Epub Pliny the Elder õ õ Pliny Natural History Volume VII Books 24 27 Index of

Pliny the Elder tireless researcher and writer is author of the encyclopedic Natural History in 37 books an unrivaled compendium of Roman knowledgeThe contents of the books are as follows Book 1 table of contents of the others and of authorities; 2 mathematical and metrological survey of the universe; 3 6 geography and ethnography of the known world; 7 anthropology and the physiology of man; 8 11 zoology; 12 19 botany agriculture and horticulture; 20 27 plant products as used in medicine; 28 32 medical zoology; 33 37 minerals and medicine the fine arts and gemstonesThe Loeb Classical Library edition of Natural History is in ten volumes

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    Once into it it was okay incidentally giving a picture of people's activities and concerns at the time and showing just how much wild nature must've been left in a largely unpopulated empire for so many medicinal plants to be readily available