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When her best friend Wendy Choy ualifies to compete in an international piano competition in Oxford England irrepressible Gilda Joyce finds a way to get an invitation herself—as a page turner Wendy settles into an exhausting practice schedule made worse by strange nightmares while Gilda finds herself falling in love with a British boy But when Wendy discovers a ghostly message written in the frost on her window Gilda realizes her friend’s life could be in danger and the key to solving the mystery may be in learning the truth behind the untimely death of a previous piano virtuoso

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    The book I chose for my summary is called The Ghost Sonata The genre of this book is mystery because on the book cover underneath the title is says “ A Mystery “ The main characters of this book are Wendy Choy and Gilda Joyce Wendy is Chinese and her family believes in all kinds of Chinese luck and good luck charms because they rearrange everything so that it bring good luck like their furniture Gilda is American and she likes to solve mysteries so she made up her own job where she solve all kinds of mysteries Wendy and Gilda went to England to compete in the Young International Virtuoso Piano Competition Wendy will perform and Gilda will be Wendy’s page turner Mrs Choy was very strict about Wendy winning the competition They stayed in a place called Wyntle House with some other competitors The performers has to pick their performance number and Wendy got number nine which is her room number in Wyntle House During their first night Gilda saw a ghost boy and Wendy heard piano music that sounds like the piano was floating around In the morning both girls discussed about their night before going to the theatre for the first round of the piano competition While waiting for Wendy’s turn they met a English boy named Julian Julian was very nice to them and was a great piano player After the first round Gilda and Julian went to a cafe and Julian told Gilda that he saw a ghost boy in the graveyardWhen Gilda came back she told Wendy what happened and that she likes Julian Wendy however was listening to a tape record of her playing the creepy music she heard the night before They both heard something talking in the background The next day during practice rounds Gilda saw Julian talking to Jenny Gilda became jealous of Jenny after that On the day of their departure for England Glida did a tarot card reading for Wendy since then competitors have been seeing tarot cards everywhere Gilda thought the culprit of the tarot cards is Ming Fong Chen so she searched her room but she wasn’t the culprit Still Gilda believes it is Ming Fong For the second round the competitors have to compete in a sight reading contest Gilda was the page turner for all the competitors since she wasn’t competing After the sight reading contest Julian and Gilda went to the graveyard to look for clues about who is haunting them At the graveyard Julian and Gilda found a grave which indicates that a boy named Charles Drummond died four years ago He died at the age of 14 They then went inside a church and when they came back out they saw a person wearing a long cape drop a white rose onto Charles Drummond’s grave Later they went to a pub and found Professor Waldgrave and Professor Maddox in there Gilda heard them talking about Charles Drummond and mentioned something about him being murdered When Professor Maddox left the pub everyone in there noticed that she was wearing a long cape with muddy edges The next day the finalist were chosen and Wendy was one of them When they had to pick their performance number Wendy got nine again But Gilda knew that Wendy picked nine everytime because Charles Drummond was in the Young International Virtuoso Piano Competition four years ago and his performance number was nine too That night Wendy was sleepwalking and nearly got hit by a car In China they believes that when a ghost choose a person to take its place the person will die the same way the ghost did Gilda woke Wendy up and told her that she was heading towards the graveyard So they went there to find clues When they got there Wendy followed a puppy behind the church and they found a hole behind the church with black water in it They found a jar in the water and inside the jar was a letter written by Charles Drummond They also found a composition titled “Sonata in A minor” By reading the notes Wendy knew that it was the music that she keeps hearing She also had a feeling that Charles Drummond really wanted to play this music in the final rounds but died instead So Wendy made up her mind to play this composition in the finals While the competitors were getting ready for the final round Gilda found out that Jenny’s mother Martha Pickles was the culprit who has been sneaking tarot cards everywhere Later after the final round Gilda found Professor Waldgrave and asked him about Charles Drummond The professor confessed and said that Charles was once a student of his Once he heard him playing Sonata in A minor to Professor Maddox Charles wrote Sonata in A minor himself Then he took Charles home But on the way they got into a car accident Charles died immediately and Professor Waldgrave was sent to the hospital After the performance people started asking Wendy about the piece that she played She told them the tille and the composer They were so surprised to hear that a 14 year old boy had composed that piece Later Gilda wrote Julian a letter saying that she had moved on and that she has gone back to America The winners of the competition was published in The Oxford Times Julian was the winner of the competition so he received 5000 pounds in cash In the newspaper it states that people interviewed Wendy and Gilda before they left Gilda replied to the interviewers that solving mysteries is what they do I recommend this book to students who likes to read mystery books But if you are willing to try this book please read until the fourth or fifth chapter before abandoning this book because the first few chapters are a bit boring

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    The book was very interesting and I really enjoyed how it was a bit relatable to my life because it was about a piano competition located in England for a girl named Wendy Choy who is to best friend of Gilda Joyce the protagonist During to competition a series of events happen that a ghost starts haunting Wendy by the name of Charles Drummond who died 4 years ago in a car accident and was a student of Nigel Waldgrave one of the judges in the competition I would DEFINITELY recommend this book to anyone who is into music and mystery novels

