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I could say this book is an important contribution to the LGBTQ reading community, and it is but that would be selling the book far too short Jumpstart the World is indeed an important tale, but it s a grace to many groups to those of us who have experienced unrequited love, to those of us who ache to belong but are not mainstream, to we who continually make mistakes but have a strong and gentle heart In short, this book is for everybody It would melt the heart of the most hardened homophobic transphobic person alive, if only they would open the pages and read Elle s story This book heals.Elle is an abandoned teen, and searching for approval so hard it hurts She seems to want this attention from a certain type of person instead, she finds offers of friendship from a misfit group of kids, some of whom are openly gay This disquiets Elle on many levels She falls in love with Frank, her neighbor, who is also a type of misfit, which pains Elle as well Learning about her new friends, and who they love, is a difficult part of Elle s journey.Jumpstart is told in simple, plain prose, and somehow that makes every revelation Elle experiences visceral Sometimes Elle s thoughts aren t pretty, and this is addressed in spare language Sometimes what happens is so beautiful, the straightforward words are like fists to the gut, causing a sharp intake and holding of breath a resonance so deep you want to hold it forever Both the ugly and the beautiful are here, existing side by side, and that is how this book tastes like truth.When I finished Jumpstart the World, I wanted to buy truckloads of it and stand on street corners, handing the book to strangers There s so much power in this slim novel power to change It s a miracle of a read, and if there s one thing this story can do, it s take closed minds and open them wide and bare It s a book to jumpstart the healing. This is the first book I ve read by Catherine Ryan Hyde The story was well written but, as a parent, I had a hard time with the part about Elle being set up in an apartment by her mother at sixteen, especially since they live in New York I found that part unrealistic And I didn t like Elle so I had a hard time relating to her and what was happening her life I d picked the book up at my library because I was interested in reading about transgender characters and I liked her portrayal of Frank I thought Elle s reaction to finding out Frank was transgender was typical of most people, especially if they have a crush on that person I would recommend the story for anyone whose interested in transgender characters and how they deal with living their live and how people often react to finding out that they are transgender. Hyde flirts with didacticism, even if she doesn t outright commit to it There are a lot of choices characters make in order to drive the story along in the right direction Elle s mother abandons her daughter alone halfway across town Elle is a loner with no friends and apparently no other family even Elle s cat wants nothing to do with her Elle cuts her hair and gets bullied at school for being gay Elle makes friends with a group of gay students except that Annabel has a prominent birthmark on her face instead of being gay to make her a school outcast I don t even know where to go with equating her mark to being gay, plus she s randomly dropped out of the story in the middle anyway, so why bother putting her in in the first place Frank gets hurt and can I just say, I was so relieved it was a random accident so Elle can realize her feeling and make amends.Just a chain of events leading Elle to her big epiphany.I ve talked about Elle a lot, right Well, she s the point of view character, but this is also all about Elle, another priveleged white girl learning lessons Do we seriously need another one of these books Why not Frank s story Why not Wilbur s Elle s relationship with Wilbur is believable than her crush on love for Frank This is a very short book and Hyde didn t spend enough time developing the relationship between Frank and Elle She also has Elle telling us her feelings all the time instead of Hyde showing them through revealing prose.Things that really made me want to slap the daylights out of Elle she has a special iPod just for listening to Janis Joplin she calmly informs her mother that her mother will keep paying for Elle s apartment, like or not, because Independence has no reverse gear her email address is independence16 apparently she either didn t have email before she left her mother s apartment or she is really in love with her new self image she adopts a cat just to upset her mother, makes no effort to properly care for him, and then feels sorry for herself when he doesn t love her right away Things pull together a little at the end I would have rated this higher until I started remembering how irritating the whole first half was. I would not classify this book as queer fiction because it s not about LGBT people It s about using LGBT people as a prop to teach a heterosexual girl that being different is okay.Elle gets booted out of her home and into an apartment because her mother s new boo does not want her to be around Elle meets neighbor Frank, crushes on neighbor Frank, freaks out when she discovers neighbor Frank is trans, learns some lessons, becomes a better person.Elle also does not want friends, at all , yet she makes a solid group of friends that are outcasts because of their sexuality and a birthmark, but this book didn t feel like fetishsizing birth defects, only sexuality and a man s trans identity She treats them rather cruely in the beginning, and they just take it Ugh.Throughout the book Elle thinks, and vocalizes, a lot of hurtful things and only gets called on it once, by Molly, who then later apologizes for it The book focused so much on Elle s pain and barely even touched on the hardships that Frank and everyone else had to go through.A completely unsatisfying read. so this book is titled after a quote from one of the most significant characters in the book sometimes we do things to jumpstart the world into doing what it knows it should this is not a book meant to change minds, its meant to move the stagnant I would not give this book to my homophobic students, but I would give it to their friend who stands off quietly to the side, wondering what their role in everything should be oh and the recurring cat motif was extra awesome I kind of wish I had a cat like Toto now. Okay so I had to read this book for book club and let me tell you, it s god awful If you think this book is a good representation of the LGBTQIA community, you re sadly mistaken Not only does this book sound like it was written by a third grader, but the characters are nothing than their sexual gender identity Elle is the only one that isn t because the only thing her character even does is do things in spite of others getting