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Silver screen action heroine Lauren Cole has one film to make before she’s free from her producer ex husband a smothering role and a life she wants to leave behind There’s only one thing she wants from that life the antiue sword her husband promised her in the divorce So she steals it Holding the weapon for the first time she unleashes a magic that rivals Tinsel Town special effects—and makes her wonder if she has truly lost her mindIn 1747 Aiden Forsyth stormed a gypsy camp and fell captive to a powerful curse that has held him within the sword for than two centuries Lauren’s touch releases him but his liberation has limits Corporeal only during the night he remains bound by a dark and dangerous magic in the light of day—complicating his vow to protect the woman who holds the key to his ultimate freedomSo the sexy warrior who haunts her days and inflames her nights must stay intimately close especially after they learn that the madman trying to kill Lauren has ties to the very curse that has entrapped Aiden’s soul

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    Phantom’s Touch by Julie LetoParanormal Romance Mass Market Paperback December 2nd 20084 starsWhat would you do if the ancient sword you coveted was magically enchanted? What if by possessing the sword the man of your dreams would come to you at night and fulfill your darkest fantasies? Phantom’s Touch is an amazing tale by Julie Leto filled with magic sensuality and sizzling tensionLauren Cole has decided to celebrate her divorce by stealing the prized sword her ex husband had purchased for her but never let her keep Gleeful at her rightful possession she soon discovers it has a secret meant only for her That night a mysterious man suddenly appears and gives her the hottest night of her life only to disappear in the morning Was he real or a figment of her imagination?Aiden has been ensnared in the enchanted sword for centuries Cursed by an evil sorcerer he has watched Lauren from afar knowing she is the only one who can set him free When he is finally released from his prison he realizes his physical form is only free during the night In the day Aiden is trapped within the weapon his magical powers minimized existing as a phantom instead of a man In uest of Aiden’s freedom Lauren and he must dispel the power of the sword However there are those who ruthlessly seek the sorcerer’s dark magic for themselvesPhantom’s Touch is the second in the series by Julie Leto Each book features a brother who had been imprisoned in their attempt to save their sister from the sorcerer’s clutches It was fascinating to read how each brother is trapped and how they make their escape Aiden’s character was particularly captivating As a military man he is aggressive and he know what he wants but he is also caring and protective of Lauren I loved that Lauren and Aiden were instantly drawn to each other Even before she knew his essence was part of the sword she desired the object somehow sensing their connection Julie Leto skillfully brings to life her main characters but she also has immensely appealing secondary characters The Rousseau males are particularly attractive There should be a separate book for each of them Their short scenes and few appearances were not enough to keep me satisfied I can’t wait for the third in the seriesReviewed by Steph from Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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    This is the second book in the Phantom seriesFor years movie star Lauren Cole has coveted the sword her husband bought for her then kept behind glass in their home She was pulled by the sword and longed for the day when she could touch it and get it out from the glass Now she and her husband are divorced and the sword is finally really hersLocked within the sword by a centuries old curse and powerful magic is Aiden Forsyth When the woman he has admired for years Lauren unwittingly releases him from the sword Aiden vows to find his brothers as he is convinced they suffer the same magical fate I liked this book a whole lot better than the previous tale The previous main characters did nothing for me I didn’t enjoy them and I had a hard time buying into their story The secondary couple of Ben and Cat are the only things that kept me reading and they really rescued that story for meThis time around I loved the main characters and had no problem at all believing in the impossible and the merging of fantasy with reality They have all the chemistry that the previous couple was missing and then some Plus as a bonus Cat and Ben were still around and there were also a bunch of other characters to love and hateThe story is mythical and sexy and as the saga of the Forsyth family continues I am happily along for the ride

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    I don't usually read paranormal romances but I enjoyed this one The characters were realistic and likeable; the secondary characters were well written too The plot was good and pulled me along; I wanted to know what would happen next The romance was hot and steamy The paranormal aspect was not too out there for me so it enhanced the story rather than taking away from itThis is the second book in a series and I haven't read the first one yet This book did stand alone but I would like to find the first book and read it to fill in of the back story There should be several to come in the series as well and I would like to read them too

