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A WINTER’S TALE   After racking up serious injuries world famous snowboarder Nate Forrest returns to the West Virginia coal town that has been his family’s home for generations The transition’s a challenge but there’s nothing beautiful than snow Except maybe Dr Lacey Berryville How can Nate resist this tender hearted vet who adores every living creature and isn’t the least bit fazed by his celebrity?     Just what Lacey doesn’t need is for this larger than life adventurous Olympic medalist to melt her caution away during the season’s last snowfall She’s spent her girlhood moving from place to place and soon she’ll be leaving again So what’s she supposed to do about the avalanche of feelings Nate is unleashing in her? Can she leave West Virginia’s tree covered mountains behind—with Nate giving her the best reason of all to stay?   Praise for THE FOURTH SUMMER “What a joy it is to have a new romance by Kathleen Gilles Seidel With wit wisdom and originality Seidel tells the story of Caitlin and Seth as they go from friends to lovers The Fourth Summer is a delight” — New York Times bestselling author Mary Jo Putney

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    The Last Snowfall by Kathleen Gilles SeidelStanding Tall #2Mixed feelings on this one I love this author’s books read LONG ago and keep hoping to connect with her newer books in the same way but this series so far has felt less deep and difficult for me to connect with In some ways this book though romance feels like a New Adult romance and that is not my favorite genre because the issues the characters and couple tend to face are not ones I can relate to as easily In this book Nate Forrest has returned to the town he grew up in to meet a friend then later head off to another friend’s wedding A snowstorm lands him on the doorstep of veterinarian Lacey Berryville and the ride out part of the storm together Nate decides to return to town after the wedding to see if the connection he felt for Lacey might prove to be and meets a rather cool Lacey when he goes to say hi For some reason Nate wants to revitalize his old hometown even though he doesn’t really feel ties to the town and has spent years away from than in it There is some push pull between Lacey and Nate and some work problems Lacey has to deal with and both have backstories from childhood that impact their relationship development but all in all it is rather predictable and really slow growing before they manage to figure out how to end up together for the long haulmaybe I had trouble connecting to Laceyfor some reason she didn’t seem as warm and open as a woman I would imagine Nate falling for I liked Nate and warmed up to him though at times he seemed a bit immature I wasn’t sure what purpose Pete and his wife played in the story All in all it was an okay read but it did not warm my heart like “Don’t Forget To Smile” that this author wrote decades ago There is one book in this series and I will give it try when it comes out Did I like this book? YesWould I like to read by this author? DefinitelyWas it my favorite book by this author? Probably not What was my favorite book by this author? Don’t Forget to Smile Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington – Lyrical Shine for the ARC – This is my honest review 3 4 Stars

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    Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review“The Last Snowfall” by Kathleen Gilles Seidel is an engrossing story beautifully written with great compelling characters human and canine and a gorgeous setting in West VirginiaNate is the most unexpected anti wounded hero downplaying his injuries like he were made of rubber completely self deprecating and a paradoxically low profile personality yet very caring and kind tooHis “crackling energy” and adventurous streak are fascinating yet he’s so much “ than the fantasy celebrity”Lacey is a strong female character the ueen of Matter of Fact whose life with no roots makes her cherish Forrest’s hospitalityComing from very different backgrounds Nate and Lacey are realistic palpable characters and their interaction is a pleasure to read There’s a fabulous cast of characters a small town atmosphere and two dogs Tank and Hex – brilliantly written

