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The battle scarred star carrier Flying Dutchman is finally on her way back to Earth after an exceptionally successful series of missions that have once again Saved The World The ship needs a serious refit and her exhausted crew just wants a break from constant clandestine warfare against a vicious and superior enemy Wishes come true right? Not for the Merry Band of Pirates

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    Skippy the Magnificent insult machineDid I enjoy the book? Mostly Do I still love the series? Yeah I guess that's the bottom line but man are the constant insults between Skippy and Joe getting tiresome It's probably not stretching to say that 50% of this book is nothing but Joe sitting around trading insults with Skippy while trying to come up with a plan to accomplish the next impossible task for the MBOPs I would say that Skippy was bordering on unlikable in this one I don't know maybe fatigue is setting in after so many books of basically the same thing We're seven books into this series now and very little has been answered as far as the mystery of Skippy and the Elders The plot was the usual ExForce staple Impossible problems Joe comes up with crazy idea Skippy laments he didn't think of it plan goes into action everything goes wrong Skippy works his magic etc It's still entertaining but I think Mr Alanson should probably dial down the wasted words on the JoeSkippy insult train a bit

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    First thing to mention I'm glad I don't have to read any almost complains about calibrating drive coils every time a bit of drama was reuired as a filler But this is kind of the only positive in this bookThe banter between Skippy and Joe although enjoyable in the past now is excessive The solution solving Everything is arbitrary Everything can be done and undone Is full of contradictions to the point where I don't follow any the specifics of each problem Just say abracadabra and be done with Half of the book is a slow and tedious crawl the second part was rushed but that's good because at least the story developed a bitI know is hard to avoid burnout when it comes to doing something over and over again like writing a long series of books but I'd wish the author will take a step back breath some fresh air get some perspective and tackle the new books from a new direction Where is the adventure and joy of discovery ?

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    Feels like a rerunNothing new and a lack of characters left the story very hollow At some point the relationship between Skippy and Joe has to progress from sarcastic put down jibes It feels forced at this point This story had really no suspense no revelation of the larger plot lines and no development of any of the characters It felt like a re run

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    Best one in the series yet RC Bray is a scifi legend Narrators like him make audiobooks the way they are supposed to be engulfing enjoyable gripping hilarious Kudos to Craig Alanson for giving us a little blurb at the end His short 10 minute story how this series originated makes it that special I'd say this is the first time I have ever continued a series this long and still thoroughly am enjoying it I really hope this gets turned into a series someday but only if RC is the voice of Skippy

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    Listened and read all of these books within a span of one year I first downloaded the audible of Columbus Day after that I couldn't get enough of the Expeditionary Force The writing the humor everything about this series is in the words of Skippy Awesome Can't wait for the next two books of the series and hope for a lot of the future I would also love to see this turn into a television series Wishful thinking on my part 😏

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    Overall I enjoyed Renegades It was satisfying to see some progress on certain story lines That being said I'm getting tired of the same problems being hashed and re hashed It feels like each book is just the same basic problem of oh no we need to keep earth from being discovered by First it was the Kristang then it was the Thuranin now it was the Maxolhx Every time it is absolutely impossible and then Joe thinks up some crazy plan and Skippy complains and bemoans the fact that he didn't think of that I don't think I will be able to justify listening to another book if it is just of the sameAlso it's getting difficult to listen to how crappy The Dutchman is If the crew has been able to accomplish all this other stuff why can't they figure out a way to go steal a senior species ship to replace The Dutchman I mean seriously

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    I don't know this was of course still a great book in the series and they got a lot of amazing things accomplished But Joe is clearly growing weary of Skippy's endless insults uite honestly so am I But I love the crew and the action scenes were fantastic It's all worth it in the end And largely because of RC Bray

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    To uote the immortal Skippy “Blah blah blah”As I write this review I’ve caught up with all of the Expeditionary Force books that have been released I can no long just keep throwing Audible credits at them hoping for them to improveThis one has finally hit rock bottom The sad part is that I don’t even hate the book it is just a monumental disappointment At the end of the previous book after having saved the day again it all gets spoiled by the revelation that two big bad Maxolhx warships are coming to Earth to investigate This book essentially is about nothing but dealing with those two ships via a series of steps even crazier than what the crew of the Flying Dutchman have dealt with in the pastAnd therein lies the most fundamental failing of Renegades – the utter repetition There is an impossible mission to destroy another alien ships with a Dutchman that is in worse shape than ever But we’ve been through this story a couple of times now with just the difficulty level of the boss battle cranked upBut there are several things that make this the worst of the series by far First the Skippy and Joe banter are wearing really thin The same arguments and insults get repeated over and over and over Even the other crew in this book are growing sick of Skippy – the AI and Joe have become stagnantNext due to reasons most of the crew that have been on board get replaced with a bunch of ciphers Only a couple of the original crew make it back this time and Alanson gives us little reason to care about any of the newcomers they’re pretty much just a bunch of bots pulling switchesAnother great failing is that while the Maxolhx and Bosphura and the major antagonists this time Alanson gives us almost nothing useful about them In the previous books we’ve gotten to see the cultures and characters of the Ruhar the Kristang the gambling obsessed Jeraptha and the mentalist Thuranin The Maxolhx and Bosphura might as well be “generic evil alien 1” and “super difficult generic alien 2” The world building really fails this time and it was really needed to break up the monotony of listening to the storyObviously the author is free to tell the story that he wants to tell It seems unfortunate that he’s content to keep telling the same story over and over with just turning the difficulty knob up a bit each time But it really could be so much He’s clearly given a lot of thought to this universe the alien races and the history But we’re seven books in and that history – whowhat the Elders were what Skippy really is what has been going on in the universe – a few crumbs have been scattered but not enough to be worth the slog of getting through this bookHopefully this book marks an end to the “destroy alien threat without detection” rinse lather repeat cycle and Alanson will start turning his attention to telling us about this wider universe he’s created and the ultimate story of what’s going on

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    Holee DBefore you open this book read the first 6 and maybe the novella To truly appreciate this piece you'll have to know the entire backstory but once you do it'll be worth it So much happens and so many uestions were answered that I can hardly see this series continuing except there are still 3 major uestions 4 if you include the end of book 6 left to be answered To stir a little bit of excitement we'll finally get to see what happens when the MBOP goes up against those rotten kitties

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    There’s no greater palette cleanser than a jaunt around the galaxy with our favourite beer can and his merry band of pirates Alanson is no Asimov and not really an Adams either; sometimes he repeats himself and he strays into the formulaic but what a winning formula There’s few characters that consistently put a smile on my face; and of them all Skippy is the most consistently “awesome”Like my favourite pair of hiking boots I can’t wait to put them back on and start my next adventure