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Five years before the events in Warprize and Destiny’s Star Her family dead her home destroyed all she has left are her wits and her songs When the flames of civil war rage across the Kingdom of Palins Warna of Farentell has no choice but to flee to the neighboring Barony of Tassinic The daughter of a wealthy merchant raised to run a noble house in the hope of a good marriage she watches her future burn with the rest of her homeland Elven Lord of a human Barony betrayed and attacked by those he thought to trust Verice of Tassinic has suffered the wounds of war knowing loss and betrayal at the hands of those he trusted most He buries himself in work and duty behind emotional walls as high as those of his castle rather than risk pain While dealing with a kingdom in political and economic turmoil he 'rescues' Warna only to discover that the helpless human woman is anything but Before he knows it she is deep within the defenses of his heart forcing him to confront his grief his distrust and the scars of his past and maybe even steal his heart in the process

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    35 starsreview coming

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    This preuel to the fabulous Warprize takes the reader back five years and in the process offers readers both insights and a sweet romance Featuring Warna a very human heroine who finds himself alone and Verice an Elven Baron who for whatever reason cannot resist protecting the innocent We are thrown into a taste of life as war steadily encroaches with moments that made this reader startle as I realised just how everything fit into what for these characters is still to come In all conscience I cannot give too much away because I honestly have absolutely no desire to ruin this for others I can say that at times Warna and her tenacity reminded me of Xylara but there the similarities end Warna is a young woman who knows what she wants but I liked that she's unafraid to seek adviceVerice was a surprise A male dragged down by grief and the guilt that only a survivor can understand and yet he locks his feelings away to sally forth and protect his people We get a glimpse at the Elven court and the arrogance that lies within it but Verice whilst not perfect or particularly alpha to my mind felt a worthy heroIf new to this authors work then definitely start here although I don't think this has uite as much impact as some previous books it nevertheless tells a wonderful story and introduces characters and a world that truly is magical This voluntary take is of an advance copy and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair

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    I have never any of these in order so it is fitting that the last bok is the first book but to be fair this one was just published ;Verice is an Elf living in human lands and he has been a baron there for uite some time He is honorable takes care of those who live on his lands and kind But oh man or oh elf when he sees Warna it does seem like he forgets he has a brainWarna is fleeing war and comes to Tassinic And what can I say he just carries her away Not for any nefarious reasons now he is all pretty voice must protect Men Elves Of course she is all what do you want? I mean who wouldn't be But Like I said he is honorable and kind So obviously these two fall in lust and love And she is so capable so she saves his barony tooThere is another couple mentioned too that just felt weird I thanks to someone worked out that they will star in a new series but at this moment it mostly felt like I had missed a book in this series Hush hush I will say nothing about themNot that much happens in a way There is no war or fighting Considering there is a war going on It is a book about these two falling in love and him learning to see past something that happened A sweet book

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    So Maybe in normal times this would be a 3 star book but I just found so much of it delightful and considering how many books I've DNF'd of late the fact that I read this book says somethingSo I guess I don't know what's going on with the chaosreaver and while I liked him and his lady the seer it was so random and I know it's supposed to set up all the other things but it was vague to the point of not being ANNOYING but I just didn't care? Could not find it in myself to care And what's kinda crazy is it seems like it's the MOST IMPORTANT PART like I know it's setting up a lot for two different series in fact And that ending part MarcusA N Y W A Y Warna and Verice are just SO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER And Warna is grieving and lost and kinda just going along with the motions and doesn't even know what she wants and doesn't want to be rescued but then Verice DOES take her like obviously he's low key smitten from the start BUT there's no relationship or not really till much alter although their VERY MINOR interactions are SO MEANINGFULSo Warna sees purpose in figuring out his household which is a castle And she's so subtle and sneaky about it and it's adorable and fun and how all the people help her with itAnd how Verice sees what's happening but allows it and his grievingAnd it's just so cute And the happiness of his peopleformer staffI'm still OO as to the tragic event that happenedAnd holy shit his cousinAnd how Warna suffersAnd the cameos from the other characters in various series I just really liked the humor the connection the slow burn romance and how Warna is just so fucking amazingI can definitely see myself re reading this bookB

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    35 Preuel to Warprize and Destiny Star Tells the story of Verice elven Baron of Tassinic and Warna a human refugee from the war of the UsurperIt's a very uick read Without major surprises in an ambient of grief and remembered betrayals Warna is a warm and strong woman Though not a warrior she is able to stand for her rights and freedom and stubborn enough to help to heal old wounds Verice is the classical gentleman proud warrior but compassionateA very important part of this book is that we know about the history behind the Heart of the Plains and where the prophecies originated in the following booksview spoilerWolfe the mage and Kalynn the Seer talking a hundred years later of the event He continued his voice muffled “I regret that I lost all control tore the magic from the lands in my rage It fled from me from them from the very Plains around us”He pulled back and looked up at her “But I would do it all again tear the world asunder to be at your side”She cupped his face with both hands and kissed him pouring her love into him hide spoiler

