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The sixth Sammy Keyes book is one of the most exciting yet as Sammy and her friend Marissa decide to blow town and take a bus to the seedy insane town of Hollywood to surprise and shake some sense into Sammy's mother the elusive Lady Lana When they arrive they discover that she's transformed herself into the glamorous platinum blonde 25 year old actress Dominiue Windsor who certainly could never have spawned a 12 year old let alone a scruffy no nonsense girl like Sammy The plot thickens however as Lady Lana's masuerade backfires in the most dreadful of ways and Sammy is left to save the day and solve the biggest mystery of her life

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    Another collection of four wonderful stories about an older brother and his curious little sister Neo's so excited to share these stories with you The Hairdo When Annie decides that she wants to be a hairdresser she practices on both her dog Hazel and older brother Simon While he is fine letting her be a stylist Simon thinks it would be better if Annie could practice on herself Disaster befalls her and there is a need for a hair emergency intervention Simon to the rescue Annie soon realises that maybe hairdressing is a tad overrated The Loon Hunt It's off to the lake for Annie and Simon where they are on the hunt for a loon Sitting in their canoe they come across many other pieces of flora and fauna but no loons Excited to find one Annie forgets her canoe etiuette and things get wet very uickly Simon does his best to help and set things right as only older brother can do The Bee Sting Bored while waiting for the rain to come Annie decides to look at some of the flowers in the yard When she pokes what she presumes to be a bug Annie ends up with a bee sting and Simon is forced to rescue her with his big brother magic The Falling Star While making one of her drink concoctions Annie and Simon discover that there will be meteor showers later that night Annie is eager to check this out and packs a 'special drink' to take along with them After sampling it and getting into a fight Annie and Simon discuss no longer being siblings However a shooting star can really change the family dynamicAnother wonderful collection of stories to impress the young reader Wonderful for bedtime or when a cuddle on the couch is warranted Neo is still asking me where these parents have gone at all hours of the day and night

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    Well that was annoying

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    Remember those dreaded reuired reading books you had to read as a spazzy kid in like kindergartenfirst grade that literally sucked the joy out of reading? So yeahthis I don't know why this up for an award The only redeeming aspect of this book was its portrayal of a big brotherlittle sister relationship so I guess it's got that going for it

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    A very sweet endearing book about siblings where the older one is much older There’s a lot of kindness and patience in this book

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    My six year old daughter loves to read and is an advanced reader for her age She read the entire book in 10 minutes and said it was a little easy for her Here is her reviewThis book is pretty good It's about a girl named Annie and a boy named Simon There are four chapters and each chapter is a different story I liked that they were talking about meteors in one chapter and it was funny when Annie did her brother Simon's hair because his hair looked crazy I liked that there were a lot of pictures and that the pictures were colorful instead of only black and white and grey like most chapter books There's only one thing that I didn't like that Annie got stung by a beeI think this would make a good read aloud book for a child who is starting to be interested in sitting still for chapter books A parent could easily read this book in one sitting before bedtime Annie is interested in all kinds of different things like dog training meteors and canoeing and she gets into funny little scrapes that are made entertaining by the cute pictures I appreciated that Annie isn't a complete girly girl like the girls are in so many early chapter books my daughter has read

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    I did enjoy this book most of time because it sharning there adventure every chapter was been difforent places with Simon and Annie My favorite part is Annie because she always have a crazy idea to make it explore And with Simon have been solving problem allong with Annie they are sharning laughing and they can speak togeatherI was not expect this book I searching for my own name only with Simon I was look on online library it was vary hard look priview and so I hold this book When I was reading few chapter is was pretty good but also find out to be silly so I really like it so much I really love they put my name on the title Simon and Annie because I really want to be fun story and to be happy in the storyI put my rating to 4 stars it's vary close to 5 stars because I really love it this story but I want too read few extrea chapter it a good story and with fun adventure I do recommend of Kids and Family it a good way to share with 2 kids For my I do have any borther or sister so I my only child

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    When I was a school librarian I always kept a section of books called Small Chapter Books that were the step above picture book but not uiet chapter books for students that were not ready to take the leap into larger reads Annie and Simon books would be PERFECT for that sectionSimon is the most patient doting older brother a sister could hope for Each of the chapters shares another everyday situation between the two sibling Readers will all wish to have a big brother just like Simon A sweet story that kids will enjoy and will make independent reading time fun My only uestion is where are their parents???

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    Summary Recounts four adventures of Annie her big brother Simon and their dog HazelBook is appropriate for grades 1 2 as an early chapter book 57 pages and lots of colorful illustrations that support the text 4 chapters The Hairdo The Loon Hunt The Bee Sting and The Falling Star Annie likes to talk a lot play and explore Simon is a good listener and likes to play with his little sister They are siblings who are happy with each other's company

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    Features the adventures of Annie her older brother Simon and their dog Hazel While the pacing is a little slow the stories are warm inviting and gently humorous O'Neill's soft and colorful illustrations are engaging and perfectly complement the stories Perfect for students who are done with Lobel's Frog and Toad but are not uite ready for Magic Tree House Fans of James Howe's Houndsley and Catina should enjoy this series as well

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    Well written story about a young girl and her extremely patient very much older brother Short chapters are unrelated except for being times the two spent together not always cheerfully Perfect for readers in grades 1 2 who are longing for chapter books they can enjoy