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Asa’s frustrations have peaked as he witnesses his wife’s intimacy fading awayStruggling to comprehend just what has caused the change in his marriage the insurance agent installs hidden cameras in their bedroomAnd so when he is on a business trip and hears rumours that his wife is having an affair the puzzled husband up the camera feed on his phoneWords fails Asa as he remains glued ot the small screen watching his wife inviting two men on their marital bedA cocktail of anger and arousal overtakes the stunned husbandand knows the next 24 hours will define their marriage foreverHow long can an unstable marriage last when the husband finds his wife in bed with two other men?Sign up to Karly’s mailing list to download the free Epilogues to The Hotwife Adventure and Hotwife TrainingThis 32000 word scorching hot novel featuring wife watching MFM menage wife sharing and a husband watching the love of his life slowly transforming into an insatiable hotwife

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