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    45 STARSI really adored this book It's a very lovely historical fantasy story with a strong romance at its core there's magic a bit of angst a slow burn political conflict prejudices between elves and humans some action and two absolutely adorable idiots who can't seem to realize they're in love with the otherI thoroughly enjoyed every second of this one and definitely will be reading by this author 🥰

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    A country turn apart by war a leader kicked out of the Elf Court and a lone human with a gift for songWhy I started this book Warprize has long be a favorite of mine so I was thrilled to discover that Vaughan had written a new bookWhy I finished it This preuel circles around and ties both of Vaughan's series together I'm going to have to go back and reread all of them again Such a hardship to revisit old favorites

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    When I read my first book by Elizabeth Vaughan Warprize I fell in love with the world and characters she'd developed Since then I've bought every novel she published This one concludes her Chronicles of the Warlands and the Epic of Palins according to what she wrote at the ending That's a real pity But then there are hints that she might be writing books set in this world so I'm very much hoping for that to be the caseAs for 'Fate's Star' itself I would say it works best if you know the rest of the two series though I think you can also enjoy it as a fantasy romance on its own There will be references you won't understand as well thoughIt's the story of the warrior lord and elf Verice and the human woman Warna The war we'll see of in the three Epic of Palins novels has just started and Warna is a refugee who has lost her family home and future Verice has also had to deal with great tragedy and has turned away from what you might call a normal life and concentrates on nothing but defending his people and country But when he first encounters Warna he's drawn to her and decides to give her his protection Both have fears and difficulties dealing with their attraction but also the dangers as well as political intrigue they encounter Do an immortal elf and a human woman even stand a chance especially in these dangerous times?I loved the characters both the main couple and the supporting characters The author is wonderful at developing those The world the story is set in is as enjoyable as ever There were a few threads in the story that I felt weren't resolved but that's been the case in her previous novels and most such things were then resolved in later novels I hope that will be the case here too The story of two supporting characters that's clearly connected to the Plains and Xy from her Warlands series definitely deserves its own novels That being said the romance came to a beautiful conclusion and I enjoyed the book very muchIf you're interested in the series I mentioned here's a listEpic of PalinsDagger Star in which we first met Verice and Warna in a few scenesWhite StarDestiny's StarChronicles of the WarlandsWarprizeWarswornWarlordWarcryWardanceWarsongAnd then Fate's Star which is connected and a preuel to both though actually best read after the other books

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    Reading a Elizabeth Vaughan book is like drinking a grea cup of coffee on a Sunday morning when it's perfect weather She is my go to for everything alternative romance and her books always have an epic style feel to them Fate's Star is a little different from the other books in her Warlands series There's not too much action and suspense There's a lot of worldbuilding and colorful characters but no big surprises or wow moments This is about two very different people learning to trust and care for one another The romance builds at a slow pace as well as the story which for some readers may frustrate them But Elizabeth has a way with words that keeps you invested Even though Fate's Star didn't have that wow factor I was expecting it was nice to catch up in this uniue world she has createdWarna is a human woman with an amazing singing voice Verice is a elf with a lot of stress beause of the power he yields He is on constant duty for this people and the humans because of the fear of war and death which Warna knows all too well about These to meet under interesting circumstances Their introduction is a meet cute type of situation because Verice is undone because of Warna's singing He wants to protect her but doesn't want her to fear him or think of him as a dictator Verice has some alpha ualities but he is also very diplomatic and a lord who cares for his people Warna and Verice are like friends than lovers but their interactions become important because their friendship grow into attraction and leads to a logical conclusion because this is a romanceThe middle of Fate's Star lags a little because again the action isn't big or in your face There are no grand gestures here even as Warna and Verice commit to one another The love scenes are not bad and the dialogue between these two border on very sweet and just kind This is a very kind book with a romance that makes you smile but might have you wishing for pizzazz as has been proven in Elizabeth's past booksOverall a solid 3 star read

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    The story of Fate's Star precede Warprize Chronicles of the Warlands #1 by about five years and set the stage for later events in the series Warna of Farentell is the daughter of a wealthy merchant who has been brought up for a hopefully noble marriage Warna possesses all the household management skills for running an aristocratic household But war and invasion leave her without any immediate family and on the run with other survivors After some time in hiding Warna is rescued by an Elvish baron Verice of a human barony Tassinic He offers her shelter and a place in his household until she can reach extended family in another region and join them Verice is no stranger to grief and survivors guilt Betrayed by those he trusted in his own keep a year previously Verice has built emotional barriers as high as the Keep that he closed after the betrayal He turned all his energies to protecting his people both human and elves Bit by bit Warna wins over his people and the Baron himself with her competent management and caring for all in her orbit Love blossoms but they both fear the limitations of his immortal lifespan and her mortal oneFate's Star sets up the events to come in the succeeding books well I would even recommend reading it first for those who have not read the series Many characters that come later are introduced here A reread of the series seems in order considering the new insights That will be no chore especially reading Warprize Warsworn and Warlord Keir the Cat and Xylara are huge favorites Verice is not perfect but is a worthy hero and Warna a sensible and charming heroine who knows her mindThanks to the author for an advance copy The opinions are my own