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An Atmospheric Debut Novel Set On The Gritty Streets Of Victorian London, Some Danger Involved Introduces Detective Cyrus Barker And His Apprentice, Thomas Llewelyn, As They Work To Solve The Gruesome Murder Of A Young Scholar When A Student Bearing A Striking Resemblance To Artists Renderings Of Jesus Christ Is Found Murdered By Crucifixion In London S Jewish Ghetto, Th Century Private Detective Barker Must Hire An Assistant To Help Him Solve The Sinister Case Out Of All Who Answer An Ad For A Position With Some Danger Involved, The Eccentric And Enigmatic Barker Chooses Downtrodden Llewelyn, A Gutsy Young Man Whose Murky Past Includes Recent Stints At Both An Oxford College And An Oxford Prison As Llewelyn Learns The Ropes Of His Position, He Is Drawn Deeper And Deeper Into Barker S Peculiar World Of Vigilante Detective Work, As Well As The Dark Heart Of London S Teeming Underworld Together They Pass Through Chophouses, Stables, And Clandestine Tea Rooms, Tangling With The Early Italian Mafia, A Mad Professor Of Eugenics, And Other Shadowy Figures, Inching Ever Closer To The Shocking Truth Behind The Murder

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    It s been a while when a book had a twist that completely caught me off guard Now, either I wasn t paying that much of attention or it s simply quite a good twist I m thinking the latter since I think I was paying attention ASSISTANT to prominent enquiry agent Typing and shorthand required Some danger involved in performance of duties Salary commensurate with ability 7 Craig s Court. A step away from suicide, a young Welshman Thomas Llewelyn finds this advertisement in the Situations Vacant column of The Times and decides to give the life another chance What follows is a well written story with great characters His new employer, Cyrus Barker, is one of a kind I ve read that the author partly based his character on Sir Richard Francis Burton Barker has an unusual group of people working for him Chinese gardeners Jewish butlers Lazy clerks Temperamental French cooks, and last but not least, downtrodden Welsh assistants and a crazy little Pekingese.A young scholar is murdered then crucified and the prominent people from the Jewish community hire Barker to get to the bottom of this The most important thing is to find out if this murder is an anti Semitic act and a threat to the Jewish community as a whole or a crime towards one person This happening in the middle of the refugee crisis the Jews are arriving to England en masse running from the continent doesn t help matters I don t think I can do the themes in this book justice The most pronounced one is anti Semitism Some of these people blame the Jews for anything that comes to their mind But worse, if you can call it that, are those who honestly believe them inferior One can only feel impotent rage after reading some of the opinions on the subject When one of them is asked about Christ, Barker and Llewelyn get this answer But what of Jesus, sir I blurted out Wasn t he a Jew The fellow smiled condescendingly Not really, Mr., er, Llewelyn, was it He was the New Man Can you picture him as a hook nosed, kinky haired, furtive little fellow Of course not He was a big, bluff carpenter, a robust leader of men, a man s man He was the perfect specimen of manhood, and in all ways we should aspire to be like him Fortunately, Barker is not a fool He wants to make Christ over in his likeness, not the other way round It doesn t matter who the killer is I must say that particular titbit caught me unprepared The things young Llewelyn learns in the course of this investigation are well worth the reading From eugenicists to the different types of rabbis to Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews to new and wonderful friends and so much , no wonder he was occasionally overwhelmed a bit One of the most beautiful and heartbreaking there is another one but I won t get into it because it would be a spoiler moments in the book was the funeral of the young man I thought he had no family The fact that he had no family is why the crowd is so large, Barker explained patiently It means that the entire community becomes his family Also, the Jews have great respect for the teachers of their children Even with this gloomy subject there is humour to be found The story goes that after Christ s death, Joseph brought the holy relic, the rock upon which old Jacob lay his head, to England, where it now sits under the coronation chair As proof of the transfer of grace, God sent King Arthur and his Round Table after the Holy Grail, the chalice Jesus drank from at the Last Supper If so, I said, with a smile, then it never reached the English at all Arthur was a Welshman at Tintagel It s the Welsh that are the chosen people, not this Anglo Saxon lot Ha I d actually made Barker laugh or when they question the victim s colleague We have close to four thousand students Four thousand, you say I asked Yes, and sometimes, it feels as if they were all in my class and every one of these little monsters has a mother convinced he is the Messiah, and wouldn t we please give him just a little bit attention than that other boy, whom we all know is just a bit dull for the record I know exactly how he feels.To be honest, this book is not that original at one point Barker says this about himself You see, I try to throw a web over London and sit like a spider in the midst of it all, my fingers on the strands, ready for any subtle vibration but the way it tells a story is wonderful.

