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An unlikely pairing between a woman scientist and a man whose existence seems impossible leads to a love that will be challenged by the ultimate forces of nature Tornado researcher Victoria Thomas discovers an improbable set of footprints in a muddy field near Memphis They indicate that a man walked away unharmed after being engulfed by the full fury of a twisterA year later Victoria finds an identical set of mysterious tracks in Kansas and becomes obsessed with finding this odd wanderer When she finally does find Ben Fulgar Victoria can’t believe her own eyes or his outlandish story She’ll risk her life to prove to herself that the world operates according to rational rules Tornado Siren is the story of two outsiders drawn together by the simple beauty and deadly destruction lurking on the Great Plains Their relationship threatens to destroy everything around them

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    I'm a big fan of contemporary realistic fiction and make only occasional forays into the realm of the paranormal So TORNADO SIREN is the perfect read for me The book feels grounded in reality as the day to day work of tornado researcher Victoria Thomas is described with fascinating precision Victoria's personal issues as a busy thirty something scientist with little time for relationships also feel uite real and compelling And the details of life during and after a tornado are vividly painted I've never seen a tornado in real life but I could really feel the terror of watching a storm approach or hiding while a storm rages or waiting for help after being buried in rubble So there are numerous anchors to reality in the novel but the tornadoes whose path of destruction she charts and the mysterious man and his dog who sometimes accompany them uickly swept me away into a highly imaginative storyline Ben Fulgar and his dog Kimat seem otherwordly as they defy the rules of nature How can they walk away from the most violent storms unscathed? How can they have existed for centuries yet fail to show signs of age? Yet the man and his dog also appear to be of the earth itself gaining a strange power from the storms that seem to seek them Victoria finds her rational perspective challenged as she first follows their tracks and then accompanies Ben and his dog on a long trek across Kansas Seeking answers she finds love However complications follow including the logistical and moral dilemmas of how to be with a man who lives outside the basic rules of society and who attracts such destruction Sure any relationship has its challenges but try dating someone who needs to sleep on the bare earth instead of a bed Or who lures a tangle of deadly twisters directly to his doorstep TORNADO SIREN was originally published by Behler Publications in 2005 and has just been re released as an ebook It is now available for Kindle Nook and other formats via Smashwords Despite the philosophical undercurrent it's a uick read and perfectly suited for the ebook format in that regard Highly recommended

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    I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads4 stars overall plus an extra for originalityWhat a pleasant surprise this was I was excited to read this because I love storms and tornadoes I don't wish the devastation and destruction on anyone but I've always found the power of nature of be fascinating The first few chapters of this were a bit hard for me to get into The time jump completely threw me off at first But around Chapter 3 or 4 when the plot really gets under way I found myself getting sucked into the story accidental tornado pun and I'm leaving itVictoria and Ben's dynamic together and how it developed throughout the story was really well done Ben is mysterious and uiet without being boring I also enjoyed Victoria a lot as a protagonist I was delighted by how well Patrick was able write a female main character and have her feel realistic and three dimensionalI don't want to say too much about the plot for those who haven't read it yet but it gets BIG points from me for originality It's exciting well paced and at under 200 pages easy to breeze through especially when you just have to find out what happens

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    I could not put this book down Every since I was a girl I've been fascinated by Tornados and this novel definitly fed into that by giving me details of storms before during and after I love novels that magical things a part of the natural world and Ben is definitly magical I also liked that there was no explanation for what Ben was and why he was Victoria was good heroine because she was a real person All of the supporting characters were interesting even Victoria's overbearing parents There's a lot of science in this novel but it is character driven and thats what makes it a good read

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    Enjoyed it deserved than four stars even though four stars is pretty ideal It was a very engaing non traditional paranormal interracial romance D

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    This was a page turner; I literally couldn't put it down because the story is gripping and compelling Victoria is a tornado researcher working with the national weather services to analyze storms document data and search for patterns that may or may not assist in tracking severe weather An impulsive risk taker at heart she finds herself in some dangerous life changing situations but they lead her to Ben and his dog Kimat a naturalist of sorts who for whatever reason is drawn to these very storms she's after The two fall in love sharing an inexplicable connection which is even harder to explain to Victoria's immediate family and friendsFor whatever reason Ben is drawn to the tornadoes and at their end he is rejuvenated and full of energy never needing any other source of sustenance In trying to share a normal life with Victoria he is unable to chase tornadoes or be as close to the earth as he wishes to be When a severe storm creates multiple tornadoes right by Victoria's house he flees to lead them away from her and her neighbors but it is not enough wrecking devastation on her town and hospitalizing Victoria herself after being buried alive in debrisWe are never given a delicate explanation of Ben's relationship with nature or even his undying presence in chasing storms all over the US for centuries but I don't think we need one Some things are better left a mystery whether paranormal or supernatural and I appreciate this mystery but can we truly be satisfied at the novels close? Can we accept that Ben will be in and out of her life as is necessary and customary to his ways?

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    Okay yeah I wrote it But I do like it It's a fun book about a woman meteorologist who meets a man who claims to have a mystical connection to tornadoes It's gotten some great reviews so far You can read at

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    The love story is very strange and different so much so that I had a little bit of a hard time wrapping my head around it The tornado parts were well written even for some strange acting ones If you are looking for something a little different to readthis is it

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    Full review at Walter and Martha are Victoria's parents Her mother is black while her father is white They seem to be polar opposites in style and grace but were my favorite characters of the book despite them only really being seen towards the end 2 I love that Ben has no race He's described as having brown skin but not the same kind of brown that a black person would be and Victoria goes on to list why he doesn't fit in any other race on the planet He's literally just a human being Love that 3 The book starts out slow but once we find Ben you can't put it down 4 The book is well written and you can tell that the author knows his sht 5 Maybe I need to re read the book but I couldn't place when the story was supposed to have taken place The racially charged scenes that involved Victoria and the constant reminders of being black were too big of an issue and it had me wondering when this was to take place It felt like the 50s with some doppler radar and cell phones 6 Aside from the last point the only other thing that bothered me is that we don't find out how their relationship will work If Ben has been around centuries already it stands to reason that he will be around centuries And if that's the case how does he plan on building a life with a woman he lives who will be gone in the proverbial blink of an eye? Theirs no closure there for me and none in regards to Kimet

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    I am really enjoying this book Tornado Siren has an original plot and well developed characters Victoria a 35 year old modern black woman is a storm scientist who is comfortable with the scientific side of a storm tragedy than its human side yet she is so compassionate With skill the writer has woven Victoria's back story into the ongoing story so it never feel he's stopping to explain something but instead I gain understanding as the plot unfolds Ben is a mysterious man with brown skin but of indeterminate race who seems ageless Ben can apparently wait calmly for a tornado and withstand its force unscathed a phenomenon the incurably curious Victoria can't resist exploring I can't rate the book because I'm only about 35% through but I already know it will be a high rating

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    I won this book from GoodReads Beautiful Mesmerizing Hypnotic and 98% believable Victoria a tornado researcher leads a normal life arriving on the scene after the touchdown of a tornado She collects on site data to be analyzed and possibly help predict future storms She hears of a man his dog who was out IN a tornado walking around in no apparent danger Rumor? Impossible but she discovers tracks Evidence This scene repeats itself in another state Obsessed she goes on a wild hunt for this strange man his dog Eventually she catches up to Ben Fulgar and an incredible adventure unfolds Wow Victoria's life forever changes Prepare to be swept up in this beautiful story Victoria Ben the dog