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She had everything she needed until she met himIt looked like it would take a miracle for sexy nature guide Jade Prince to notice uiet accountant Kaeden Strong Then a camping vacation left them stranded together sharing a sleeping bag and a wild encounter that burned up the cold night When it comes to making heat they're compatible in every way exceptHe's a workaholic who's allergic to the outdoors She's an adventuress with a vixen's body and a tomboy heart He's wanted Jade from the moment he saw her but so do a long line of men including her business partner Darren On paper Kaeden is all wrong for Jade but can he prove he's right in all the ways that really matter?

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    This was a cute family bookI do enjoy the series that gives us insight into each family memberso I'm moving on to the next book

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    Best of the BunchThe third installment of the Strong Family series is the best thus far There were no foregone conclusions which allowed me to be drawn in a little to the storyline And the opposites attract theme really seemed to work for this particular couple Buy it read it and enjoy👍🏾🔥👍🏾🔥👍🏾🔥👍🏾🔥👍🏾🔥

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    I got this as a free read for kindle and I was presently surprised Not sure how the free read thing works with Kindle I just assumed the books are fluff or littered with errors but hey it was free so I dived in Well this book held my attention from beginning to end I liked how the heroine Jade was built like a brickhouse but was a tomboy at heart Kaeden had some cute wimpy tendencies inhaler weilding allergic to outdoors insect bites but was all man The chemistry between the characters was palpable hot love scenes and the conflicts were believable for a small town atmosphere The supporting characters were supporting didn't take over or distract from the main characters I'd never heard of this author will definitely check out her other books so a big ups to Kindle for highlighting this author with a free read

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    When I tell you this book was an unexpected GEM I mean that on everything I was definitely not preparedKaeden always considered himself the black sheep of the family because he isn’t athletically built or outdoorsy like his brothers He never thought he could attract a woman like Jade but fate intervened and they unexpectedly spent a heated night together during a camping trip This book had me hooked from page one and I and couldn’t stop reading Kaeden and Jade literally burned up the pages with their steamy and erotic love scenesI was definitely rooting for them as a couple Add in the Strong family dynamics psycho Ex’s and a believable storyline and this book was a hit for me What I enjoyed most about this story was a strong lead female character Jade held her own and was secure in herself and the decisions she madeI loved how she wasn’t afraid to walk away from any situation that degraded or didn’t benefit her This book is a must read and I will definitely be going back to read about the other delicious Strong Men

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    Thoroughly EnjoyedAt one point thought the book was going to come to an end but so glad I thought wrong because there was so much to bring to a close I still would like insight about Felicia and Darren; not a whole book but some info

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    A sweet story of opposites attract Made me feel warm inside And the ending was also lovely I recommend

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    Such a great book

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    First Niobia Bryant book Give Me Fever Gave ME FEVER Oh my goodness Very descriptively written

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    This book was GOOD It put some things on my mind 😎

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    The chemistry between the characters is off the charts My favourite book in the series