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“Deep inside you know Who You Truly Are We all do It's not a question of discovering it it's a question of claiming it Being it And that's actually easier done than said We're all just one decision away from The Essential Path It's a path that could change a world that deeply yearns for a new direction” — Neale Donald Walsch author The Essential PathOur modern era is plagued by increasing alienation—we are seeing an “us against them” world Everywhere we turn we find ourselves divided from each other as never before across political economic social and spiritual lines As humanity is being torn apart right before our eyes—separating many of us from our friends and even our loved ones from our hopes and dreams from the natural world and from so much that gives meaning and value to our lives—people are blaming everyone and everything around them for the collective problems that we have created ourselves We are turning against each other rather than to each other just when we need each other the most Bestselling author of Conversations with God Neale Donald Walsch offers a radical solution to the growing problem of humanity’s alienation He invites us to question our basic assumptions about ourselves about each other about life and how it works and about God and to rethink the very definition of humanity The Essential Path challenges every human to make a Daring Decision—to look at who we are and how we can choose to be in a planet altering new way With insight and spiritual perceptivity Walsch peers into the heart of a broken divided society prompting us to ask the critical questions that have the power to transform our world

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    I received a copy of this book from the goodreads giveaways I found this book to be pretty good It gets me thinking at least I like that Mr Walsch emphasizes that we need to learn to get along bettershow compassion Even though we have different opinions and even religions he believes as humans we are all one I liked this book for the most part

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    I won this ARC in the giveaways There's a good mix of things I liked and didn't like so I'm a little torn I did find it to be motivational and it's a very quick read with short chapters which I feel will help appeal to types of readers and therefore reach people However I did feel it was too simple at times or maybe even a little obvious which prevents me from rating higher I really enjoyed some of the facts and statistics provided as they did push me further into being both saddened by humanity and inspired to do better Overall I'm happy to add this to my collection

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    I love this nifty little book the paperback arc fits nicely in one hand and I really enjoy the advice therein I would definitely recommend this book especially for those who are soul searching or looking for their place in this worldMy copy of this book was obtained from a Goodreads giveaway and I appreciate the opportunity to read and review it

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    I felt like this book was not really necessary He spoke of many other references to his other workings so I am not clear as to why he felt the need to repeat I thought that the book was pretty vague It was not really what I was looking for Maybe it would be someone else's cup of tea

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    I won this ARC on goodreads Unfortunately this is not what I thought it would be In my opinion the book is full of fluff and talks in circles about a subject that isn’t even clearly defined I hope the other ARC winners will post their honest reviews so that you may make a well rounded decision on whether or not to read this book yourself

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    I received this book as a giveaway pre publicationI really wanted to like this book as I definitely enjoyed Conversations with God Unfortunately for me the first 34 of the book just felt like a lot of panicked complaining about the state of the world and if only people would just stop alienating each other and accept we're all part of the whole then things could be betterI don't personally find his concept of one ness hard to grasp I honestly believe that too But the delivery in a list of all that's wrong with the world just didn't sit with me and the sentiment of if only everyone would hop on board didn't jive either It's just not realisticThat is why the last chapter or two of the book was helpful to me because he pulled focus away from what's wrong with everyone and wanting to fix everyone to what can I do personally to contribute to a better world?I found his three questions to ask himself in his daily tool kit very helpful and would like to see what happens when I incorporate them into my daily life1 What does this have to do with the agenda of my soul? Before partaking in any activity discussion decision etc2 Is there any part of what I am now seeing over there that I have seen over here in myself? To be used when judging something or someone good or bad3 Is this what I want the world to hear from God right now? When speaking remembering that we are all a part of or one with God and thus that means what passes our lips is what's passing from God's lipsFinally it wasn't a question in his daily toolkit but another that I really loved when it came down to finding ourselves harshly judging someone regardless the reason What hurts you so much that you feel you have to hurt others in order to heal it?So some great gems at the end of the book and I'll probably hold on to my copy with those last chapters dog eared I just wish the whole of the book contained this kind of wisdom