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Under capitalism economic growth is seen as the key to collective well being In Self Devouring Growth Julie Livingston upends this notion showing that while consumption driven growth may seem to benefit a particular locale it produces a number of unacknowledged negative conseuences that ripple throughout the wider world Structuring the book as a parable in which the example of Botswana has lessons for the rest of the globe Livingston shows how fundamental needs for water food and transportation become harnessed to what she calls self devouring growth an unchecked and unsustainable global pursuit of economic growth that threatens catastrophic environmental destruction As Livingston notes improved technology alone cannot stave off such destruction; what is reuired is a greater accounting of the web of relationships between humans nonhuman beings plants and minerals that growth entails  Livingston contends that by failing to understand these relationships and the conseuences of self devouring growth we may be unknowingly consuming our future 

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