the cat to piss off her mom, cut her hair because her mom liked her hair and or because of others she does photography because the neighbor likes to take pictures, etc She s seriously terrible And then Frank isn t even an actual good character, he s nothing than being trans The Bobs are just gay, there s nothing in the entire book that makes them seem like actual people One of the things that ticks me off the most is gay characters that are nothing than gay, there s nothing else to them You can t say gays are people too and then not even write them as people, you write them as just merely plot elements and an accessory to the story or main character. Elle Is A Loner She Doesn T Need People Which Is A Good Thing, Because She S On Her Own She Had To Move Into Her Own Apartment So Her Mother S Boyfriend Won T Have To Deal With HerThen She Meets Frank, The Guy Who Lives Next Door He S Older And Has A Girlfriend, But Elle Can T Stop Thinking About Him Frank Isn T Like Anyone Elle Has Ever Met He Listens To Her He S Gentle And Elle Is Falling For Him, Hard But Frank Is Different In A Way That Elle Was Never Prepared For He S Transgender And When Elle Learns The Truth, Her World Is Turned Upside Down Now She Ll Have To Search Inside Herself To Find Not Only The True Meaning Of Friendship But Her Own Role In Jumpstarting The WorldTender, Honest, And Compassionate, Jumpstart The World Is A Stunning Story To Make You Laugh, Cry, And Honor The Power Of Love A short good book on accepting differences in people I mainly read it, because Catherine s writing is like a comfort to me We all find authors we love that is me and Catherine Ryan Hyde we may go steady soon. I was really looking forward to reading this book I finally found a YA book about gender However this book was actually such a disappointment It has terrible narration, dialogue, and boring characters The narrator has a really negative attitude towards anything LGBTQ and freaks out and is so defensive about being called gay and even about the thought of someone being transgender She kicks people out of her apartment for even having the thought This book is really bad and was a struggle to get through I honestly think this book encourages negative attitudes towards the LGBTQ community It does not do a good job of educating straight, especially people about being transgender and gay I would not recommend this book to anyone. Abandoned across town in a brand new apartment, Elle is left with a living room of boxes each full with items she could care less about, and a cat who would rather hide in the closet than come anywhere near a human being Only when she meets her new neighbor, Frank, does she begin to feel a flicker of life return to her body Although for Elle, the life she s about to embark on is one she couldn t have imagined if she tried Forced to discover the importance of another s individual worth Elle is about to realize that she could impact not only her own life, but all who come in contact with her.Elle s experiences are influenced heavily by the lack of concern and love her mother has for her Pre occupied with her most recent boyfriend, Elle s mother abandons her It effects everything about how Elle interacts with people From the distance she keeps to which words she chooses to speak and when to say them The only acquaintances she allows herself to have are her new neighbor Frank and then later a few friends from school Even their interest and subsequent kindness isn t enough to break down the walls she s built.In ways that I haven t read before, Catherine Ryan Hyde captures what it means to be a teenager Being one is such a multi layered experience that, I think, as we get older we tend to peel away leaving only our core selves We forget that to be a teenager is than attending high school and plodding through homework it s painful, enlightening, joyous, heart wrenching, arduous, and much much As a teen we see things for the first time as we never have before and often we make mistakes that can feel like the end of the world because we ve never experienced them before We often grow numb as we age, forgetting the passions and anxieties we once had Jumpstart the World wipes away that desensitization and opens your eyes to things once forgotten.One of my favorite scenes from the story happens just after Elle s discovery that her cat is suddenly quite ill, leading her to seek Frank s help in which she also learns he s transgender In one fell swoop she feels unsettled and unsure of how to handle the situation Are they friends still Is she now gay With no instructions and the absence of love in her life up to this point she s finds it nearly impossible to process what s happening to her.For me, my Frank was a boy by the name of Dirk It was my junior year of high school and we d just moved to a new town with a new school I knew no one He was the first person to say hello to me and the last to say goodbye before we moved back to our hometown a year later Completely smitten, I ignored what was so blatantly obvious to so many others In the end I only discovered Dirk was gay three days before we moved and in so many ways I was just like Elle in Jumpstart the World, devastated and scared This was my first personal encounter with anyone gay and I had no idea what it meant for our future friendship Much like Elle I discovered that it changed nearly nothing, except it did He was still a huge part of my life and someone who had made a difference when no one else had He made me aware of others in a way no one else could have, from how he regarded me to how he was and had been treated himself It was a defining moment in my life, one in which enabled me to look on another with new eyes, an open mind and most of all love.Love It s power to move forces for good and it s debilitating effect when it is lacking is tremendous In Jumpstart the World love could quite possibly be considered another character, it encapsulates everything that Elle experiences, the good and the bad Her mother, her new circle of friends, and most especially her relationship with Frank Though Elle doesn t realize it initially, love is something that s a driving force in her life, and unfortunately it s due to a lack thereof Thankfully with the help of her friends, most importantly her relationships with Frank and Wilbur, she is able to thrive in her new life A life that has the potential to jumpstart the world For me, Jumpstart the World is a must read Not only will it help adults in regaining a sense of appreciation and understanding of this difficult time of life, it may also help others to become tolerant and kind In a day when teens often feel abandoned and completely alone they need books like Jumpstart the World that show them there is love in the world With an eloquence I have yet to read elsewhere, Catherine Ryan Hyde illustrates precisely the impact one individual can have on another, especially when the motive is love.