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Death cocktail is what the vampires call a witch's bloodIt's poisonous a drop will destroy a vampire withinminutes Nikolaus Drake is the rare vampire whohas survived his first taste Now he's on the hunt forthe witch who almost brought him to his demise Ravin CrosseA witch who spends her nights hunting vampire tribes Ravin has three obligations to fulfill to set her soulfree One of those obligations crafting a love spell twists her world upside down when Nikolaus drawsthe spell from her veins Natural enemies rarely makethe best bedfellows but is it possible their intentionsare really truly the same? Can Nikolaus's tribal loyaltysurvive if he surrenders to desires far darker thanhis own?

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    This was one of the Harleuin freebies and once again I was reminded that almost nothing good comes for freeThe premise was interesting but the author's writing was so bad that I couldn't get past the first three chapters That was the worst world building setting that I've read in oh I don't even remember how longThis book didn't hit the wall because it wasn't a physical one but I pressed the delete key with a vengeance

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    Yay This book was free this month Double yay It is completely cracktasticly over the top I am sure you may be thinking this is a vampire harleuin Surely it must suck And it might have if the author had been less committed to bringing every wonderful cliché out into the open and gleefully allowing them full reign I feel that this was a bad book that crossed back over to being good I was certainly not bored while I was reading it Is there a vampire? YES Is he also a doctor? YES Is he the kind and gentle kind of vampire who would never kill anyone? YES Is there a vampire slayer who falls in love with him? OF COURSE Werewolves? Evil vamps? Satan on the lookout for bargain souls? YES YES and DOUBLE YES Is Pikachu in this book? No but then I guess you can't have everything Ravin is a witch who accidentally casts a love spell in her enemy a totally sexed up vampire doctor They do it several billion times but it isn't described in any detail if you are into that sort of thing Drinking witches blood gives him fantastic powers Unfortunately for them both Ravin has sold her soul to the devil He generously gives Ravin her soul back and allows them to be together in exchange for their first born baby view spoilerThey are somewhat broken up about this but at the end of the book they just decide to deal with it later Parent of the year award I guess what the fuck could you expect from a witch and a vampire hide spoiler

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    The first few pages of this book were so amazingly bad that I couldn't bring myself to keep going Almost the entire first chapter was written in past perfect SHAME with several sentences even in passive voice I couldn't have turned this manuscript in to my high school english teacher Pages and pages of boring exposition no action or even dialogue for the first several pages Seriously? How is this person a published author? What happened to show don't tell? Every writer actor playwright songwriter etc has heard a version of this mantra in regards to his or her respective field The book is available for free from Barnes Noble's e book store if you are a semi educated or literature loving person I encourage you to download it but only if it's still free and laugh your off at how bad it is I wish I could have given this no stars

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    One of a selection of Harleuin romances available free for download this is a vampirewitch romance with added werewolves and cameo appearances from Satan Which piued my curiosity enough to download and read it on my phoneI don't know how she managed to make the idea of vampires and witches fighting a secret ancient war on the streets of American cities seem uite so mundane

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    A vampire falls in love with witch he's sworn to kill Very Buffy the Vampire Slayer don't you think?Well Ravin Crosse is a vampire slayer but also a witch Two months ago she killed a vampire but the fool refused to stay down Now Nikolaus Drake former neurosurgeon turned vampire is a phoenix He's lived through his death and is now immune to witch blood that's poisonous to the vampires and sunNow he's healed enough to be able to kill the witch He comes uncannily close chomping down onto her neck when he suddenly finds himselfHead over heels in love with the womanIt was as hilarious a start of a story as I've ever read The moon eyed endearing sputtering vampire was to die for funnyAnd the woman he was so hopelessly logic defying in love with hated his guts Of course it was defying logic he was under the influence of a love spell She tried to talk reason into him she tried to knock some reason in him yet he wasn't deterred Good for him because she soon melted and I was all ga ga over this story What do you want than two mortal enemies suddenly developing the hots for each other and staring the sheets on fire?Then the spell was reversed and the tender loving gorgeous guy turned into a super sized jerk what a great metaphor for real life that was And the story took a nosedive for me Because he was a total jackass and she had no fight in her anyAdd the Devil himself onto the heap some power games in the vampire ranks a turf war with the werewolvesAnd you have a real messYep after a great sexy funny start this story turned into a mess toward the end but still managed to deliver a sweet HEA with just enough intrigue for me to consider reading the fifth story in this series We'll see

