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Holmes beats criminals like adirty mattress Oh good god, gingers A whole league of them In The Redheaded League, Holmes Is Engaged Upon Two Seemingly Unrelated Cases, A Daring Bank Robbery And The Disappearance Of A Pawnbroker S Assistant Using Minute Details Of The Small Mystery, He Is Able To Solve The Larger One Depend Upon It, Says Holmes To Watson In A Case Of Identity, There Is Nothing So Unnatural As The Commonplace Holmes Is As Fascinated By The Story Of A Common Young Woman Whose Groom Has Vanished On The Way To The Altar As He Has Been By The Woes Of Kings He Sharpens His Powers Of Detection By Putting Together Scattered Facts To Form A Powerful And Unexpected Accusation Holmes Tells Watson About One Of His First Cases, The Musgrave Ritual One That Helped Make Him Famous Two Servants Of An English Nobleman Disappear By Following A Trail Of Obscure Clues Left Behind In An Old Parchment, Holmes Discovers The Crown Of A Former King Of England The criminal was intelligent, cleverly manipulating the red headed man since he knew the man could use money and had a greedy nature As usual, Sherlock Holmes did a great job solving the case Holmes thrives on challenges It saved me from ennui.Alas I already feel it closing in upon me My life is spent in one long effort to escape from the commonplaces of existence These little problems help me to do so. Barely made three stars on this one Worst Sherlock story I ve read listened to so far Great setup but extremely anti climatic and almost pointless. I don t want to say this was an easy case, but the fact that I guessed it before it was revealed still remains Read with a LibriVox audiobook. This is my first introduction to a Sherlock Holmes short story I read it out loud to my children 8 and 10 Both of my boys enjoyed the story.In this short story, a red headed man by the name of Mr Wilson has sought the advice of Sherlock Holmes in a strange situation that has befallen him Mr Wilson was employed by a Mr Duncan Ross, to copy from an Encyclopedia for 4 pounds a week After several weeks of nominal work, the Red Headed League vanished without a trance and no one knew what the business was and who Mr Duncan Ross was Sherlock took the case, because it was so unique and goes about solving the mystery.I enjoyed Sherlock s eccentric ness and can t wait to readby Aurthur Conan Doyle. An enjoyable read. The League of Extraordinary RedheadsSherlock Holmes has a new case, brought to him by an elderly pawnbroker with fiery red hair After Sherlock, as usual, impresses Dr Watson and the pawnbroker with a short display of his amazing observational and deductive talents, they get down to business Mr Jabez Wilson, the pawnbroker, was invited to join the Red Headed League two months ago, where he was required to sit for four hours a day and copy out the Encyclopaedia Britannica by hand And now the League has mysteriously closed up shop, with just a sign on the door Wilson, disappointed with the loss of the four pounds a week they were paying him, asks Sherlock Holmes to investigate WHY It s four pounds And nobody ripped you off, buddy But Sherlock, wiser than I, understands that there s a bigger game afoot ETA Wait, hold the press My Stanford U source for A Scandal in Bohemia tells me that Three hundred pounds would equalthan 100,000 today, which means that 4 week over 1300 week in current money Okay, now I mimpressed.Actually, I figured this one out But I think maybe I read it once before, many years ago, so I m not patting myself on the back too hard And reading about a massive crowd of redheads was fun.On to A Case of Identity. As a rule, said Holmes, thebizarre a thing is the less mysterious it proves to be It is your commonplace, featureless crimes which are really puzzling, just as a commonplace face is the most difficult to identify I suspect it is the quirkiness of The Red Headed League which makes it one of my favourite Sherlock Holmes stories It is far from complex, but it is very entertaining, and reveals several sides to Sherlock Holmes s personality I love to read how he wouldchuckle, and wriggle in his chair, as was his habit when in high spirits , about his classification of the case as athree pipe problem , and the way he insisted on dashing off to hear the famous violinist Sarasate play for a few hours, as he found the German music he would play in the concert as opposed to Italian or French a stimulus to his analytical abilitiesIt is introspective, and I want to introspect Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also had a soft spot for this one, placing The Red Headed League at second, in his list of his twelve favourite Sherlock Holmes short stories, out of the fifty six he wrote.Yet The Red Headed League is actually only his second Sherlock Holmes short story The fictional private detective, orconsulting detectiveas he is known in the stories, first appeared in print in a novelA Study in Scarlet , in 1887 However, most readers get to know him through the short stories The first collection of these isThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmeswhich was published at the end of October 1892 This contains the twelve monthly stories which had been published inThe Strand Magazinebetween July 1891 and June 1892, with the original illustrations by Sidney Paget The Red Headed League had first been published in the magazine the previous year, in August 1891.The story, narrated as ever by his friend Doctor John Watson, begins when an excited Sherlock Holmespulled me abruptlyinto the room He has a visitor already, a Mr Jabez Wilson, who is relatinga narrative which promises to be one of the most singular which I have listened to for some time As far as I have heard, it is impossible for me to say whether the present case is an instance of crime or not, but the course of events is certainly among the