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Seventeen year old Annika Truman knows about the power of positive thinking With a little brother who has cancer it's all she ever hears about And in order to help Jeremy she will go to the ends of the earth or at least as far as Hollywood to help him believe he can survive his upcoming surgery But Annika's plan to convince Jeremy that a magic genie will grant him any wish throws her a curveball when he unexpectedly wishes that his television idol would visit him Annika suddenly finds herself in the desperate predicament of getting access to a hunky star actor and convincing him to come home with her Piece of cake right? Janette Rallison's proven talent for laugh out loud humor teen romance and deep hearted storytelling shines in a novel that will have readers laughing and crying at the same time

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    Implausible impossible far fetched silly over the top unrealistic in your dreams totally and completely off the charts conceptI loved it

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    How far would you go to accomplish an impossible wish? Annika Truman will not take no for an answer for the wish she wants to grant and will see just how much it takes to pull off a miracle It all started when Annika said that Jeremy her six year old brother who has cancer could wish for anything he wanted and her genie would give it to him on the spot Annika is sure he's going to ask for the new Teen Robin Hood action figure which she had to fight Black Friday crowds to get She's totally not expecting that his wish is to meet THE Teen Robin from the television show Right away Annika knows she will do anything to get Teen Robin to come see her brother It can't be that hardright?Now even if some of the situations seem implausible I didn't care in the least I loved the character of Annika and how even if she's crazy for trying to do this her friend Madison does what she can to help I was surprised about how much time was spent actually meeting Steve the actor who plays Teen Robin Made sense though I mean it had to near impossible to get in and get his attention My favorite part would have to be the road trip and how much we learn of what makes Annika and Steve tick Like I mentioned before even if some of the events seem hard to believe I think that was part of the whole idea It was Annika who had to believe that something good could happen and not her brother Jeremy who she thought needed it What really stood out to me was Annika's pure determination and belief that she could pull this off We all need a little reminder that sometimes the impossible can happen

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    Just One Wish while I wouldn’t put it on my favorite list was incredibly cute and entertaining to read The adventure of Annika trying to get in touch with Steve Raleigh and the mishaps that follow were so easily laughableBut while I enjoyed it I was kind of disappointed at the same time It was such a short book I had it finished in one sitting of about an hour a half’s length The time span of the story also ranges around two to three days that’s it; so it wasn’t surprising that we didn’t really get a feel for the story before and after Steve Raleigh entered the pictureThe speed of the story bothered me as well The rush of the plot was perfectly fine since it’s what the story called for but I didn’t like the rush of the characters Steve and Annika became involved entirely too uickly for my likingI think what I was most saddened with was the ending I didn’t expect that not at all With all of the light heartedness and fluff it was kind of a heavy blow to heart It’s realistic don’t get me wrong but I don’t think it fit with the rest of the story at allBut aside from the rushed characters and uick plot flow I really enjoyed it With the humorous uirky journey of Annika I could easily see this becoming a successful DCOM on Disney Channel This is another one of those books that you save for a rainy day It’ll definitely put a smile on your face

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    What a fun fun and moving story Here is a uote I lovedYesterday you asked me what the purpose of life is I've thought about that ever since I think it's to do good no matter what life throws at you to not let the pain turn you bitter It's something we have to learn something we have to make ourselves becomeI would love a seuel to this one Maybe it would lose some of it's charm with a seuel but it doesn't change the fact that I still would like a seuelSeptember 2011I read this book to my family I just love this story it is sad moving funny and very very enjoyable Thanks Janette

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    2019 ReviewNot sure I would give this one 5 stars on my re read But in the spirit of preserving original ratings I'll keep itThe book really does a good job mixing YA fluff with an intense and often emotional plot line Annika's affection for her brother and the family's response to his cancer feels believable and genuine But because it feels so real the YA romance between Teenage Girl and Teenage Boy feels somewhatless realBut hey I'm a sucker for these celebrity romance things So it works What actually fits the most awkwardly I think is the heroine's ability to immediately size people up Her intuition makes things almost too easy at times She almost always knows what she can get away with and reacts accordingly I like that the ending leaves things somewhat unresolved It is both heartbreaking and hopeful Glad I now have this one on my Kindle I suspect I will re read it often 2012 ReviewLove love loved this book SO ADORABLEPlotThe plan was full proof Annika has one wish and that is for her six year old brother to make it out of surgery alive and healed from his brain tumor If he at least thinks he will get better surely he will So she invents a genie A genie of the three wishes sort and she offers her brother two of the remaining wishes Everything would go so well Her brother would ask to have his surgery go well and for a Teen Robin Hood action figure After all he's been after one for monthsBut things don't go right Instead of asking for a Teen Robin Hood action figure her brothers asks for the real Teen Robin Hood to come give him an archery lesson And Annika will do anything to make her brother's wish come trueIncluding driving to Burbank California dressing as a nun breaking into a filming studio and begging Steve Raleigh the Teen Robin Hood actor to come to make her brother's wish come true If you could have just one wish what would you do?ThoughtsThis book was so adorable I love Annika's relationship with her younger brother I love her attitude her desperate need to heal her brother and control the situation And her eventual breakdown as she realizes there are somethings she can't controlI love Steve Raleigh Yeah he's sort of a dork and maybe even a jerk and kind of a player with very little to reccomend him apart from a handsome face and a desire to do what the real Robin Hood might but I love him anyway I have to say I like Rallison's way with guys He too goes through a learning experience with his own family and with Annika And honestly I hope their relationship works out xPThe portrayal of sibling love the measures a sister will go for her brother the intuitiveness I loved it There is a lot of making out and maybe the plot is a tad of a stetch president of her archery club very convenient but I loved it anyway I totally reccomend it Yes its sort of fluffy But it isbeautiful and emotional fluff The sort of fluff that reminds you to go hug your little brother and be grateful the little pesk is aroundPlus I happen to majorly love Robin Hood have a secret facination with all books dealing with snobby Hollywood starlets StarStruck anyone? and a complete respect for the awesomeness of Janette Rallison's writing Throw in a great story about siblings love the purpose of life death and keeping your family close and I'm sold Highly reccomended as delightful sweet and thought provoking fluff

