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For EMT Basic courses Emergency Care 10E has prepared students to pass state andor the National Registry Exam than any other text on the market with well organized clearly presented content thorough coverage of patient assessment an accessible reading level high uality artwork and outstanding skill scans of euipment and procedures Case studies and practical tips from the field tie chapter concepts to real world applications Each chapter sends students to the Companion Website where there are links to EMS related sites A new in text CD provides extra information to help students master concepts

10 thoughts on “Emergency Care

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    So far I am learning a ton from this book and the workbook that accompanies it Can you pronounce sphygmomanometer? Fortunately this text has a pronunciation guide

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    I finished it I actually read the entire book I like the format of the chapters and the uestions intermingled in the text good format for learning AND for reading

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    The book is mediocre at best The main content is fine but it is interspersed with clearly made up little vignettes called Point of View These are actually uite insulting to students patients and professional providers Stick to the main content and you'll be fine The practice test at the back of the book which is supposed to prepare the student for taking the NREMT cognitive exam is horribly written The uestions are not well constructed and sometimes even contradict the textbook By the way don't bother buying the workbook that is supposed to accompany this textbook It is even worse and freuently contradicts both the textbook and current practice guidelines

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    As textbooks go this one is pretty decent 13th Edition Plenty of graphics Repeats itself sometimes but I guess it's better to have info in multiple places instead of hidden in the last half of one paragraph in the middle of an unrelated page As textbooks go I've certainly had to slog through worse Pretty fun to show friends and family the trauma pictures I passed the class with a solid A so it certainly can't be bad

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    The book gained a reputation amongst my classmates for its contradictions of itself especially from chapter to chapter in what it presented as normal acceptable vital signs Makes it hard to learn the truth and doesn't inspire confidence Further the accompanying workbook is full of incorrectly keyed uestions and references to non existent proofs in the textbook

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    I read all 1400 whatever pages of this Some parts felt like filler where the graphchart was suited to showing and teaching the information Overall a very useful book Very well thought outit could be brief at times where it gets lugubrious but I digress Can’t wait to put my knowledge to use

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    I’ve found this helpful though there is a lot of information that could be condensed for easier understanding

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    This book contains basically everything you need to know for EMT certification Of course you need to practice the live skills but the instructions are contained within

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    This is the only book I have read thus far in my journey to becoming an EMT so I don't know how the content of the book relates to any other material However the format of the book and the overall impression I get from studying it is positive Compared to other textbooks such as my organic chemistry calculus or genetics textbooks the way material is presented is very helpful to learning It organizes the material well and provides a vast selection of critical thinking uestions to practice the concepts

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    Yes this counts It was certainly long enough What is there to say? Wasn't particularly moving but I did nothing to prepare for my written exam but read the assigned chapters throughout the progression of my class and I passed on the first try Thanks