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    I never get tired of hearing or reading the name Gilda Joyce Whenever I hear or read that name a sassy and witty improviser comes to mind She's direct and straightforwardthese are just a few things I love about her She is hilarious and different from all of the other characters I've read about Gilda Joyce is a conspicuous character not just because she's wacky but also because of how she handles herself in the situations she's inWhen I picked up the third installment of the Gilda Joyce series I was expecting thrilling and captivating adventures that were also uniue I wasn't disappointed Allison's writing all throughout the entire series has been substantial and consistent In Gilda Joyce The Sonata Ghost she proved that even further and added unpredictable twists and turns Sure some things were a little random here and there but isn't it supposed to be? Just like Gilda?After I read this book I have done everything you should expect from a comedy thriller; I laughed out loud and I got scared Only good books like this can get a reaction from meThe Bottom Line This book is a great funny read You will embark on a one of a kind adventure where you will find thrills and laughs all the way Gilda Joyce The Sonata Ghost is truly an unforgettable read A

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    The third book in the series this is the best and funniest yet as 14 year old Gilda wangles a way to accompany her talented pianist friend Wendy to Oxford England for a virtuoso competition Having read up on Brit speak and English customs the ever confident Gilda is all set to have a great time in Oxford and solve any mysteries that call for her skills as a psychic investigatorSoon eerie things start happening such as ominous tarot cards appearing to Wendy and other participants strange coincidences involving the number 9 and Alice in Wonderland and the normally rational intelligent Wendy's experience of an apparent haunting by a mysterious melody and the ghost of a boyThis paranormal mystery has fast pacing a complex intriguing plot excellent characters and plenty of humor The series which will appeal to both kids and adults is especially recommended for fans of Harriet the Spy and both Anglophiles and classical music lovers will find this particular installment just their cup of tea

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    The Ghost Sonata gives eual time to Gilda's best friend the logical and studious Wendy Choy What I love about the series but which this book exemplifies the most is that Jennifer Allison captures the complexity of childhood She allows the characters their childishness but also acknowledges their ability to understand the intentions behind other people ie like when a child realizes his father wants him to fail and to make their own moral decisions even if they can't act on them in an adult world I particularly loved Wendy's realization that her choices though ghost propelled have forever changed her relationship with the adults in her life And that sometimes freedom is accompanied by loneliness The Ghost Sonata perfectly captures the balancing act that is adolescence

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    Gilda psychic investigator and her friend Wendy brillilant piano player go to Oxford for an international piano competition Both Wendy and Gilda hear strange noises in the night including eerie piano music and have frightening tarrot cards left for them Gilda is on a mission to figure out if this is a spirit or just a vicious competitor out to get WendyI have mixed feelings on the appropriate age for this book I think the plot is fine for 4th5th graders but some of the language and ideas in it may be for middle school

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    I am currently reading The Ghost Sonata by Jennifer Allison The theme of the book is hard work pays off Why I think that the theme is that is because when Wendy Choy gets into an international piano competition in Oxford England but as soon as she gets there things immediately go wrong She keeps seeing the number nine and she does terrible on the first part of the competition Her best friend Gilda Joyce is really worried about her I have not read the whole thing but I am in the middle of it I think that it is really interesting and it is very action packedJanuary 31 2013

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    This is the third in the Gilda joyce series Gilda convinces her friend's piano teacher to take her along to a piano competition in Oxford Her friend is haunted by the ghost of a young pianist while they are in England and Gilda has to figure out what's happening before he the ghost ruins her friend's chance of winning This book is a page turner it's suspensful but also light and funny

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    Gilda Joyce The Ghost Sonata Gilda Joyce #3 by Jennifer Allison Goodreads Author Jessica Almasy Narrator The first book you read in a new series if you liked it you are enthralled by The second book you might still be enthralled or you might start to notice little things that annoy you especially if you read them back to back Or you might realize that reading a book written for kidsYA is really meant for that age group hahahaI liked this book it was fun youthful and a good yarn 14 yr old Gilda Joyce is silly and self absorbed and I'm totally amazed that her mother lets her travel the countryworld with little to no supervision But there is still a good story at the base and a couple of nicely hidden 'life lessons' for the young reader to ponder This time Gilda and Wendy go to Oxford England for an international piano competition that Wendy is competing in They or mostly Gilda run around Oxford alone and unsupervised pretending to be Dames and experiencing young love It's cute and fun even if sometimes as a supposed adult I want to scream Shut up Gilda Jessica Almasy does a really good job in the reading of the Gilda Joyce books

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    This is a sweet story that takes the main character Gilda across the pond with her best friend Wendy to a piano competition in England Wendy becomes haunted almost immediately by a melody that she cannot seem to shake though it shakes her to her core and which throws her off her game in the piano competition Gilda tries to help Wendy in her roles as best friend page turner and psychic investigator; but she is uickly distracted by a boy who gives her her first kiss and uickly turns out to be uite a scoundrel Throughout the story tarot cards keep popping up Gilda does some investigating into this and finds that one that Wendy got could mean that she will find something change in her This proves to be the case as she surpasses everything that she always thought about herself and shocks her piano teacher at the same time