most singular that I have ever listened to As we too listen to Mr Jabez Wilson s account, we realise that is is indeed bizarre, although as yet there seems nothing sinister about it, and no crime has been committed Indeed, Mr Jabez Wilson seems an unremarkable sort of man, evenpompous, and slow , but he does havefiery red hairto distinguish him The astute detective, however, notices far Beyond the obvious facts that he has at some time done manual labour, that he takes snuff, that he is a Freemason, that he has been in China, and that he has done a considerable amount of writing lately, I can deduce nothing else Those readers who are already well acquainted with Sherlock Holmes s powers of deduction relish this sort of detail, not least for the reaction it provokes in the object of such close examination Sherlock Holmes gives a detailed explanation of his deductions, only to meet with Mr Jabez Wilson s knowing commentWell, I never I thought at first that you had done something clever, but I see that there was nothing in it after all leading to Sherlock Holmes s reply, as rueful as everI begin to think, Watson, that I make a mistake in explaining Incisive his thoughts may be, and expert at analysing human behaviour, but for some reason Sherlock Holmes never seems to anticipate this reaction And so begins the curious story which Jabez Wilson has to tell He is a pawnbroker, but only just making a living in his profession In fact the only reason he can afford an an assistant is because the man he has taken on, is willing to work for half the usual pay, in order to learn the business A couple of months earlier, this assistant, Vincent Spaulding, had drawn Wilson s attention to an advertisement in the paper, with the heartfelt wordsI wish to the Lord, Mr Wilson, that I was a red headed man Jabez Wilson proceeded to show Holmes and Watson the newspaper cutting It announced that there was a vacancy in an organisation calledThe League of the Red headed MenVincent Spaulding was surprised that Jabez Wilson had never heard of an organisation which could be so useful to him, and explained that it had been set up some years ago, by a local man who had then emigrated to America, and made his fortune This millionaire, Ezekiah Hopkins, was very eccentric He was himself red headed, and wished to give a helping hand to all red headed menFrom all I hear it is splendid pay, and very little to dosaid Vincent Spaulding.Jabez Wilson agreed that it was worth a look, and the two of them shut up shop for the day, and marched along Fleet Street to the office where interviews would be held Vincent Spaulding had assured his boss thatthere arevacancies than there are men, , and that Jabez Wilson s hair was of the exact fiery hue which was required, so he decided he stood a good chance He would certainly need to, for the City ran amok with red headed menFrom north, south, east, and west every man who had a shade of red in his hair had tramped into the City to answer the advertisement Fleet street was choked with red headed folk, and Pope s court looked like a coster s orange barrow Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson listened to the increasingly odd tale, of how Jabez Wilson went into a room, to be interviewed by a man with even redder hair than his own A strange enough interview it proved to be, with a man called Duncan Ross, who much admired his hair In fact he was so impressed by it that he gave it a great big tug, making Jabez Wilson yell with pain, in order to ensure that it was not false If you are not laughing by now, I would be most surprised Certainly Holmes and Watson were both engrossed by the story and most entertained When Jabez Wilson enquired as to the work he would be expected to perform, he was assured that it was nominal In fact it would fit in with the duties at his pawnbroker s shop very well, as it would just be for four hours in the mornings The work was to copy out theEncyclop dia Britannica , supplying his own pens, ink and paper For this he would receive 4 a week, regularly The only condition was that during these hours he must not on any account leave the office Jabez Wilson accepted these conditions, although at home later, he began to regret it, and think it must all be an elaborate hoax.Nevertheless he turned up the next day to perform his duties, and was duly rewarded at the end of the week with the four promised golden sovereigns This went on for eight weeks, and Jabez Wilson was quite content with the work except that he was rather looking forward to progressing to the letter B when the entire project came to a sudden end.Sadly he held up a card to show the two listening men It announced that the Red headed League had been dissolvedSherlock Holmes and I surveyed this curt announcement and the rueful face behind it, until the comical side of the affair so completely overtopped every other consideration that we both burst out into a roar of laughter Of course Jabez Wilson did not care for such a reaction from the consulting detective, and indignantly demanded to know if Sherlock Holmes considered that he had been the victim of a practical joke For himself, he said, he keenly felt the loss of a regular income of four pounds a week.What is the reader to make of this crazy situation Should Holmes and Doctor Watson pursue it to get to the truth Of course they do They ask questions Was there any trace of Duncan Ross, the man who had interviewed Jabez Wilson There was no joy there Duncan Ross was evidently a pseudonym, as the rooms had been rented by a solicitor, whose forwarding address turned out not to be a solicitor s office buta manufactory of artificial knee caps .The case becomes curiouser and if possiblecomically absurd Sherlock Holmes goes to visit Jabez Wilson s pawnbroker s shop, and seems to be interested in details which his friend Doctor Watson cannot fathom at all Why does he rap his