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    I don’t know uite where to begin with this review so I’m going to jump right in The good the bad and the ugly But there is no ugly There’s definitely good and bad thoughWhen I reviewed the first book in this series The Fourth Summer I found this author’s writing to be a bit stilted I’m happy to report I didn’t have that issue with this story I felt the narrative flowed smoothly There are uite a few inconsistencies in the tale but you all know I’m a stickler for continuity There’s no one major issue or plot whole but just little blips here and there that will most likely be cleaned up before publication I read an ARC that was received 3 months prior to its release The progression of the relationship between Nate and Lacey is really uite sweet The both jump in with both feet pretty uickly then climb back out almost just as fast After that things slow way down But it’s necessary to their particular story for that to happen Lacey starts to learn to trust Nate and they get to know one another as friends which is so important for them both They drove me crazy by turns Sometimes Nate was overbearing and not listening to what was really being said to him not just by Lacey but also by his childhood friend Pete I found Lacey to often be a bit too guarded and even cold Yet over all I never doubted the two should be together and would make a wonderful coupleIt’s not often there is a character in a book with not only my name but the spelling of my name Nate has a childhood friend Pete who married another of their childhood friends Cheri Yay But turns out I didn’t like Cheriat all From the moment she is introduced physically we hear about her uite a bit before actually meeting her I can’t stand her and don’t trust her Let me tell you that was a genius move by the author I’m not going to spoil things but by the end of the book I figure the author knows someone like Cheri and isn’t just throwing random thoughts out there I was also struggling with Pete for a bit of this story and once I met Cheri and got to find things out later on about Cheri I realized that Pete wasn’t uite as bad as I thought eitherI know I knowmuch of that last paragraph is vague and confusing I just hate giving spoilersFor much of this story Nate is content to go along with the slow and steady game plan with Lacey While I felt their connection there wasn’t a lot of butterflies or major warm fuzzies Then there is a scene after the gala that just punches me in the gut Nate lays his heart out there in just two sentences and it kills me All The FeelsThere isn’t much crossover with this book and the previous book It seems like each of the snowboarders will be getting his own very individual and different story I’m not sure if that’s good or bad but I know I’m looking forward to Ben’s story And meeting the REAL ColleenI received an ARC of this book courtesy of Net Galley and the publisher All opinions expressed in this review are my own and given freelyThis review can also be found at All In Good Time

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    Despite being nearly overshadowed by Tank and Hex a pair of adorable dogs who are part of the story Nate Forrest and Dr Lacey Berryville meet and find true love in the second novel of Kathleen Gilles Seidel's Standing Tall series THE LAST SNOWFALLNate Forrest is passing through his hometown of Forrest West Virginia on his way to a friend's wedding A snowstorm delays the trip for a couple days during which time he meets veterinarian Lacey Berryville Nate a retired professional snowboarder is at loose ends and looking for a purpose for the next stage of his lifeReaders looking for the stereotypical romance boy meets girl complications arise when a past relationship shows up misunderstandings take place true love triumphs may be disappointed with Seidel's ability to take the tropes bend them a little or not use them at all and add characters a reader will instinctively feel they've known forever and mix it into a satisfying read More pleaseI received a copy from Lyrical Press BooksKensington Publishing Corporation through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review

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    Snowboarder Nate and veterinarian Lacey what a pair Oh and Tank and Hex the dogs This is a light fun read about two people who are at opposite ends of several spectrums They meet in West Virginia during a snow storm and well things aren't cold by the end You know or less what's going to happen but Seidel has a nice touch and makes the getting there worth your time Thanks to net galley for the ARC

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    I've never made it a secret that I think Kathleen Gilles Seidel has one of the premier writing voices of the last several decades Her latest offering the second in the Stand Tall series is further proof that I'm right about that The story of the veterinarian and the has been snow boarder in a little West Virginia town is compelling on its own but it's Ms Seidel's ability to build characters that keeps me listeningThanks to net galley for the ARC

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    An unusual love story I don't usually dislike some of the characters in a tale unless it is a mystery and they are the ones that end up getting bumped off I was grateful for the ending wrapping up some of the reasons for the behaviors The past was revealed on the main characters along the way Two dogs played starring roles especially one that had me in tears I look forward to reading by Kathleen Gilles Seidel Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy via NetGalley

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    S ?lighthearted romanceDon't expect any heavy drama herebut it is a fun read A young vet learns that sometimes you don't have to be self sufficient Sometimes you can rely on those who care about you

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    DisappointingI'm a huge KGS fan but she either wrote this one in the 1970s and tried to update it or wrote it on a publisher's schedule rather than her own It's certainly not horrible but nowhere near what I expect from her Sorry Kathleen

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    not bad an ok read