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Bridget Jones’s Diary meets Eat Pray Love One of Bustle’s “Writers to Watch” offers advice life Lessons and lots of heart As featured by New York Magazine I Just Haven’t Met You Yet is a modern day journey of the heart Forty something author Tracy Strauss offers her journey to dismantle the effects and stigmas of an abusive past break free of destructive relationship patterns and ultimately conuer her fear of truly being seen by the world flaws and allShe shares the transformative lessons she learned and self empowerment she achieved while passing each hurdle along the way to finding the love of her life Topics includeFirst BoyfriendTeenage LoveOn the Advice of Married Friends Getting CulturedFirst Impressions Speed DatingHow to Fall in Love Without Really TryingNecessary LossesSex DriveBreaking Up Is Hard to DoChemistryWomanhoodCats Aren’t KidsThe Power of LoveGood Luck to Me My 1000th Adventure in Online DatingMy Dating Life Is Not DoomedAnd Tracy helps readers empower themselves by taking a challenging look at the ways the negative events of their lives including sexual harassment and abuse have shaped their self perception and created obstacles to personal success and how readers can change that troubled self image along with their love livesThis is a story about taking big risks changing old habits and beliefs about dating and speaking back to the naysayers especially that internal critic the inner love saboteur It is a prime mover and the only epistolary memoir cum datingrelationship essay book of its kind

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    I'm so conflicted about this book It's well written but I struggled to find the narrator sympathetic That sounds horrible given what the book is about but I couldn't get past the fact that she criticizes and puts down almost everybody she comes in contact with This book is a series of vague implications and snarky inner monologues both of which are delivered without an iota of self awareness She has something mean spirited to say about nearly everyone that crosses her path Anybody that disagrees with her is banished from her life The author needs to step outside the echo chamber in which she exists and have her flimsily constructed narratives challenged

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    This is a must read for anyone who's been single for a long time andor anyone who has overcome or is in the process of overcoming an abusive childhood Tracy writes with raw honesty as well as humor You will enjoy joining her on her journey of self discovery and empowerment A hopeful story of living with PTSD learning to forgive a parent and looking for a love that doesn't complete but complement

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    In this terrific book author Tracy Strauss deals forthrightly with both her childhood sexual abuse and the severe PTSD that resulted from it Strauss elouently details her gradually deepening understanding of her past as well as her sometimes unsuccessful efforts to put it behind her in the search for meaningful personal relationships She never pulls her punches in describing how painful the journey has been but the account is leavened by Strauss's compassion towards herself and others not to mention her hilarious eye for the ridiculous Always honest never self pitying and generous with insights that apply to us all no matter what our circumstances this is a real gem Strongly recommended

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    I devoured Tracy Strauss' book I JUST HAVEN'T MET YOU YET Everything about this book glimmers the literary uality the story the format Each chapter begins with a letter to Strauss' future life partner but any reader will feel like she's confiding in us her trusted friends Strauss' personal journey is harrowing at times heartbreaking but also full of hope Strauss should teach a master class in how to overcome obstacles; it's incredible how many she's had in her life But she emerges triumphant and renders her story so beautifully I hung on her every word Highly recommended

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    This book was an amazing read First the author Tracy Strauss is amazing at her craft She draws in the reader by writing with confidence and care for the reader's experience I love how each chapter is dedicated to a different lesson and the vignette she shares at the beginning of each chapter sets up the rest of the section making you want to read and learn This book can be read from cover to cover and then picked up again and reread from any point It is the rare book that works as both a complete book and as a series of essays Tracy Strauss empowers her readers to be vulnerable and to be courageous by sharing those ualities of herself This is the proverbial make you laugh make you cry book and will also give you the strength to continuing to follow your path whether that path be finding a life partner andor finding your best way to live in the right now I am on my second reading and already looking forward to my third

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    You won't want to put this book down once you start reading Tracy's highly emotive book on overcoming PTSD and abuse and her struggles with dating and finding love will bring strong feelings while you're immersed in the pages that follow Her uniue writing style of letters to her future life partner and narrative to follow will draw you in and you'll be rooting for her successes at each turn I highly recommend his book and look forward to future publishings from Tracy to come

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    This book is a beautiful depiction of survival after tragedy; the epitome of inspiration For anyone who has struggled through a difficult childhood or family situation Follow Strauss throughout her life from abuse to freedom; from powerlessness to strength and confidence I couldn't put it down

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    An amazing book about courage and overcoming a childhood of emotional and sexual abuse Tracy Strauss take you to a time in her childhood where she had no voice I Just Haven’t Met You Yet is so fascinating You follow her as she navigates the world of online dating Some men that you won’t believe You laugh and you will shake your head yet she never gives up She is an authentic woman and writer

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    Strauss's book is gift Heartwarming and heartbreaking it looks with courage and unwavering honesty at the effects of the aftermath of an abusive childhood Unlike most other memoirs out there it looks outward rather than inward Even in the darkest portions there is still a pervasive feeling of hope and triumph I Just Haven't Met You Yet is a story of the power of the human spirit to triumph in the face of one of the worst betrayals a human being can face The letters to Strauss's future life partner accompanied by her wit humor and candor make this a must read book for any reader particularly those who have suffered emotional or physical trauma and are hoping for the ability to feel normal again This memoir isn't just about the author It's about how we as human beings survive the unsurvivable Buy this book have your tissues handy and take this journey with her You'll cheer her on the whole way and find hope for your own struggles along the way

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    I applaud Tracy for standing tall and sharing her story I couldn’t put this book down and when I did I kept thinking about its raw honestly and courage Well done