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    This is the first book in the Victorian mystery series that features Cyrus Barker and Thomas Llewelyn There s a good deal of unrest in late 19th century London, with immigrants flooding in and much of the population both native and foreign living in poverty Twentysomething Welshman Thomas Llewelyn, a former Oxford student who d served a brief stint in prison, is unemployed and homeless Thus he s hopeful when a job opportunity presents itself A classified ad in The London Times announces that inquiry agent Cyrus Barker is looking for a new assistant, and that the position involves some danger Intrepid Llewelyn applies for the job, and after a harrowing interview is hired Llewelyn soon settles into the Barker household, which includes a Jewish butler jack of all trades who s good with a gun a talented French chef Chinese gardeners lazy clerks and a fearless Pekingese dog Thomas s interaction with this bunch provides some of the lighter moments in the novel Inquiry agent Barker is hired when a Polish Jew named Louis Pokrzywa is murdered and crucified, with claims of responsibility from the anti Semitic league A Jewish community leader asks Barker to look into the matter, fearing that anti Semitic sentiment which is rife in the area might lead to a pogrom A pogromBarker and Llewelyn make inquiries, during which they interview people who might harbor animus against Jews, including Italians, Irish, a racist eugenicist, and even messianic Jews who converted to Christianity As Barker and his assistant traipse around London, they dine in Chinese and Italian restaurants meet people with a variety of jobs and hear many hateful sentiments about Jews Llewelyn is even sent to infiltrate a meeting that foreshadows the KKK and at one point is almost shot in a hansom cab.When Barker learns that victim Louis was an eligible bachelor being pursued by Jewish mothers for their marriageable daughters, he decides he needs an inside man Thus Barker arranges for Llewelyn to be the Shabbos goy for the area s head rabbi A Shabbos goy is a non Jew who performs tasks forbidden to Jews on the Sabbath, like lighting fires and dispensing medicine While Llewelyn spends the Sabbath Friday night to Saturday night in the rabbi s home, his undercover assignment is to sneak a few words with the rabbi s daughter The girl was acquainted with Louis and might know if he had any enemies, etc It turns out that the rabbi s daughter is a raven haired beauty and Llewelyn develops a serious crush When another body is found a Jewish woman who was stoned it gives Barker the clues he needs to solve the crimes.Thomas s book provides a compelling overview of Victorian London, and I could almost sense the corrosive squalor, hunger, and rivalries that led to the hatred and violence that plagued the city The Barker Llewelyn partnership has a Sherlock Holmes vibe, and the book s finale describing how Barker uncovers the perp s could have been delivered by Hercule Poirot himself Thus the book has amusing elements For me, though, the vitriolic anti Semitic venom spouted by many of the characters though it may be historically accurate was overdone and disturbing Still, I d recommend the book to fans of Victorian mysteries You can follow my reviews at

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    Description An atmospheric debut novel set on the gritty streets of Victorian London, Some Danger Involved introduces detective Cyrus Barker and his assistant, Thomas Llewelyn, as they work to solve the gruesome murder of a young scholar in London s Jewish ghetto When the eccentric and enigmatic Barker takes the case, he must hire an assistant, and out of all who answer an ad for a position with some danger involved, he chooses downtrodden Llewelyn, a gutsy young man with a murky past.As they inch ever closer to the shocking truth behind the murder, Llewelyn is drawn deeper and deeper into Barker s peculiar world of vigilante detective work, as well as the heart of London s teeming underworld Brimming with wit and unforgettable characters and steeped in authentic period detail, Some Danger Involved is a captivating page turner that introduces an equally captivating duo.Opening If someone had told me, those many years ago, that I would spend the bulk of my life as assistant and eventual partner to one of the most eminent detectives in London, I would have thought him a raving lunatic.Some good, some not but overall I liked Some Danger Involved Will read the next one after checking out the subject matter A fast read.3.25 Some DangerMB To Kingdom Come

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    A murder mystery set in late 19th century London, populated with a sufficient number of quirky and mysterious characters and imparting the requisite history lesson about the influx of Jews into England following the 19th century pogroms in eastern Europe.It s not a bad read, but the book is cozy and facile, and has very little atmosphere I never believed in the setting By contrast, Anne Perry s most tedious novel still leaves me feeling as if I m bored in Victorian London.I was disappointed in the main characters, meant to be something of a Holmes Watson analogue They re kindhearted and earnest and boring, despite the detective s carefully constructed collection of eccentricities and the sidekick s elaborate sob story.

