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With Each New Novel, Anne Perry Adds Striking Dimensions To The Architecture Of Her Fiction, Building With Inspired Imagination A Many Layered World Of Rich And Poor, Nobility And Degradation She Lifts The Lace Curtain From Victorian Society, Sharyn McCrumb Has Said, To Reveal Its Shocking Secrets Like Her Last William Monk Novel, This One Brilliantly Evokes England S Nineteenth Century Legal Justice System And Builds To A Heart Stopping Courtroom Drama In A Sunny Garden, In A Pleasant London Suburb, A Young Woman Is Brutally Raped In A London Hospital, Another Young Woman, A Talented Nurse Who Had Been One Of Florence Nightingale S Angels Of Mercy In The Crimean War, Meets A Sudden, Fearful Death By Strangulation William Monk, No Longer A Policeman But A Private Inquiry Agent, Is Engaged To Investigate These Horrific Crimes The First Is Readily, If Tragically, Resolved The Murder Of Nurse Prudence Barry, However, Presents Greater Difficulties Even The Victim S Mother Agrees That A Rebellious Young Woman Who Flouts The Traditional Roles Of Marriage And Motherhood To Work In A Filthy Hospital Must Expect A Bad End In The Brutal Squalor Of A Victorian Hospital, Death In Any Shape, Even Murder, Can Be No Surprise But Monk S Intuition Tells Him That Prudence Barry S Murder Is No Random Stroke Of Violence By A Madman Greatly Helped By Hester Latterly, A Nurse Who Knew Prudence On The Battlefield, Monk Assembles The Portrait Of A Remarkable Woman He Also Discerns The Shadow Of A Tragic Evil That Darkens Every Level Of Society, And A Frightening Glimmer Of His Own Eclipsed Past It All Leads Monk, And The Reader, To A Denouement That Ranks With Anne Perry S Best, As Apacked Audience Waits Breathlessly In The Old Bailey For The Outcome Of A Sensational Trial

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    I conclude my reading of this book with sadness, because I will be forgetting it slowly, but surely as death The number of books that I ve read quickened this process This reflects in my reviews too, hence their quality.To resume, this is a book about the death of Prudence Barry, a nurse who was dedicated to her cause She is murdered brutally, and her senior doctor finds himself in the docks.Justice prevails, but perhaps not as you foresaw it I enjoy the forceful description of the environs of Victorian London I really enjoyed the characters in the book Two knights, not one, shine through and allow for fulfilment The story ends on a sudden, dry note I was hovering between 4 and 5 stars I won t be changing the current score I ve given this book, because I won t be rereading it There are so many other, similar, books that demand for my time Similar, but familiar Make of what you want about that.

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    4.5 stars Better and better I really enjoyed the first books in this series but the first halves were quite slow, gathering the information needed to make the cases come together in the second half This story did not have those pacing issues at all I was blindsided by this story I had worked out one or two possible solutions as to whodunnit, but was totally wrong I did think also that the premise that Prudence had been in love with the accused was far fetched, but given the times, it simply wouldn t occur to anyone that her behaviour could be explained in the way it finally is.

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    I still like the characters in this book but the plots keep getting darker and nastier And either Perry is getting predictable or I ve read too many of her books I figured out what was going on and got really annoyed with how stupid Monk and Hester were being before they finally figure it out too The book could have been cut in half and would have been a lot better It s like Perry felt that she couldn t stop at 200 pages for some reason so she kept beating around the bush for another 200 before she finally felt ok about ending it.

