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The Nest meets The Vacationers in this novel of family dysfunction in which for the Brights normal has become whatever their crazy family says it isWhen the four adult sons of recently retired Senator John Bright and their significant others join their parents at the family's Berkshire compound for their mandatory summer vacation the matriarch Patty decides to hire a documentary filmmaker to memorialize their time together The Brights a family of outsized pride are beautiful competitive athletic and terrible They have everything they need except the ability to see themselves clearly Naturally they let their guard downCaught up in the news of the day the Senator misses being in the limelight and so he floats at least on camera another political run this time for governor That is until one by one family secrets start coming to light And keep coming

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    When I picked up this book and read blurb on the back and saw that this book was about a political family I was prepared to unimpressed by it as I generally can't stand politics or religion being focal points of books and this book had both I must say though that by the end of the book my feelings were so much positive than I expected The plot is centered around the family of retired Massachusetts Senator John Bright and his four sons and is told from the POV of three spouses of the boys the extras as they call themselves as well a documentary filmmaker who has been invited to film the Brights for three weeks at the family summer home in the Berkshires Three of the boys JJ Spenser and Charlie all have issues but youngest son Phillip throws the whole family for a loop when he announces that he is going to join the priesthood The families' dismay over Phillip's decision is short lived though when two grandsons nearly escape death from an overseas terrorist attack John Bright Sr immediately sees the attack and his grandsons' proximity to the event as the perfect opportunity to throw his hat in the ring for the governor's race in Massachusetts The older three Bright boys who are all still dominated by their father and babied by their mother decide to get involved in their dad's campaign The three weeks are full of drama stress high emotions and of course shocking secrets are eventually disclosed all while a camera is rolling and catching every detail as it unfolds I thought the writing was good and the plot moved along at a fast paced I found myself invested in all of the characters and actually hated to see the dirty little secrets come to light I thought the documentary angle was uniue and was a good method to tell the story; however there than a few times when it was a bit unrealistic as no polished political family such as this one would be so loose with their conversations and emotions in front of a camera I also still found the family a bit too perfect even with all of their dirt I did guess most of the big secrets long before they were revealed so that was a bit of a bummer but that being said I liked the ending of the book as it felt true to life Overall I think Reilly did a great job at penning an engrossing and suspenseful tale of a powerful family's struggle to find themselves in the wake of surprises secrets and scandals 35 why don't politicians know by now that their secrets never stay hidden stars

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    This is a book about the power of family and the power of home The author successfully draws you into this proud family and community but once there I realized that it wasn’t a place I wanted to stay The writing is very well done but almost every emotion seemed subdued or dull as if the characters were forbidden to feel Family love devotion and even anger through most of the book was understated I didn’t find a single character that I cared about not even the documentary maker who played a prominent part in this story I find this novel a bit difficult to rate as I found it uneven The first half was often boring yet I enjoyed the cadence of this book and the methodology of presenting the story from the various character perspectives While not a bad book I kept turning pages while expecting an explosive climax and when it finally came I was kind of disappointed Thank you NetGalley Meg Little Reilly and HARLEUIN MIRA for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own#TheMisfortunesOfFamily #NetGalley

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    The Misfortunes of Family by Meg Little Reilly is a recommended family dramaThe Bright family is a political family Newly retired senator John Bright and his wife Patty have four sons JJ John Junior Spencer Charlie and Phillip Every summer they have the sons and their partners for a family reunion at their lake house in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts It is a stressful time for the extras as JJ's wife Mary Beth and Spencer's husband Ian call themselves The older three Bright boys are all dominated by their father and their mother still mothers them throughout the reunion The youngest son Phillip who has always been an outlier in the family makes an announcement that further sets him apartThis summer is different and ripe for stress for the extras than usual for two reasons First the reunion is three weeks long instead of the usual one Secondly this summer a documentary filmmaker will be filming the entire Bright family the whole time It is a situation ripe for tension and highly guarded secrets are certainly going to be exposed Family reunions are usually fraught with underlying tension How many families can withstand potentially having all their secrets uncovered?The narrative unfolds through the point of view of the extras and Farah the filmmaker as they observe the sometimes larger than life Brights The three weeks is full of drama unbelievable stress emotional releases some self realization and eventually several shocking secrets are disclosed The plot moves along uickly but the connection with the characters becomes distant with each new chapter Ian was the most appealing character partially because he was the only character who was content with his life and didn't come to the reunion with some hidden need or agendaThe writing is good but I pretty much knew or guessed most of the secrets that were going to be outed so I was anticipating when my predictions would be revealed in the plot That meant that my interest in the novel needed to be focused on the various characters and their personal development While character development does happen most of it felt truncated which left me pining for the richness and depth that great character development and personal growth can provide to a plot that is otherwise rather predictable I would look for another Meg Little Reilly because this novel shows promise for her future works Disclosure My review copy was courtesy of MIRA Bookshttpwwwshetreadssoftlycom20200