stick on the pavement Why does he examine the knees of the assistant Vincent Spaulding Why is he so fascinated by the fact that the assistant has a white splash of acid upon his forehead, and that his ears are pierced for earrings And why is he so interested in the buildings and premises around the pawnbroker s shop Sherlock Holmes decides that this is quite a three pipe problem, and proceeds to sit down, smoke his pipe, and analyse the information he has Then he leaps up, and announcing that listening to a famous violinist will help him reach a conclusion, the two go off to their concert While they are listening to their music, you can decide whether or not to unclick this spoiler, to see what happens next, and learn the solution Many of us might feel placed in the same position as Doctor WatsonI trust that I am notdense than my neighbours, but I was always oppressed with a sense of my own stupidity in my dealings with Sherlock Holmes Here I had heard what he had heard, I had seen what he had seen, and yet from his words it was evident that he saw clearly not only what had happened, but what was about to happen, while to me the whole business was still confused and grotesque But here it is view spoiler After the concert, Sherlock Holmes announces that a serious crime is about to be committed, and asks Watson to meet him at his office at ten o clock that night Also present are two other men a Scotland Yard detective named Inspector Peter Jones, and a Mr Merryweather, who is a director of theCity and Suburban Bank , which is located next door to the pawnbroker s Sherlock Holmes has asked them all to be there, as he suspects that the bank is to be a target for a daring robbery that very night The bank is currently holding farassets than usual, because they have taken delivery of some gold bullion thirty thousand napoleons to be exact from the Bank of France.There follows a suspenseful hour or , as the four men lay in wait in the vault of the City and Suburban Bank, in pitch black, and not making a sound Sherlock Holmes has ascertained that they are about to meet John Clay, a notorious criminal amurderer, thief, smasher and forgerFurther, he says hewould rather have my bracelets on him than on any criminal in London He s a remarkable man, is young John Clay His grandfather was a Royal Duke, and he himself has been to Eton and Oxford His brain is as cunning as his fingers, and though we meet signs of him at every turn, we never know where to find the man himself He ll crack a crib in Scotland one week, and be raising money to build an orphanage in Cornwall the next Sure enough, as Doctor Watson feels the tension must break, they notice a light shining through a crack in the floorAt first it was but a lurid spark upon the stone pavement Then it lengthened out until it became a yellow line, and then, without any warning or sound, a gash seemed to open and a hand appeared, a white, almost womanly hand, which felt about in the centre of the little area of light For a minute orthe hand, with its writhing fingers, protruded out of the floor Then it was withdrawn as suddenly as it appeared, and all was dark again save the single lurid spark, which marked a chink between the stones A man with a boyish face emerges from a tunnel, pulling his accomplice after him They are the aforementioned John Clay, and his helper Archie Vincent Spaulding had been an alias for John Clay, and Archie played the part of Duncan Ross Together they had cut a tunnel through into the vault s floor Quickly Sherlock Holmes springs out and seizes the intruder, leaving the inspector to deal with Archie.John Clay realises that he has no chance of escape but is still ludicrously enough keen to assert his superior social positionI beg that you will not touch me with your filthy hands You may not be aware that I have royal blood in my veins Have the goodness also when you address me always to say sir and please Back at his house in Baker Streeet, Sherlock Holmes explains the missing parts of the story to a bewildered Doctor Watson The preposterous Red headed league had been an invention purely suggested by the coincidence of Archie s fiery hair colour matching the bright red of Jabez Wilson s, and the happy fact that the pawnbroker was in need of ready money andnot over brightAs soon as the tunnel had been completed, there was noneed for the pawnbroker to be got out of the way, in case he should hear the give away sound of tunnelling, so the league was dissolved Although paying Wilson four pounds a week was expensive, it was a pittance compared with the huge amount of gold coins they were planning to steal.Sherlock Holmes, and perhaps the reader, had realised from the beginning that the Red headed League was simply too preposterous to be real, and that it must therefore have been a cunning ploy to get Wilson out of his shop for a few hours every day Added to this was the suspicious fact that Vincent Spaulding was willing to work for so little money He had also invented a hobby for himself of photography, which conveniently meant that he spent a lot of time alone in the cellar, developing his photos.The final clue was that there was a bank nearby The reason Sherlock Holmes had pounded on the pavement outside Jabez Wilson s shop, was to determine whether the ground was hollow underneath, because he suspected that Vincent Spaulding was digging a tunnel to the bank He had knocked on the door, ostensibly for directions, but in truth so that he could see whether the knees of Victor Spaulding s trousers were dirty The fact that time was of the essence was clear, because the league had been dissolved so suddenly This could only mean that the robbery was imminent, so Sherlock Holmes set in motion his plan to capture John Clay in the act.Sherlock Holmes finishes by expressing his regret, that such a fine creative mind had been wasted on criminal activity hide spoiler