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Offering a fresh look at the ways in which neoliberalism has claimed to cure the Balkan region of its ethnic particularities under the pretext of Europeanization this book shows how the reconfiguration of the economic political and cultural landscape of the region has resulted in its functioning as Europe's neocolonyThe contributors to this volume engage in postcolonial analysis of the Balkans' past and present coloniality by way of interrogating race racism trauma film and global capitalism They challenge the idea of a United Europe that rests on the assumption that the European Union's 'newness' represents both a clean slate and the right to shift ownership of its colonial histories to former colonial subjects and their national histories Taken as a whole the volume seeks to transform Europe's colonial amnesia into postcolonial awareness and to speak from within the Balkans as a site of Europe's neocolonyAs it critically interrogates a neocolonial reconfiguration of the Balkans as a massive social overhaul which includes at once global integration and local social disintegration this book will be of interest to those studying the region as well as postcolonialism in generalThis book was originally published as a special issue of Interventions Journal of Postcolonial Studies