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A powerful hunter angel Einar is on a mission to discover why one of his kind was working with demons but it isn’t going well until he finds one of the demons stalking a beautiful woman When the male attacks Einar can’t stop himself from saving her even when he knows Heaven will hold it against him—the alluring lethally seductive woman is half demonTaylor vowed long ago to protect her city from the lowest demons and she sure as hell isn’t about to let an angel waltz in and take over and she’s definitely not about to fall in love with him even if he is gorgeous Determined to do her job as a hunter she convinces the dangerously sensual warrior to team up with her but resisting the attraction that blazes between them soon becomes impossibleAs the mission leads them deep into London’s underworld and desire flares white hot between them can they stop the flames of their passion from consuming them? And can a love so forbidden ever have a happy ending?

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    Absolutely Captivating Wow I felt like I was in a movie reading this action packed story The romance and erotic scenes were perfect and the characters came alive within the first couple of pages and absolutely captivated me This series gets better and better as Felicity writes – pure brillianceForbidden love is what is between Einar and Taylor according to the Heavenly and Hell rules but that minor rule doesn’t stop these two from falling in love Einar Angel Hunter is out looking for the three demons that convince another angel to work with them in exchange for power The mission is interrupted when he happens to fly over and see a human no a half human and half demon fighting one of the three demons he is looking for Einar is so captivated with her skills and beauty that he can’t resist diving in to help herTwo beings with the same goal of finding demons and putting an end to their madness become a team to get answers but along the way love has a way to lodge within their hearts as desires surface and become uncontrollable The good and the bad how can anything be bad or wrong when it feels so right? This attitude they both gain when their passion unleashes and realizes they are nothing without the other Their journey and mission is full of kick ass action as they fight the demons This is a must read it will keep you on the edge of your seat and you will find yourself gasping at the sexy actions Einar displays when it comes to his woman “Taylor” HOT HOT HOT STEAMINGI look forward to reading future books to this series I applaud you Felicity Heaton you have gained a big fan with me

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    A truly forbidden love; an angel and a demonThese Her Angel books are all so easy to get lost inin a good way I started on page 1 and before I knew it I was 75% through While the underlying premise of the story was introduced in the previous book of the series I don't think it's absolutely necessary to have read it in order to enjoy this one But trust me you'll want to go back and read them allI liked Taylor and how tough she was She could take care of herself and made sure everyone knew it But at the same time I greatly respected how she knew when to yield and ask for help She also had a protective streak when it came to Einar and I loved that tooEinar was simply badass He was on a mission but when he encounters Taylor he makes her a part of it I loved the little are you thinking what I'm thinking? unspoken things that would pass between him and Taylor like in the almost fight scene in the club when they were ready with each other's weapons in case they were neededFelicity is second to none when it comes to imagery especially during fight scenes I also LOVE her heroes how dark and fierce they are when they need to be but also fiercely loving of their women Each series she writes progresses like an epic journey a twisting and turning adventure and I love going along for the rideI am a HUGE huge Felicity fan Have been for years and I know I will be for many years to comeI was given this book in consideration of my honest thoughts

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    Her Warrior Angel is the 3rd book in the very sexy Her Angel series It is by far the most action packed novella of the series At this point I do recommend reading the series in order The demons that Einar a hunter angel is pursuing were the demons that Lukas Her Fallen Angel saw at the warehouse Einar was also introduced very briefly at the end of the previous book It was at that point in the 2nd book that the readers are given the reason why Einar has been brought to Earth to perform his hunter duties The author does not do any rehashing but it is really not needed Einar has been sent to Earth to bring the demons who were working with Amaer to justice The Heavenly Court has uestions and they expect answers There is a tiny problem Einar is not the only one hunting the demons Taylor is half demon and she has devoted her life to protecting the weaker beings from evil demons After a fight with the demons that Einar is seeking leaves Taylor injured and poisoned he has to save her He lies to himself tries to convince himself that he is just keeping her alive until he can get information from of her He knows exactly where this is headed trouble From the moment Taylor is in the arms of the sexy warrior angel she can’t stop flirting with him She also can’t stop her fight or flight instincts She’s a demon surely he has no intentions of helping her The action in Her Warrior Angel is non stop Both Einar and Taylor are warriors They are hunting evil demons that are killing an insane amount of humans The Heavenly Court wants to know why an angel was involved and why he was working with demons The fight scenes are plentiful thus the my adrenaline is revved up sex scenes are very present I think this adds to the action in the bedroom WOW these two are intense on a very primal level Einar is has a very dominating presence This is a forbidden love They can’t be together Einar’s job as a hunter is to rid the world of demons Taylor is half demon I loved their story It is very emotional Be sure to keep a box of tissues on hand for the end I’m really enjoying this series Looking forward to Her Guardian Angel