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    This book was great I loved the family dynamics and how the story was told from the point of view of the “extras” It’s also a reminder that a life in a political family would be DREADFUL This was a book about a lot of people who aren’t so very nice but you find yourself rooting for them anywayI was provided a copy of this book by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    It seems as though I’m in the minority on this one but I just could not get into this bookI found the beginning to be dry and writing style did nothing to endear me to the characters I didn’t like any of them to be honest except for maybe Phillip and even then my appeal to him was mild curiosity As I continued through the book I found that I was not invested in their story and didn’t care what happened to themThe book took a lot of turns that we’re not obvious in the synopsis but I’m unsure if that was a help or a hindrance to the main plot of the story that is family I think a lot of that point got lost in the ‘noise’ of everything else that happened And with so much happening the reader gets shifted from here to there to here to there in such a short timeframe only 3 weeks that it was difficult to really absorb the effect of each event before we’d moved on to the next one All in all I think the bones of the story a family with secrets and the search for identity outside of their surnames was what initially gravitated me to this book but I guess it just wasn’t for me Many thanks to Meg Little Reilly Harleuin MIRA and NetGalley for an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    This book was received as an ARC from HARLEUIN MIRA in exchange for an honest review Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my ownThis book screams future Hallmark movie andor regular movie due to the perfect family having family problems forgetting what it means to be a family tightened together All it takes is a film producer agreeing to film the Senator and his sons for a documentary at their family reunion Little did they know their youngest son picks this time to unveil a secret he has been keeping that takes everyone off guard and if that was not enough the Senator declares that he will run in the next political race and not everyone is on board with this idea and all of the secrets are exposed and chaos comes across the family and they just get out of control It's all thanks to this experience that makes them realize what it means to be a family We will consider adding this title to our Fiction collection at our library That is why we give this book 5 stars

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    The Bright family is the personification of the political dynasties we know During a trip to the home of the Bright patriarchs all four of their sons become involved in the unraveling of years of parental machinations and lies This was really a great read with interesting characters I was totally engaged and willing to accept some of the clearly absurd situations that are built into the story Rather than uestion them I let myself enjoy this good read with incredibly likable characters Thanks Netgalley

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    This book is a pleasant vivid thorough evisceration of privilege wealth and power It is done deftly and unapologetically as a wealthy US senator and his family enjoy their annual summer vacation retreat only this year allow a journalist to film them the whole time Oddly evil smiles throughout the novel blithely unaware of itself and its arrogance Meanwhile there are characters of varying integrity the highest being the family's outcast son who has the temerity to want to attend divinity school and become a clergyman There is one remarkable aspect of craft at work in this novel It is crowded The patriarch his wife their kids their kids' spouses the grandkids a population that would challenge any author seeking to characterize each of them and give all of them a role in the larger plot Yet somehow here it reads as effortless

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    Bravo bravo What a fun and exciting family drama While each character had their flaws it was just a regular family Yes they were in the spotlight but they argued and loved like any family Loved this bookThanks to authorpublisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book While I got the book for freeit had no bearing on the rating it

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    I received an advanced reader’s copy in exchange for an honest review Very well crafted Was five star 90% of the way but the ending was a smidge too dramatic hence the four Hubris never gets to be its own reward