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    Lauren Cole is one of Hollywood's A list actresses She is the star of the action packed Athena movie series thanks to Ross Marchand who cleaned her up and saved her from a life on the streets She and Ross are now officially divorced and there is one last thing she wants from him that he refuses to give her Since Lauren has a background of being a thief she breaks into her ex husband's house and takes a very expensive and prized swordOne night as Lauren is working out with the sword in her studio's exercise room she hears a voice calling to her Suddenly the sword feels strange in her hands and she has visions of sex and naked bodies A man appears out of nowhere and says an evil sorcerer has held him captive within the sword for centuries Aiden Forsyth is from 1747 and has been searching for his missing sister who he and his brothers believe was taken by the evil Lord Rogan Aiden feels he was the victim of a gypsy curse that led him to be enclosed inside the sword He remembers the day when Lauren came into the shop over three years ago and bought the sword He has lusted for her ever since Lauren thinks Aiden is an actor who is taking his role way too seriously When Aiden shows Lauren his powers she becomes a believer and they uickly give into their passion for one another Lauren doesn't realize that the video camera she set up is recording them When morning comes Aiden is invisible and can only go as far as the sword goesThings become even stressful when Lauren's best friend and casting agent Helen watches the footage of Lauren and Aiden together She decides that Aiden would be the perfect hero to be cast in the next Athena movie alongside Lauren Lauren doesn't know how to explain that Aiden is a phantom that can only be seen at night No one will believe her Also Ross knows it was she who took his sword and when the evil K'vr organization threatens Ross for the sword Ross must do whatever he can to get it back Lauren has to try to help Aiden dispel the sword's power as well as stay alive because someone has targeted Lauren for deathJulie Leto continues her series about the Forsyth brothers and their uest to find out what happened to their sister and the man responsible for ruining their lives PHANTOM'S TOUCH is the second book in this series about men who are phantoms and become trapped in various objects and where they are finally free of their prisons because of the women who have the power to break their curses Aiden has the curse of being placed in a sorcerer's sword that the evil K'vr group wants for the power it holds Aiden along with Lauren must try to break his curse and make sure the sword does not get into the wrong handsWhile there is a great mystery between these pages there is also an interesting romance between Lauren and Aiden That may seem a bit strange especially at the times Aiden is invisible That still does not stop him from getting a bit frisky with Lauren And those readers who enjoy the Hollywood setting will not be disappointed because Lauren is surrounded by many Hollywood types such as Helen who is trying to make Lauren's next movie a success; and Ross who is very greedy and has his own reasons for making sure Lauren is safe There is also a mysterious actor David Drake who will do whatever he can to be in the next Athena movie He is a man from Lauren's past and becomes Helen's lover His motives may come as a surprisePHANTOM'S TOUCH should be a pleasing read to those who are a fan of Julie Leto's books as well as this magical series I will continue reading because Leto leaves open some loose ends especially regarding the missing Forsyth sister and her relationship with Rogan the evil sorcerer who is never seen but the main catalyst for all the action

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    Lauren Cole an actress famous for her role as Athena is retrieving a sword that her ex husband bought for long ago yet in her wildest dreams ever imagine what comes next She plans on using the sword in her last Athena movie as way of letting Ross Marchandfamous movie producer and her ex husband know she's taken what is rightfully hers Lauren was shaped and molded by Ross but her freedom personally and career wise will be finishing this film The sword in Lauren's possession is in fact gypsy cursed which has imprisoned Aiden Forsyth since 1747 Aiden has come into awareness just by being around Lauren Aiden aches to touch Lauren for real when he finds himself standing before believing that Rogan's gypsy curse has been lifted Aiden and Lauren share a stunning passion that neither of them expected Only one problem Aiden can only appear from sunset to sunrise each day Lauren is struggling with her past yet has feelings for Aiden something that she never really expected after her divorce Aiden wants to go search for his family and to get to know Lauren better A blast from Lauren's past sets her into a tale spin leaving her hurt and angry Dr Ben Rousseau is a professor of Romani studies along with Cat Reyes are searching for Romani artifacts relating to Forsyth Family and Rogan Ben's father Paschal is actually Paxton Forsyth who had been trapped in a Romani artiface by Rogan Together they are searching for the remaining brothers and sister Ben and Cat fly to California to see about the sword Another mysterious man is also searching for the sword only wanting it's power and greed Can Lauren let go of her past? Will Aiden gain his freedom from the sword? What does Ross Marchand want from Lauren? Can Ben and Cat help Lauren? How will Lauren's past affect her present? What about the mystery man? Your answers await you in Phantom's TouchI've read alot of paranormal books with cursed objects in them yet this presented an uniue twist that made for enjoyable reading The phantom being a man that just exuded sex appeal that made for very naughty thoughts The interaction between the heroine Lauren and the hero Aiden was like watching a moth going to near flameit's that hot The author really played up the sexual tension and appeal which was a feast for the eyes mind body and soul I definitely want to see of Aiden and Lauren's story as well as getting to know about Ben Cat and Paschal tooMy only problem or problems with the story are that sometimes the seem to rush and then slow down in her descriptions to weave a really good story for the readers Personally I'm a fan of getting the information that I need to know about the story a little bit at a time and from what I can infer from the story itself I thing when the author either rushes or slows down in her craft to weave the story properly something is lost Don't get me wrong I really liked the book and will continue reading the series See for yourself and happy reading