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    Warrior Angel is the third book in Her Angel Bound Warrior series by Felicity Heaton Although there is a story running throughout the series you really don't need to have read the other books to fully understand what's going on in this bookEinar is a warrior angel tasked with finding the demons behind conspiring with another angel enabling them to kill 100 humans and put the blame on another innocent angel Einar needs to find those demons and find out exactly what is going onTaylor is half demon and half human and she's taken it upon herself to keep humankind safe from the demons roaming London She is about to battle with one when Einar spots her Not knowing that she isn't just a human damsel in distress he is uick to come to her rescue Unfortunately the demon escapes and it's not long before they decide they should work together to find him and the other demons that Einar is looking forThey make an excellent team not only in the hunt for demons but also in the bedroom There is a fierce passionate connection from the very first moments with them and it isn't long before not only are they fighting demons but are fighting to keep their hands off each otherI don't know what was exciting the drama of the demon hunting and the fierce fights they have or the fantastic passion between Taylor and Einar The things that they find out about what the demons have been up to is definitely something that I was not expecting I love a book where I just can't figure out the outcome I have been loving this whole series of books and am very much looking forward to the next one In the meantime as long as you are strictly over 18 I can definitely recommend this book

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    Einar is an angel but he's also a hunter one of the best at tracking down demons who are causing trouble on earth He has been sent to find 3 demons who have been the cause of multiple human deaths but he gets than he bargained for when he finds Taylor Taylor was born half demon and half human but she spends her life hunting the demons who prey on humans and other weaker demons When Einar tracks down one of the demons he has been searching for he finds Taylor fighting it and is drawn to her strength and skill The attraction isn't one sided but they both know that there is nothing forbidden than love between an angel and a demon With Einar needing Taylor's help to track down the remaining demons can they resist each other and what will happen to them if they don't?Her Warrior Angel is the 3rd story in Felicity Heaton's Her Angel series and although it's the last book currently available I really hope we will get to read about these characters in the future I'm sure there is to tell I'm looking forward to meeting of these sexy angels have you seen the covers for this series you can't tell me they're not hot Although the stories in this series can be read as a stand alone story I'd still recommend reading them in order you really won't want to miss any of themAlthough Einar didn't uite manage to steal me away from Lukas the hero of Her Fallen Angel he came pretty close He is an alpha male at his best and I'm sure he'll capture plenty of hearts Taylor is probably my favorite of the heroine's in the series so far and is an ideal match for Einar they are both physically strong and determined to stop demons from hurting others Both are courageous protective and have serious fighting skills which leads to a action packed story than the first two novellas The story is fast paced and will keep you gripped from the very beginning Felicity has proved that she can write a good fight scene that will make it easy for you to picture every move made as you are reading Even though the story is full of action there is still time for the romance and I continue to be impressed with how well Felicity manages to round out her characters in a novella I didn't find any of the romance unbelievable which can often be a problem with shorter stories and I can't wait to see what she can do with a full length novel This series is one I'd definitely recommend to fans of paranormal romance especially if you like them to include a scorching heat level This is a series not to be missed

