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A SECRET WORTH PROTECTINGChelsea Logan has always had a weakness for bad boys and Ryder Slade is no exception She’s swept off her feet by the rugged cowboy But that changes when Chelsea discovers that Ryder is out on parole after being convicted of killing his father She can’t let an ex con near her daughter or her reputationYet something doesn’t add up The Ryder she knows is thoughtful caring and wonderful with her daughter who is deaf The lawyer in Chelsea won’t stop digging until she figures out what really happened But can she ever trust a man who won’t tell her the truth even if it is to protect someone he loves?

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    Miniseries Saddle Ridge Montana

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    This final story in the Slade saga had so many surprises I was mesmerized from page one Ryder and Chelsea had so much chemistry they were sizzling the pages Such a depth of feeling and passions between these two So many twists and turns I didn't expect and I loved every one Chelsea has her hands full raising her deaf daughter alone No time for anything other than work and Peyton she is stunned by her attraction to the sexy new cowboy at Free Rein Finding out he's her best friend ex makes the attraction uneasy Ryder owes Tori everything After losing her and the daughter he had raised as his own he needs to be in her life Out on parole he is a pariah in his own town No friends family shunning him he doesn't know how to reach out The last thing he needs is to be lusting after her best friend Chelsea Even if she's the sexiest woman he's ever laid eyes on The Chelsea knows about Ryder the she likes and being able to communicate with her daughter makes him all the appealing But secrets are abounding about his imprisonment And no matter how much she falls for Ryder she needs to know the truth Will Ryder tell his truths and find his redemption in the love of a good woman or will secrets keep them apart forever?

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    What I liked about this book is that the author kept it real there was no perfect character in this book they are all just broken people living their lives and facing every day challenges The characters seemed like every day people instead of just characters in a fictional story The story just flowed and had a way of drawing you in and wanting to keep reading just to see what was going to happen next There is some predictability to the story but unless you keep reading there’s no way to know what truly happened and how things will play out This book has a few I think I counted 2 curse words in the whole book I found this book completely enjoyable and I can't wait to see what will happen in Saddle Ridge Montana

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    Talk about a powerful story Its about choices Ryder Slade had to make a decision that was a hard one and he did Chelsea Logan really helps to bring this story to life as a character Amanda brings this story to life She gives you a view of what's it like to be a convict on parole Its well written and worth a read I love how she draws on special needs of people like the deaf I love how she shows Ryder's sensitive and his ability to draw out a person Its a great book and I hope to see another book of hers again J

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    I enjoyed this book Having Ryder be a parolee was a nice change to a lot of the books I’ve read lately The mystery as to why he was sent to prison was decent enough and the character chemistry was well written If you’re looking for something steamy however this one doesn’t have it