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    Phantom’s TouchJulie LetoPublished Dec 8 2008Publisher Signet EclipseSeries Forsyth Phantoms Series Bk 2 ReviewIt has been a few years since I have read anything by Julie Leto and it was just my luck I saw a post about one of her books Now I am not one to read any books on time travel books about characters trapped in items only released through some type of magic books where a person’s soul is trapped in an item to be released by a loved one in another time or any type of paranormal book that falls into line with this concept They are one of my least favorite genre’s to read to be honest But this book sucked me in I began on book 2 of this series but uickly realized that this world and plot Ms Leto has created is simply done better justice when it is read not as a stand alone but as a series Book 1 Phantom Pleasures You get a better feel for the background and plot when so many interweaving characters are discussedPhantom’s Touch is full of intrigue romance and suspense Julie Leto has created a whole world and characters that are rich and exciting The plot while slightly confusing to me at first until I read Phantom Pleasures Book 1 of Forsyth Phantoms Series was fast paced and kept me hanging on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what was next I kept anticipating to become confused and for reality to become misconstrued but the writing and characters flowed together and not once did I uestion what was taking place in the lives of the characters and plot I loved Lauren and Aidan and the sexual tension and the fact that you couldn’t “see” Aidan during day time hours but could “feel” him just made this book crackle and pop By itself you are not doing this series justice Combined together this series is going right to the top of my favorites I simply can not believe I discounted this genre before but Mrs Leto’s gives this genre flair and passion and I can’t wait to read the next installment in this series Kiss of the Phantom For that alone I will rate this book and series as a must read for all readers

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    In Phantom's touch we get to meet the another Forsyth brother once cursed inside an object this time a magical sword Aiden is released by Lauren Cole an actress uite a scandalous profession in Aiden's time Aiden is uite an entertaining character and I dare say I may have liked the second book even than the first Lauren Cole is another strong leading woman that isn't going to let some silly thing oh say like a man suddenly appearing out of thin air slow her down She has goals and she will see them finished mainly completing her last movie with her ex husband as the producer Aiden's goals are far different Number one is to get out of the sword permanently and then go find his familyOnce the K'vr get wind that a powerful magical artifact has turned up they close in uickly and stop at nothing to get their hands on the sword Aiden and Lauren must put aside their own goals to save each other

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    overall this book was alot better than i expected i loved both main characters the tough female lead and tthe strong but unchauvanistic male one the secondary characters were also very well thought out and written the storyline grabbed me right away and made the unbelievable very believable i also enjoyed thensteamy sex scenes that were uncharacteristically realistic no simultaneous orgasms here folks it was a little weird at first because its so unusual in romances but overall i think itd be better if took a page out of this book the only couple downsides were first that i didnt know this was the second in a series until i was a decent amount in it wasnt too confusing but a little bit of recap couldve conpletely solved this problem for me also i felt like some of the background points were a little shake and under emphasized overall a great book though would definitely read again and will try to find others in the series

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    I wish I could give Phantom's Touch three and a half stars Julie Leto's writing is generally smart and smooth as usual though the typos get old fast This seuel had the same problems as the first book in the Phantom Series most significantly that all the characters appealed to me but no single one grabbed my interest In addition this installment had pacing repetition and loose end issues The whole evil staved off by her touch thing seemed way too similar to the Damon Alexa vibe in the first book and at the same time not smoothly integrated into the new context I also would have liked to have other characters' fates wrapped up I assume David Drake the best friend Gemma Paschal and Farrow will appear in the next book but the tale seemed stopped in midstream as opposed to packaged as an individual unit in addition to being part of a series Those complaints registered it was still a fun mostly engaging read

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    I really enjoyed this book it's got smoking hot guy's a strong leading lady just the right amount of sex but not written like a porno lol some shady guy's a bad guy an evil cult and some ass kickery Julie Leto's character's are fantastic and the storyline really pulls you in I didn't read the first I shall be amending that asap but it wasn't necessary to follow the story arc I shall also be buying the following books too I like a good supernaturalromance story and this delivers in spades I started to read this on the 1st of October and finished it just after midnight hence the 2nd of October Really didn't want it to end and now I've got to try and get my mitts on the others in the series