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    I love the cover on this it gives you a very visual insight into Einar the angel warrior drool This is a book from the Her Angel series and is the first book I've read from Felicity each book can be read independently which is a fantastic bonusFrom the outset we meet Taylor the city's self designated protector Taylor is an interesting character Being half demon means any relationship between her and Einar is forbidden Both Taylor and Einar are torn and the scene is set for some sizzling fantastic reading I enjoyed reading Taylor's indecision and justifications for her actions whilst also getting insights from Einar about how he was feeling My favourite uote from Her Warrior Angel'She could sense his restraint as it mirrored hers and his battle against his desire He wanted it too'I found the book to be a complete roller coaster of emotions I felt drawn in by the characters and their relationships The atmosphere between Taylor and Einar is very electrifying hot and sexy Einar is enough to make most women weak at their knees and he's so sweet and strong with it too He contradicts some of the ideas I had of an angel but in a good way He realizes that he's never been truly happy and his future changes because of itI loved Vilandry's character and both the way his history with Taylor is shown and Einar's reaction to this knowledge it made an engrossing read Vilandry being one of Taylor's ex lovers who happens to be a vampireA whole spectrum of emotions were evoked from the pages If it was much hotter I would have needed to plug my electric fan in phew Raw emotions from wanting to kiss Einar for being so sweet to being completely shocked at some of the actions that led to the ending by which time I was almost in tears I certainly didn't see the way Einar's future led I'm really pleased I read this and am looking forward to reading books by Felicity Heaton who has now gone on my permanent author list

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    Felicity E HeatonHer Warrior AngelEinar is an angel who is the best hunter heaven has to offer He tracks down demons that cause havoc on earth His next mission is to find three demons that have killed humans When he tracks them he’s surprised to find a female also tracking the same demons he’d been sent to eliminate Taylor is half human and half demon She’s dedicated her life to fighting demons that prey on humans and weaker demons that can’t defend themselves Taylor and Einar are annoyed with the other’s interference but what surprises them is the unexpected attraction they have for each other Love between an angel and a demon is forbidden Taylor and Einar find the battle against temptation hell However giving into their desires may be worth the price they’ll pay for a moment of heavenEinar and Taylor are a perfect match Both are warriors with determined personalities They will do anything to save earth from demons but along with their killer instincts they both possess compassionate hearts This story is fast paced and full of action The tantalizing romance will scorch the pages of your book or if you have a Kindle sunglasses may be reuired This is the third story in Ms Heaton’s Her Angel series All the stories can be read as a stand alone tale but you won’t want to miss the other two stories Who can resist sexy Angels? This is a series not to be missed

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    First off guys I love the covers for this series Seriously love them In fact send one of those hunky angels my way won't you? Please? Okay fine I'll just review the book as I wipe off the droolAlthough the books in this series can technically be read in any order I really do think you'll get out of it if you start with book 1 and work your way up Einar is introduced in book 2 and the reason he's on Earth hunting the demons is laid out at that point Felicity Heaton does a wonderful job bringing a new reader into the why and how of what's going on but it just makes it so much sweeter when you get to follow the angels through from book to bookI hesitate to say that this is my favorite in the series because I've enjoyed all of them However there's something about a demonangel love story that makes me smile Those two crazy kids making sweet sweet love despite the challenges It's a thing I like Go with itI hope we get in this fun little series down the road because I see a lot of potential here for stories action lovin' Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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    Another Angelic Romance With Plenty Of ActionI'm already a fan of Ms Heaton's writing style; it's the way she creates a believable paranormal world and then packs it full with multifaceted characters even the supernatural ones have very real human foibles then weaves their stories around an engaging background plot that just draws me in and keeps me hookedI really loved this book It had everything that I look for in a paranormal; it made me smile cry and feel all warm and fuzzy inside my heart was pumped during the fight scenes there were great well written erotic thrills and tons of romantic gestures to satisfy my soppy sideAs with all of Ms Heaton's books due to the graphic violence and sexual content I would recommend this book to adults who are not offended by content of this nature and enjoy reading stories about conspiracies the drive to hunt out the truth protection of the innocent and justice for the guilty but Warrior Angel is definitely a must read for those of you like me who adore tales about soul saving love with oodles of fire and passion

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    Einar who was introduced in the previous story is an angel hunter out to get the demons who worked with the angel who framed Lukas While hunting down the demons he sees a beautiful woman being trapped amongst the demons and flies faster to help rescue her But does this woman need rescuing? While fighting and killing one of the three demons the woman is injured by one of their claws which is laced with a killing toxin Einar takes flight with her to his hotel so he can heal her before she dies While healing we find out that her name is Taylor and she has a secret about herself and is afraid to let Einar know about it Einar being an angel already knows her secret and is enchanted by her Together they team up to tract down the two remaining demons and of course sparks begin to fly But at what cost and will Einar and Taylor need to sacrifice who they are to be with the one they love? There is some great lovin' in this story just like in the first two stories as well as some fast paced action to make this story very enjoyable