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COVID 19 has demonstrated clearly that businesses nonprofits individuals and governments are terrible at dealing effectively with large scale disasters that take the form of slow moving train wrecks Using cutting edge research in cognitive neuroscience and behavioral economics on dangerous judgement errors cognitive biases this book first explains why we respond so poorly to slow moving high impact and long term crises Next the book shares research based strategies for how organizations and individuals can adapt effectively to the new abnormal of the COVID 19 pandemic and similar disasters Finally it shows how to develop an effective strategic plan and make the best major decisions in the context of the uncertainty and ambiguity brought about by COVID 19 and other slow moving large scale catastrophes Gleb Tsipursky combines research based strategies with real life stories from his business and nonprofit clients as they adapt to the pandemic The Resilience Series is the result of an intensive collaborative effort of our authors in response to the 2020 coronavirus epidemic Each volume offers expert advice for developing the practical emotional and spiritual skills that you can master to become resilient in a time of crisis

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