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    I downloaded this book on free harleuin nocturne and surprisingly i actually liked it unlike the others i downloadedThe book is about a witch who is also a vampire hunter Till one day a love spell she made mistakenly poured on a vampire that wants to kill her and he instantly fell in love with her She got attached to him and fell for him for real Till the spell faded and he hated her again but later realized that he actually love herThis is the major story but other stuffs about vampires werewolves and witches are also included in the bookI also like that the writer included her past and why she decided to become a vampire hunter and how he was turned into a vampire

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    Not a great read and not particularly well written but the end was pretty good Ravin Crosse is a witch with one mission to kill as many vampires as she can To further her goal she trades her soul to the Devil for three obligations in order to receive the Sight which will allow her to distinguish vampires from mortals without having to touch themNikolaus Drake is the vampire she kills well she thought she had killed him Instead he became the rarest form of a vampire a phoenix When Nikolaus seeks Ravin out to avenge himself however her second obligation to the Devil is accidentally disturbed a love potion Nikolaus immediately changes his tune about Ravin and instead sets out to seduce her and make her love himThe first half of this book is pretty unbelievable Nikolaus really believes he loves Ravin and even though Ravin knows his love is chemically induced she can't help but soften towards him I enjoyed the second half of this though the writing wasn't all that much better but the first half is a mess C

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    I downloaded this book for free on the Kindle This was really a good book It was about a witch and a vampire The witch's blood is poison to a vampire It totally destroys thier bodies and reduces them to ash They can spit blood at vampires Anyway she spits this blood at a vampire leader and he goes down Before he can die he lands on one of his clan and drinks from that vampire before he dies Well he doesn't die he becomes a phoenix A phoenix is immune to all witch poison Now he has a mixture of vamp blood and witch blood He goes after the witch that almost killed him She is in her kitchen making a love spell for a customer He blasts into her kitchen and they have a fight where he throws her and the spell spills on her AND on him Since its a love spell he immediately falls in love with the witch who tried to kill him The story progresses from thereIt is a cute story yes there is some fluff and sex but it was written well and I really liked the characters I had never read this author before and the way the book ended it certainly will have a seuel When it come out I will definately go and buy it It was that good

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    Two great ways to make me not finish a book?1 Start with TWELVE PAGES of exposition Are you kidding me?2 Toss in a blatant word error just as something actually starts to happen Wards or other barriers are breached Not breechedYeargh

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    This book took me far too long to read Like days And it wasn't because it was OMG So Deeeeeep or anything No it was simply because it was a decent enough idea poorly executed There was way too much information and supernatural mythology for the amount of book we were given The premise behind it was weak It goes something like this Vampires Werewolves and witches all exist The blood of the witches is deadly to vampires One vampire however has survived the death cocktail and risen as a Phoenix Vampire which makes him super strong immune to sunlight blah blah blah Going after the witch who tried to kill him Nikolaus ends up bespelled by a love spell she had been cooking up He falls madly in love with the witch and follows her around like an overgrown puppy I can accept this part The part that rubs me wrong is that the witch his mortal enemy who has already tried to kill him and his entire tribe once doesn't attempt to kill him on the spot and instead also falls in love with him Without the help of her bad ass spell What? Things just keep going from there There are deals with the devil vampire politics deals with the devil it gets to be too much My suggestion? Skip this one and find something a little cohesive to read