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Historically very accurate unfortunately Characters all believable, action and plot cleanly constructed and exciting The sad part is that I can imagine this crime happening in our time too, given the current national mood American attitudes toward immigrants and strangers have not evolved much since 1887, and this intelligent novel throws light on why this might be. I definitely want to be Grace Sundown when I grow up Verdict A keeper When s the movie Idaho Territory, JuneA Small Town Judge Takes His Young Daughter Fishing, And She Catches A Man Another Body Surfaces, Then Another The Final Toll OverChinese Gold Miners Brutally Murdered Their San Francisco Employer Hires Idaho Lawman Joe Vincent To Solve The CaseSoon He Journeys Up The Wild Snake River With Lee Loi, An Ambitious Young Company Investigator, And Grace Sundown, A M Tis Mountain Guide With Too Many Secrets As They Track The Killers Across The Pacific Northwest, Through Haunted Canyons And City Streets, Each Must Put Aside Lies And Old Grievances To Survive A Quest That Will Change Them Forever Deep Creek Is A Historical Thriller Inspired By Actual Events And People TheMassacre Of Chinese Miners In Remote And Beautiful Hells Canyon, The Middle Aged Judge Who Went After Their Slayers, And The Sham Race Murder Trial That Followed This American Tragedy Was Long Suppressed And The Victims Nearly Forgotten Deep Creek Teams History And Imagination To Illuminate How And Why, In A Seamless, Fast Moving Tale Of Courage And Redemption, Loss And Love A Dazzling New Novel For Fans Of Leif Enger, Lisa See, And Ivan Doig Although the depictions of the murders are gruesome, this is a beautiful read The main characters especially Joe are well drawn and the story unfolds at a nice pace The back stories are revealed slowly, adding just a little bit of a thread to the overall weave of the plot, which I liked The novel also makes readers think about the treatment of those who are different Hostility against immigrants is nothing new a sad commentary on how things have not really changed. Not an easy read, but an easy read would be impossible considering the subject matter On one hand you have the horrible fate of the Chinese miners, and on the other hand you ve got totally apathy about their fate from 99% of the characters in the book Only the four main characters and a handful of peripheral characters care at all, and they are doomed to be disappointed in the outcome That being said, the author did a great job of keeping the story engaging, and not burning out the reader It also helps that the book is in parts part one alternates between the miners and the preliminary investigation of the massacre site, part two they are back with evidence and figure out whodunit, part three they pursue a trial At various points the investigators are pursued by the bad guys, and there is also some relationshipy stuff that happens along the way Which rounds out the book well and I don t mean to demean it, but the relationships are not nearly as interesting as the murder investigation. I thought this historical novel would be a good choice for my book club because we live near where the event the Chinese massacre of 1887 took place Our group has enjoyed several historical fiction titles and this book got great reviews So much for trusting the reviews No one in the group myself included liked the book A few members didn t even bother to finish it The only positive thing about this choice was that it did increase the awareness of the actual event.Reading the book was an exercise in frustration I frequently had to reread passages because it was unclear which character was speaking Sometimes I went back one orchapters, wondering if I missed some crucial plot point only to find it several chapters later During our group discussion members brought up at least three specific passages and asked the group for clarification.Puzzled by the high ratings this book has received, I searched out additional reviews Nearly all gave it high marks making me wonder if we had read the same book I finally found one reviewer, Ellen Urbani from the Oregonian who noted the book s limitations Urbani wrote Kirkus Reviews notes that the story hastwists and eddies than the Snake, a truth as duel edged as they come For while the connections between characters motives and, in fact, characters themselves are intricately interwoven and oftentimes fascinating, the anchor points for those threads are stretched over such long expanses as to render the connections tenuous at best, incomprehensible at worst.This is an interesting subject, but the novel is poorly executed In retrospect, I wish I had chosen a non fiction account. Crime, justice, family, long lost love this book has all the elements I like Deep Creek is a fast moving thriller about a terrible genocidal crime in 1887 Idaho But it ranks with any historical novel I have read The villains, male and female, are genuinely scary The trio of investigators, like their families and friends, are ordinary, likable, fallible people forced into heroism There s a touch of the supernatural, too, just enough for eeriness, and in the end we witness justice done, though in an unexpected way Many current novels can feel like duty reads This did not I just wanted to know what happened to them all The authors Dana Hand is a two person pen name clearly did a ton of research, but it s woven in gently, like the character back stories Soon you are deep in the late 19th century, it all feels completely convincing, and you hate to leave. A fictionalized account of a very real, but very forgotten, massacre in the 19th century American West, Hand really the pen name of writers Will Howarth and Anne Matthews brings to life not only the hero, GAR veteran, ex county sheriff and all around good guy Judge J.K Vincent, but the nearly 40 Chinese miners so cruelly murdered because of greed It s rare, even in this day and age, to have a Western with a deeply Eastern so to speak heart. This novel is based on a true crime story of the Old West In 1887 35 40 Chinese miners were massacred at Deep Creek in Hell s Canyon, Oregon along the Snake River Chinese were generally thought of as something less than human at the time, and Indians hardlyworthy of consideration Despite this attitude, Joe Vincent, a former judge of Lewiston in Idaho Territory was hired by the Sam Yup company representative, Lee Loi, to investigate the murder of its employees Vincent in turn hired half French, half Nez Perce Grace Sundown to be their guide Surprises and danger lurk around every bend of the Snake but the three persevere A side story tells of corruption and prejudice among townspeople.Dana Hand is the pen name of Anne Matthews and Will Howarth, Princeton professors, who keep the reader guessing and who made the scenes very real in the reader s imagination Characters are excellently depicted and fascinating I recommend this novel for anyone who loves American history, true crime, or western novels It s a wonderful book. I don t usually like pre 20th century historical fiction but I saw the rave review in the Washington Post and decided to try this I finished it a week ago and am still thinking about it It s like I lived it And the fact that it s a dramatization of a real incident makes the novel all thecompelling, IMHO The writing is very clear not self consciously fancy , the present day parallels are all too strong, and I find I miss the core characters, Joe, Henry and Lee Loi especially Dana Hand s villains are extremely alarming, the respectable ones almostthan the outlaws And rather than preach about racial injustice, the writers make you feel it in your gut when Grace Sundown finally gets mad enough to fight back, I frankly cheered.