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    Absolutely loved this book Cyrus Barker and Thomas Llewelyn are possibly the finest crime fighting duo since Sherlock Holmes and John Watson and that s saying a lot coming from me I m sure by now most people have realized that I am a dedicated Sherlockian of long standing The series is set in Victorian London with Cyrus having his office near Whitehall Some Danger Involved is the first book in the series, covering Thomas being hired as Cyrus assistant and an introduction to the cast of supporting characters, including Cyrus man servant, Jacob Maccabee aka Mac.The plot of the book involves that murder of a young Jewish man whose body is left crucified in Petticoat Lane The Jewish community fears the rise of an Anti Semitic group and hires Cyrus Barker to get to the bottom of the matter.The book is heaped high with interesting and well researched information about Victorian London.The plot twists and turns and the denouement is a total shock Brilliant book which I cannot recommend highly enough I have already read another book in the series, so I will go so far as to say that this is a series that has much to recommend it.

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    3 1 2 stars, rounded up because it s such a good start to a new series.An interesting glimpse into 19th century London where they are going through some similar problems as modern day America Let s hope we are enlightened than the average citizen back then, although I don t hold much hope.Back then, jobs were scarce, people were poor, and the easiest scapegoats were the immigrant Jews, who were considered less than human greedy and degenerate They came into the country poor, and somehow were guilty of things like charging increasingly high interest rates on loans to the unfortunate citizens How they became successful enough to have this extra money is a mystery to me, considering their low levels But like many people in modern days, the poor working class people were duped by the fake news of those days into hatred and violence against the Jews, even the ones who had lived and worked there for 100 years or .When a Jewish man is killed and crucified, Cyrus Barker, a well known private detective, or enquirer as he called himself, is hired by the Jews to find out who did it and why Just before this, he had hired an apprentice, Thomas Llewelyn, a smart but down on his luck young man who was close to suicide, via an ad in the paper for an assistant, some danger involved That was a bit of an understatement, it turns out.The story was very entertaining and interesting, with some unusual characters, especially Barker s staff, which included such people as a Jewish Butler, a French Chef, etc I look forward to reading .

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    3.5 4 starsThomas Llewelyn applied for the position of assistant to prominent enquiry agentsome danger involved in performance of duties The down on his luck young man was hired by detective Cyrus Barker, an expert in both Asian and European fighting arts The two men set out to investigate the murder of a Jewish scholar in Victorian London.Jewish refugees were pouring into London, fleeing pogroms in Eastern Europe With high unemployment in the city, there were Londoners who resented the presence of immigrants When the Jewish scholar who resembled Jesus in a famous painting was found crucified, the enquiry agents wondered if they were looking for a single murderer or an anti Semitic organization.The historical mystery was fast paced, and contained many interesting details from the Victorian era Llewelyn had a dry wit which lightened the book This was an enjoyable debut novel from Will Thomas who has written a series of Barker and Llewelyn mysteries.

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    I made it about 125 pages into this one and I found that the story just wasn t keeping my interest and I did t care for the characters.I was really looking forward to this seriesBummer.

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    The fun fast moving plot made it easy to skim past the historical inaccuracies and over the top eccentricness of Barker.

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    2.5 starsThis wasn t a bad story, there was just not much that was memorable about it It s set in Victorian London but I never really got a strong sense of the time period The central mystery surrounds the murder of a young Jewish student and much of the racial tensions of the time are brought into focus but it was all too neatly delineated into modern ideals of right wrong The main issue, at least for me, concerns the investigation itself The two main characters, the much experienced Barker and his newly hired no experience assistant, Llewelyn, set about interviewing the most random people they have marked as potential suspects and the final revelation made little sense to me All in all, the mystery aspect felt poorly constructed I can make allowances for that if I like the characters enough to follow them through several books While I have no extreme negative feelings towards our two enquiry agents, I also don t have any strong positive feelings about them.