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    Reading Merwin is like reading a puzzle and it´s usually worth the mental effort to get to the heart of his logic It reminds me of reading the Edda kennings from the old Icelanders who wrote of objects in a roundabout playful manner frozen wave mountain etc But here Merwin applies something like this techniue to a person´s deep emotional and spiritual life with common themes being death loss and isolationElegy The Sadness The Calling Under the Breath The Signals The Well deal with loneliness and death deeply and uite succinctly while Presidents and Envoy from D´Aubigné are scathing critiues of the elite Still Afternoon Light Man with One Leaf in October Night while being on the same melancholic track as most of the others have some happy bonce in them And really this is not some kind of doom and gloom collection despite the themes there is a vague message of hope in all the pain and emptinessMerwin got really really really awesome on the Shadow of Sirius which I didn´t just read I worshipped I can´t say the same about Ladders which was written fairly early in his life but it´s still really worthwhile and I cried a few times so ummcarry a hanky?

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    Closer to two and a half stars for me I can see the skill that went into the volume but it just left me cold If someone else wants to share their thoughts on Merwin and this particular collection I'd love that Perhaps my own aesthetic and poor grasp on the history of contemporary poetry has kept me from appreciating this work Perhaps the era late sixties early seventies is too far removed from my experience I prefer poetry that carries its meaning either in its imagery or in its sound eg TS Eliot where I don't always consciously understand what he's saying but there's meaning in the sound that's greater than the words on the page Merwin doesn't really seem to rely on either of those things There were visual images of course but they seemed separated from each other In his longer poems I felt that I could cut up the stanzas and mix and match them with stanzas from the other poems in this work and not lose a thing Merwin employed repetition on occasion but sometimes the rhythms struck me as forced and perhaps not varied enough?I found myself preferring the poems where one metaphor or image carried the whole poem mostly in the very short poems but I also enjoyed The Judgement of Paris and The Hands which was probably my favorite piece in the collectionThere are some lovely lines in this volumeI have climbed a long waythere are my shoesminute larvaethe dark parentsI know they will wait there looking upuntil someone leads them awayAscentThose who cannot love the heavens or the earthbeaten from the heavens and the eartheat each otherthose who cannot love each othereat themselvesthose who cannot love themselvesbeaten from themselveseat a terrible breadThe ChaffNow it is clear to me that no leaves are mineno roots are minethat wherever I go I will be a spine of smoke in the forestand the forest will know itwe will both know itNow It is ClearBut there were many many lines that left me wanting to rush through the volume and read something else I hate to call lines that I simply didn't get nonsense but a lot of this felt like reading nonsense or on the other extreme bald statements of feeling For exampleThe SadnessThinking of you I lean over silent waterthis headappearsthe earth turnsthe sky has no motionone by one my eyelashes free themselvesand falland meet themselves for the first timethe last timeOrFearthere isfear in fear the name the blue and green wallsfalling of and numbers fear the veins thatwhen they were opened fear flowed from andthese forms it took a ring a ring a ringa bit of grass green swan's down gliding onfear into fear and the hatred and somethingin everything and it is my death'sdisciple leg and fear no he would nothave back those lives again and their fear ashe feared he would say but he feared hedid not fear he did fear in everything it is there a long timeFearI can't say these are terrible poems or that I haven't written poems in a similar vein but they didn't say much to me and they almost feel a littlewell silly I had no desire to read a whole book of similar worksPerhaps I am missing something? Thoughts?

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    There are some good poems in this book but really the important thing is that this book contains the Psalm Our Fathers which contains the line with which I could sum up my entire life existence and personality I love this poem and by extension this book and poet kind of a lot

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    Lots of great poems in the simplest possible language The overall mood is a bit somber He seems to be writing mostly about death and loss but many of these poems took my breath away

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    See references to this book in Howard Norman's memoir I Hate to Leave this Beautiful Place 2013

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    I didn't know Merwin existed until he died last month He seemed like a cool guy so I picked up the only copy of this in the DPL system The poems were solid but it took me a long time to read because I'd read it at night before going to sleep and I would be out cold immediately However that's not the poem's fault Merwin was certainly a master if I'm only basing my opinion on this collection and I'm happier for having pick this up

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    Done A great weight has been lifted Reading is fun again Strong possibility my own inexperience as a poetry reader has much to do with these feelings Regardless he doesn't give readers much help

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    Merwin has finally settled into his second phase minimalist style here and this is his first masterpiece in the style Keeps the minimalist style and the abstract images but lays a foundation of human emotion underneath

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    Merwin's enigmatic elliptical style and lack of punctuation can make his poems hard to follow for me There are some stunning images but not many stunning poems

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    He's The Master