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The truth was he had sold out It was the coward's way But it was at least a way out His head was spinning as he boarded the red line just down the street from the hospital He was headed toward the city center Trent needed to get lost and he had a plan Besides the way he saw it he was already lost Long lost Trent Atkins felt a call to help people and be a minister but uickly discovered that his real job was to be a junior CEO and manager That's what all the leadership books taught him and it was all there in black and white on the job description handed to him He and his wife Natalie played the role of the perfect couple yet their long drift away from friendship and intimacy have left them cold toward one another So Trent plots his escape His plan is so thorough and careful that neither the members of Baylor's Bend Community Church nor his wife had any idea it was coming or where he'd gone But Trent discovers that no matter how many miles you run your troubles always follow you

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    When we walked into a yarn and craft store The Clay Purl my husband found this book on sale in the window and felt drawn to it It was written by the store owner's husband David Hayes himself a pastor in the same Indiana town of Nashville He had dedicated the book to herAfter my husband read the book I did On some level it talked about about the burnout that pastors face to which all care giving professions are susceptible those in medical fields teachers moms those doing eldercare pastors and I'm sure there are others But pastors have additional pressures and stresses in today's world My husband thought it did a good job explaining the business like pressures of ministry His overall impression of it was that it was sadI thought the book should've been called Bloody Bones the way that phrase kept appearing in Pastor Trent's conversations and thoughts I understood though why the author didn't choose that title It would make the book sound like a mystery or a thriller and it wasn't It was a character story gently and simply told a good work of fictionI thought it dwelt on the pastor's marital problems than it did on the reasons he ran away the pressures of the church although those were there as wellI would recommend this book for people to appreciate the struggles their pastors are under and to treat them with compassion It is not however a book for strategies to combat burnout For that I would recommend Frank Minirth's book How to Beat Burnout It even has a chapter entitled Burning Out for GodThe one thing that bothered me about The Runaway Pastor was that neither the pastor nor his wife had any interaction with scripture in encouraging them and helping them through this time although they each did go on retreatsMy favorite uotes from The Runaway Pastor includeIf you and I can ever share a life it will have to be built on a better foundation than passion and these wonderful feelings we haveThanks for your honesty and well integrity Just don't see much of that

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    Although I am not a pastor myself my mom is and so are a few of my friends One of the main themes of the book as I see it is a reminder that pastors are also humans just like all of us “mere mortals” ie the parish We tend to forget that fact uite often I know I am guilty of that and as a result we set the standards higher for them“Why he cannot have problems in his marriage – he’s a pastor for God’s sake”“You know I saw her arguing with someone – and it wasn’t in a loving way How can she? She’s a pastor”Alternatively other situations when we just view our pastors as people who are holy saints and “mistake less” and wise beyond human wisdom They are human They make mistakes and trying to live up to the standards that we set for them can sometimes lead to a burnout because there’s the fear that if we the parish will find out that they the pastors are not as perfect and angelic as we want them to be we will be disappointed in them Moreover maybe the disappointment will be so big that we will be disappointed with God as well Talk about pressureI am still struggling sometimes to remember that simple truth yet I still keep expecting something MORE than there is I am extremely thankful for my pastor and he is an awesome blessing to me but there are times when I create an image in my mind’s eye and when I realize that image I’ve created is not what really is there I get disappointed Thankfully God does open my eyes and shows that I have been wrongBesides pastors I think the Runaway Pastor although it has the word Pastor in it it is about every one of us Show me a person who never wanted to run away and hide? It all started with Adam and Eve – they hid from God and would have hidden from other people if there were any I think and it all went downhill from then onI wanted simply to run away so many times My ex professor kept saying that those things we do not like in other people we have ‘em That’s me I do not like monks Why? Because they did what I want to do so often They ran away from the worldJust the other day I thought about running away Not that I can complain about my life – everything is just wonderful but the responsibility sometimes is staggering When almost everyone in my Church knows me as a pastor’s kid and therefore a “good girl” When there are friends for whom I am a role model found that out on Friday – scared me And all this while I am trying finally to understand WHO I AM I do not want to lead a double life I want to be myself but sometimes I do not feel free to be myself because of all the expectations and that is when I feel like TrentRunaway talks about those issues and if you’re a pastor or just a person who at least once wanted to give up throw in the towel and run away to start a new life it’s a book to readThere is a way out of this mess