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Teach is a concise introduction to education that challenges readers' preconceived notions of teaching in order to transform them into reflective practitioners Empathizing with the difficulties students face as they move from the college classroom to their own classrooms revered author Janice Koch invites readers to both reflect on their own dispositions for teaching and look outside of themselves to the demands of the profession making the philosophy of teaching and learning accessible and relevant The Fourth Edition emphasizes the changing student population and the role of technology and globalization in the field while also including the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium InTASC standards correlating with each chapter's content With the guidance of this supportive text readers will gain vital exposure by engaging with professional standards from the very start of their career

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    This book was not helpful to me It's possible that the problem was that I already knew the material but honestly I don't think that was the case This book is incredibly slim and very expensive for its slimness and the slimness impacts the ability to go in depth into topics covered in the book The book covers a variety of topics but one only gains very surface level information on any of the topics If one didn't know anything about the topics this might be okay as an introduction and I'm not sure that it would be but the book didn't do what I needed it to do I was reuired to procure this book for a class but we didn't use it much and I understood why because the book doesn't go into the topics deeply enough to really do what is necessary for a class If one is looking for a book that can give one an idea on possible topics for further inuiry this book could probably do that but the price is very steep to use for that purpose But I suppose that's the way of textbooks

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    First textbook I've actually read cover to cover Very informative and actually enjoyable Discusses topics like methods for teaching Universal Design for Learning and what teaching looks like around the world

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    This book is a great introductory book into the world of education I actually just re read this book again to help remind me of the history philosophers laws and different theoriesphilosophies