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Rolling around in the worst fashion accessory ever Seventeen year old Merry has mucked up another chance to get into the University of Magecraft so she doesn’t have time to deal with shape changing creatures bent on stealing memories from the people of Woodshire That’s her father’s job But when an outlaw mage mistakes her for a damsel in distress on a drenched train platform she’s dragged into a fight with the monsters and a sheriff mad enough to use them She’d never admit it out loud but the mage is actually kind of fun to work with – when she doesn’t want to run him over with her chair And he’s exactly the ally she needs when the monsters go after her father’s memories But with bad guys who can look like friends and friends who look like outlaws Merry has to decide who to trust and whether returning the stolen memories of those she cares about most is worth giving up her chance to finally earn respect as a mage

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    SCREECHES THIS WAS SO GOOD And excuse the typosPositives SO Where do I start? I could talk about the disability representation but I don't think I have any authority on that But I found it incredibly well done as it neither took over the story but was addressed as part of without being the sole focus of the heroine's personal life story The character arcs thoughit was so beautiful to see our heroes get over the traumas they had been dealt with as well as see such a nice father daughter relationship as well The PLOT was so much fun this is a Robin Hood retelling and it's AMAZING as was the worldbuilding in this one references to places exposition without making it too obvious? Revelation of the details andahhh this was amazing I say again with my limited vocab The writing was also nicely structured as was the pacing for the bookNegatives Nothing really stood out to me as bad in the book I had some personal ualms against it but nothing major that fits in the objective negative pile The minor stuff is mostly to do sometimes with the worldbuilding which while AWESOME sometimes did leave me feel muddled here and there Not in a bad way but justthere's so much to this world and this author has worked so hard in seting it up that she just can't info dump everything it just makes me antsy you know? Because this series is kind of like Goldstone Wood and not chronological so I'm scared of missing something that might tie into the past or future of the world ; Mostly it was me wanting to know how this Realm thing worked Edit so I rememberedthere was one villain who left me a little confused and that was John I mean I understand he wassheltered however his arc seemed sort ofmessy?Opinion Okayso I LOVED this The characters were all so FUN hilarious and very real I loved books that sprout references to well known in the world at least works or legends or something of that sort And I really liked seeing a heroine in a wheelchair struggle but also succeed Basically I just liked this book in its entirety My personal ualms about it aren't really major mostly theological ish Like the author is Christian I believe Catholic? Or did I assume and so there were Christian parallels in here world which was very nicely done I might add And I like how she addressed suffering and weakness as an opening to a different kind of strength However I'm being hedgy about how she introduced the difference between good and evil and right and wrong Slight spoilers maybe? For example I don't at all think what is right is always good as she put it My example being God using war in the end of the world to right humanity again However I do think that these necessary evils will have conseuences like wars fought for noble cause will end up with soldiers with PTSD wounds that can't be healed death and so on And I kiiiiind of wish it was portrayed here a bit better? Who knowsam I right or wrong? waitNevertheless that's really a point of personal contention since she never portrays evil as without conseuences anyway something about if you absorb darkness just sueeze in light I just think it needed to be straightened out a bit ? Again who knows I just love this book and it hurts me to criticize it If you'll excuse me I'm reading the next oneContent Nothing iffy on the sexual side unless you count a mention of a cute rear end iffy which made me uncomfy but was basically the only time it occured and in a slightly humorous situation The language is a bit looser but leaned on the archaic swear words if that makes sense than modern swearing A bit of violence but nothing too horrifying

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    I loved this book Merritt’s style reminded me of my childhood favorite author Robin McKinley a similarly breathtaking blend of wry humor and exuisite worldbuilding In a fantasy world that feels unsteady on its magical feet Merry Janson knows about magery than she’s supposed to She’s supposed to be on her best behavior on her way toward official mage studies at the University but neither Merry nor magic are cooperating Then an unexpected attack from mind eating malevolents throws Merry and her chair in with a band of outlaws fighting to free the land from its oppressive law and leadership and the story of Robin Hood and Maid Marion unfolds in a fantastic new world with a heroine that I found myself cheering for on every page I loved Merry’s relatability — her humor her perspective her courage I watched her struggle with the opinions of others about her chair and her legs and internalize some of their perceived perceptions of her and find strength and value in herself and her cause Merry’s wit made me laugh out loud and her perspective on herself and others touched the depths of my humanity I loved By Winged Chair and I’ll be reading the rest of the series as soon as I can order them

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    I didn't begin this book expecting it to be one of my favorite reads of 2018 but it uickly became such I enjoy the Robin Hood mythos as much as anyone but is it really possible to write a fresh take on the story? Yes Yes it is and By Wingéd Chair is that story Without spoiling anything this version of the story is from the viewpoint of Marion and is no damsel in distress tale Merry is smart sarcastic and a wonderful foil for the expectations most people have when they hear Maid Marion Do yourself a favor and read the book The magic system is intriguing the characters are engaging and the story grabbed me and wouldn't let go Enjoy

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    Wow Not only has the author breathed fresh life into a centuries old legend but she has done so while engaging in a perspective shift that is as beautiful as it is unexpected By Wingéd Chair is a story I can only hope is the beginning of a fully formed universe and many surprises to come This novel is the forerunner of a genre yet to be created

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    There were things I loved about this book I loved Merry her personality her knowledge of and confidence in herself and the emotional journey she went on throughout the novel Her interactions with magic with her father with the band of misfits she finds herself in were all wonderful I enjoyed how Merritt played with the Robin Hood story particularly by giving Robyn Hode a powerfully motivating backstory There was a lot to enjoy about how magic and how having a MarianMerry in a wheelchair who was very much an agent of change in the story altered the original But there were times when it felt like a Robin Hood set piece has to go here and it felt like a forced connection and the prose got a little preachy and on the nose But all in all I really liked this novel a lot and want to read novels that star sarcastic practitioners of magic who use wheelchairs

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    Actual rating 35 stars What's this? A stealth retelling of the Robin Hood myth? Yes please It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that btw All the characters were great and I really liked the way magic worked in this universe It did have issues though I thought view spoilerWhyn's brother being alive just felt like a way to jam the robbing the rich part in there hide spoiler

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    Hero on wheelsA fantastic fantasy adventure with a wheelchair bound teenaged heroine I thoroughly enjoyed this story with a well written character I could relate to the challenges of mobility impairment and inner thoughts of a teenage girl described perfectly A MarianRobin Hood type adventure with mages and spirits fighting for good in a world with evil

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    Excellent construction of an alternate world If you want to escape reality this book is a great choice to transport you to a world of magic and magical creatures Imaginative twist on Robin Hood Enjoyed the author’s writing style and wit

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    Be jealous friends because I read the ARC Bwhahaha Seriously I adored this book Can't wait for everyone to read it so I can talk about it And when I say talk I mean gush

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    This book was great It was a really uniue premise an amazing heroine that was just a bit different from the typical and wonderful characters I hope to read books by this author