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    Anne Perry shows her remarkable skill at crafting a mystery that is spell binding to the end, and at setting that story within a historical context, with rich detail She also has woven into this story 2 important issues for women, both for those women in 1850 Victorian England, and in varying ways, for women today Prudence Barry wants desperately to be a physician, and is determined to find a way to be accepted into medical school But like many young women who want to break into fields of study that have previously been open only to men, she is denied any chance of pursuing her dream The author also very skillfully details much of the ambivalence around the issue of abortion, portraying the desperation of women who face an unwanted pregnancy, and the choices that were then, and are now, available to women of means William Monk is no longer a policeman, but now works as an investigator for hire He is hired first to find the perpetrator of a rape, and secondly to solve a murder He is greatly assisted by his friend Hester Latterly, and the banter between them lends touches of humor to this largely serious novel There are also intense courtroom scenes, as the story reaches it climax I highly recommend this book, and this series, to those who enjoy historical mysteries.

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    This book is not part of the Monk series as promoted it is Hester Latterly series That in itself didn t make this book miss its mark it is dragged out beyond a length where my interest was kept.The basis of evidence against the Stanhope character would never be enough to bring the case to trial How one jumps from letters of a scorned woman who threatens blackmail being without a doubt evidence for police to arrest to me seems farfetched There is no direct physical evidence to directly connect the person to the murder.Maybe i m being a whiner but this edition of the Monk series and the ever growing role of Latterly s character has me choosing to dump Anne Perry s Monk series of must read

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    First of all, as always, this was well written and gripping Hester and Monk are coming together and it s beautiful.However, the plot is dark and heartbreaking Rape, abortion, and murder are all prominent in the novel and with it a reminder that justice from the courts of law is cold and can never truly fix what has been done.Recommended 14 for talk of rape, abortion, and murder.

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    Monk didn t make any headway on discovering his past He remains his irascible self, and works with Hester on a case though their bickering continues Much of the book is in the courtroom, and the subject matter would be relevant today I won t say to avoid spoilers Perry never disappoints.

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    1.5 2 stars Narrated by Davina PorterMy feelings for the William Monk mysteries have always been lukewarm at best, but this book made me seriously reconsider continuing with the series despite my interest in Monk s history The mystery was convoluted, and Monk seemed as inept as usual There were questions unanswered such as how Callandra recognized Marian, and inconsistencies such as Monk being jubilant about the content of the letters he had received and acting all smug in front of Runcorn but telling Rathbone that he didn t believe the perpetrator was the person on trial I got so tired of being told that Monk was brilliant instead of being shown it There was a character whose name was rather similar to another Robert Oliver and Oliver Rathbone which I thought was poorly chosen Since Book 1, it was clear that the author had an agenda While I managed to somewhat brush it aside in the previous books, in this one, it felt too intrusive for me to ignore The narration was not that great either The echoes were back again and present for most of the audiobook There seemed to be less effort to make the characters sound distinct from one another, and too often I was confused about who was speaking, whether the character was male or female There was hardly any life to this narration While I realize that Davina Porter is practically revered for an excellent narration of the Outlander series, I find myself wholly unimpressed by her narration in the William Monk series She does not have a wide range of voices, and her voice acting is barely there Everything feltbland In short, I was heartily bored, irritated and unimpressed by both book and narration.

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    Narrated by Davina PorterDescription Prudence Barry, a talented nurse who had worked with Florence Nightingale in the Crimea, is found strangled to death in a London hospital Private inquiry agent William Monk is engaged to investigate this horrific crime Gradually, Monk assembles the portrait of a remarkable woman Yet he also discerns the shadow of a tragic evil and a frightening glimmer of his own eclipsed past . Whoah this was a bloated, soap box of an episode Really not a favourite.3 The Face of a Stranger William Monk, 1 2 A Sudden, Fearful Death William Monk, 4 3 The Shifting Tide William Monk, 14 4 Dark Assassin William Monk, 15 4 Execution Dock William Monk, 16 3 Death in the Devil s Acre Charlotte Thomas Pitt, 7 2 The Sheen on the Silk 3 A Christmas Guest Christmas Stories, 3 3 A Christmas Beginning Christmas Stories, 5

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    It is a shame when a great mystery writer lets political and social adgenda fog a novel.