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Hustling men for their money has always come easy for Tasha Hailing from New York and raised by a junkie mother she had to learn early how to use her beauty to her advantage Tasha thinks she's seen it all on the streets of New York but when she follows a childhood friend to the little city of Flint Michigan she realizes that sometimes the smallest cities breed the grimiest of individuals When Tasha and her friends link up with Manolo one of Flint's known stick up kids they take the hustlers of Flint for all they're worth Any man who falls for a pretty face is a target and under the guidance of Manolo the girls uickly learn the game of manipulation and deceit They become known as The Manolo Mamis and their skills gain them thousands of dollars in no time Tasha is living the life of the young and fly but when tragedy strikes and the stakes are raised she has to choose between loyalty and self sacrifice When the only man she's ever loved becomes her target will she decide to save him or will she remain loyal to The Manolo Mamis?

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    In reality I can't lie this book was a decent read but it pissed me the hell off I still can't figure for the life of me why the character in this book named Tasha did half of the things she did I SWEAR if these women don't wake the hell up and stop loving men then they love themselves they are in for a rude awakening this broad took care of other people before taking care of herself as selfish as that may seem it is the hard truth first of all she risked her life for a woman whom was not her real mother even though I get the fact she took her in and treated Tasha as if she were her own daughter but what I don't' get is why she worked harder at trying to save this woman's life than her own blood daughter did not to mention this cat she fell in love with who supposedly loved her didn't show her that same loyalty when the shit hit the fan What a waste I read the Epilogue and from my understanding of it she plans to continue her ways She has a high school diploma and the only thing she can think of is hustling men out of their money All I can say to that is I guess this broads life was doomed in the womb

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    I just wanted these hoes to be better than their situations I’m mad I even finished this If you gonna rob niggas why do it in the same city you live in ???? These women were a piece of work

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    This book wasn't horrible The premise might have worked The characters could have been fleshed out There really wasn't any cohesion and it felt rushed What happened to Tasha's mother? All that coupled with a few grammatical errors made it just an OK read

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    Good read but if I would advise future readers to read this book first before reading Flint book 1 Choosing Sides versus last it just make since

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    ook Review for NovemberKarma is like a rubber band you can only stretch it so far until it comes back and smacks you in the face You may think think you’re getting away with the things that you do such as stealing clothes from the mall or simply stealing money from your mom’s purse but no matter how long you do bad things and get away with it it’ll catch up with you eventuallyThe word “Karma” absolutely applies to people like Tasha Amra Honey and MiMi These four girls are known as the Manola Mami’s who worked for a guy named Manolo who trains them to use their beautiful looks personalities and sexual ways to trick men out of their money Tasha Honey and were born and raised in New York as sisters Amra’s mother adopted Tasha after realizing that Tasha’s mother Lisa was a drug addict and allowing men to have sex with Tasha so she can pay them for the drugs they gave her After graduating high school Tasha Amra and Honey decided to move to Flint Michigan with Honey’s cousin MiMi From there they started hustling men out of their money until it all caught up with them and then things had gotten real Tasha Amra Honey and MiMi is left stuck the choice of either saving their friendship or out to save themselves I like the descriptive details that the author used for example “ Honey had her hair swooped into a beautiful silky ponytail Amra had her hair flat ironed down Tasha had cornrows to the back with big gold hoop earrings” The author also used a lot of dialogue throughout the book for example “ How was school?” Ms Pat asked the girls the girls shrugged their shoulders and said “It was good” “ Are you girls hungry?” “Naw I’m cool” The girls said unisonMy favorite character in the book was Tasha I like her because unlike the other girls Tasha didn’t have sex with men to get them to come out of their pockets she used her natural beauty I admire that about femalesMy least favorite character happened to be Honey because in the end she was looking out for herself instead of her friends and I think that is very disloyal and betraying to the people who stuck by your side through thick and thin Moral of the story is that don’t go out and do stupid things and not expect it to smack you hard in the face Just remember what goes around comes back around no matter who you are

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    I just finish this book I'm just shocked by the ending I hope it's a second part to this book

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    This book was a pleasant distraction while I worked It wasn’t anything that I had to focus on but still kept me entertained while I sifted through a ton of dataThe story was a pretty standard Treasure Hernandez story They tend to follow the same pattern A group of girlswomen get together they do some shady shit normally for a man More often than not they are all outrageously flawless and hot women who make men’s jaws drop their eyes jump out of their heads like in the old bugs bunny cartoons There is forbidden love or true love or some kind of love And then someone does something to break the trust and the love breaks up Just in time for the start of the next book Yay I say all of this like I won’t read the next book Because I do love her books Every last bit of them I will read the next book

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    Well um overall this was a good book and if it were not a spin off I’d give it 4 stars Now being that it is a spin off it should align with the original series but it doesn’t No mention of Maury whatsoever and if I remember correctly Tasha was only 26 by the time halleigh came into the picture after years of tricking for manolo But in this book the timeline is much different Also the relationship between Jamaica Joe and Tasha just doesn’t seem like the same one they shared in the Flint books While they are cool in those books there’s no indication of how their relationship went from this book to that in the series I’m disappointed that the book didn’t line up with the series but I can’t lie it’s still a good book Even if you read this first it still wouldn’t make sense

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    Great urban saga

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    35 stars