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    To read reviews and fun things go to my blog; Drugs Called BooksI am very conflicted about this read First I thought I wouldn't finish this book The first half of the story drove me crazy and I considered just stopping But then the second half was uite good so I thought I'd be giving this higher stars but then no ending came and I both liked and hated it Regretfully in the end I could just really say It was Ok I know many people liked this but for me this was just Well see for yourselvesI actually typed down my complaints as I read the first half which went like thisview spoilerHuh? What the I thought they said they didn't have much money and yet they could buy a snake rabbits and doves not to mention their cages and stuff? How much money in their language is not much exactly? And what are they planning to do with those animals afterwards exactly go back to the seller and tell her Hey you know what? We changed our minds you can have them back?Oh wait update – that's exactly what they planned on doing One of the truly most unrealistic things I've ever readMoving onOkay—wait WTF? Did she seriously leave the snake inside the wardrobe trailer? What? So someone would find the snake freak out and who knows what else? Is she stupid? Because I thought otherwise before but now Update Oh and of course the snake was going to get out and wreck havoc How she didn't see that one coming I've no ideaHuh Just like that she became an extra? And they jumped trailers? No one saw that? Seriously? No one found it odd the main character is leaping off roofs? And how come they never collided? How wide are those trailers anyway? hide spoiler

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    I LOVE JANETTE RALLISON FULL STOP i couldn't put down the book at all i literally finished it in 465 minutes yesh i counted and re read it countless times before i had to return it to the librarybut in any casefan girl moment aside this book was just wowspeechlessthe plot seems pretty much simple really yet like the rest of Janette Rallison's stories they hold a deeper meaning that uestions the basis of human character in a waywhich is basically why i love her books so muchwell that plus the fact that her writing style rocks and her plotlines are always ridiculously appealing to mebasically 17 year old Annika Truman the protagonist of this story would do anything for her 7 year old brother Jeremy who is stricken with cancer literally ANYTHING to help him believe that he can survive his upcoming surgery hence she tries to convince him that a genie would grant him any wish only to find out that his one wish was for his television idol Robin Hood well kinda a modern teen version of him in any case to visit himso from that point on the plot basically revolves around Annika travelling all the way to Hollywood to drag said actor back home complete with detours of sorts disappointments and unexpected love kinda Annika is uite simply a lovable funny headstrong protagonist her plight and her relationship with her family makes her easy to relate to and her actions understandablePLUS THE ENDING I LOVED THE ENDING well in a waysure it pretty much broke my heart over the whole Jeremy bit no he did not die if that's what you're wondering not yet anyway but everything else was just perfectthe plot rose to it's climax and resolved itself almost seamlesslyIn a whole Just One Wish was a total perfect read Heartwarming and beautiful with just the right mix of romance and humor strengthened with the unmeasurable love between family and a wish

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    I like this book because she did everything she could just to make her brother happy Even though it made her sick to travel she went to California to find Robin Hood to visit her sick brother in Maine But she never gave up not even a bit She tried and tried to reach her goal to make her brother happy But at the same time she was scared that her brother would dieI really liked this book because she was very determined to fulfill her brother's wish I really want you to read this book It was very touching to meTo tell the truth when I START to read a book it really changes me and the way I read books So it's good to read books even when you are not in school IT REALLY HELPS BECAUSE I AM A VERY SLOW READERTHAT'S WHY I HATE BOOKS BUT NOW I REALLY LIKE TO READ

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    Reread 101416 for the nth timeThere are just books that will stick to your heart that no matter how many times you read it you won't get over it This is one of my mood lifter books together with I've Got Your Number ever since I will always feel happy finishing this regardless of how crappy my mood is The plot is ridiculous and unreal which makes it memorable for me I just love this ♥

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    Before starting this I had extremely high expectations Since for one isn't the cover so cute? Plus Janette's previous books have been great so I was hoping this would be the same deal Luckily it was a darling book Though it had a uite a few flaws First off I loved the characters Annika was a strong teenage girl that I admired a ton because of how far she would go to make all of her brother's dreams come true Plus the relationships she had with her parents best friend and brother were cute and real Relationships that were perfect but still flawed Lastly I loved how Annika could still have a wicked sense of humor in a time of such pain By the way the others such as Steve Madison and Jeremy were once again fun people to read about and made the story flow uite nicely Though the plot wasn't all that great For the first part it was basically all talk and no action which made it extremely hard to get through Luckily after 140 pages it uickened up with the action and dialogue between the characters Making it an okay book overall Minor spoiler ahead The other thing I didn't uite like about the plot was that it sometimes seemed like this could NEVER happen in real live Since what security guard would actually let two teenage girls on to a TV set Plus it really surprised me when Steve basically dropped all of his plans to go see Annika's brother because what Hollywood actor or actress would do that in real life? Probably none Though even with these unrealistic details Just One Wish was a still cute book end of spolier Overall Just One Wish is a was a uick read that I suggest to fans of Janette's previous books or people who liked Meg Cabot's Teen Idol Grade B