune to Eona and understanding of Eona s needs, in contrast to Kygo, who is compelled to keep his nation and people foremost in his mind, despite what his heart might be telling him We are kept guessing throughout the novel I ve rarely been so torn between two characters I hated Lord Ido in the first book, but my feelings for him in this book changed 180 degrees.In summary action packed adventure, heroine who grows into herself, awesome love triangle, delicious bad boy, mystery that kept me guessing til the very end EPIC BOOK.