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Nora Hazard's story begins over three years prior to the events of Delvers LLC Welcome to Ludus On Ludus life is often cheap Nora’s childhood hadn’t given her many options With nowhere else to go after losing her family she had joined an old friend in a street gang and found an unlikely home there But unfortunately tragedy is about to befall Nora Grudges from the distant past and movements of shadowy organizations may take away everything she is familiar with and all that she holds dearpossibly even her life Danger has never stopped her before but survival may reuire escaping her old life and embarking on an insane desperate journey On the way she might even accidentally stumble into both an incredible opportunity and an incredible burden Unfortunately for her enemies Nora was no pushover beforeand that was before discovering super powers This series has A badass female MC Gritty violence Rough language A harsh fantasy world with its own moral compass Bravery Loyalty

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    I tried reading Welcome to Ludus about 1 year ago and had to drop it 30% in Feel free to look at my review at the time for the finer points but in a nutshell the uality of writing was just too much of an impediment to me immersing in the story Blaise Corvin is a prominent author in the LitRPG genre though so I figured I'd give him another try with a newer offeringUnfortunately while this book may be a bit better the same problems are present About 90% of the first 7 pages are a brutally boring infodump Trying to keep my eyes from skimming down the page was like an 8 year old trying to hold the leash on a rottweiler when a rabbit runs by The economy of words is also very poor The wording is very passive and bloated even during action scenesExample I'd been hoping she'd be crazy enough to grab my hair but I wasn't that lucky Just like I'd expected the beautiful killer darted in her knife going for a killing strike to my heart while her other hand darted out to secure my knife handThe passive and overly long description interferes with what is supposed to be a fast paced scene I don't know why the character feels a need to note the beauty of her attacker for the 3rd time in the middle of the fight this is 1st person pov so details should be specific to what the character pays attention to rather than just throwing random stuff in there Also I just tend to have a problem with repeating the same verb twice in a sentence in general but even so in an overly long sentence see 'darted'As other negative reviews have mentioned a character with multiple stab wounds who's doing the whole cliche dying speech goes on FOREVER in a scene that failed to be serious and only had me laughing at the levels of cliche that I rarely see outside of a parodyI gave the book about 30 pages before concluding that there is no way I will be able to enjoy it If there's a good story in there unfortunately the uality of writing again is just getting in the way

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    I need to deliver a message to the people who add ess to the end of words Wheness theess revolutioness comesess youess willess beess firstess againstess theess wallessBurglaress my arseI'd also like just ONE bloody book this year to have a female MC who ain't a rape vic could that be possible? Getting to be that stong female character means something very specificAlso snarky AI is used by one actual AI and one imprinted intelligence maybe chill with the troping esp when combined with the crazy not uite goddess

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    it was all over the place it wanted to go everywhere and ended up going nowhere

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    Not sure If need a spoiler warning on this but I do describe some aspects of the way this book progressesOkay so I can give this 3 stars but if could have been so much better This book tries to be to many things and ends up only being a 3 star book because of that if the author had kept the story on one track it would have been so much better The story starts out as a coming of age for the MC character but then goes into a lit RPG thing and before you know it we are in a dungeon type of book That is not all then we change again to a hero bet up the bad guys and skills book I liked parts of the book for sure and the series shows potential but I just found the story all over the place a stream line plot would have been better in my option I will continue with this series as I said I did like most of it and the story has gotten interesting near the end Hopefully the author can maintain the interest in the next book

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    Really bad I did not make it through the first 2 chapters The story might be great or whatever but the writing is bad The Chapter 1 friends murdered while the MC is just standing there not doing or saying anything really made me cringe But then the 10 minute long speech from her friend with her lungs full of blood was just to much That speech was just to long and was really stupid She was shanked three times in the chest blood in her lungs if she talks that much she is dead if not bleeding out You would be in to much pain to talk either way Then when you think it is almost done the girl goes on for another 5 minutes Weak ass main character can't handle 1 or 2 people being killed in the first 2 chapters No way you can call her a badass If she was a badass the crazy chick wouldn't of made it past killing the first girl

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    DNF 3% Not for me Didn't enjoy the self absorbed beginning from the male perspective MC Nora? goes on chatting for awhile on making a big deal about people's sexual attractions And appearances like no one would ever be with MC because she is hideous I should have know better and had known better than to get the other ludus books but I got the book and not a surprise Thank goodness Audible has a return feature

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    Needs recognition Great bookI have read all of Blaise’s books But first let me say that I rate books base on how much I enjoyed it and wether I would read it again 3 stars I liked but wouldn’t read it again 4 stars I might read it again and 5 stars I will read it than twice at leastI try not to write a review with a rating less than 3 because that just messed up I really fell into the Delvers LLC storyline from his first book Nora is in the same universe I really have been enjoys the real life issues she is struggling with She grows and opens up as a character What I really like is that she is a real person who has to struggle to make choices right for her and not let others dictate her life She may make bad choices but she learns from them and seems to grow as a character It also opened this universe much with her view of it She’s a native to Ludas so she has a much different outlook on things than I as an American male have Which I think really comes into play and made me understand the world much Blaise’s writing craft just keep getting better and better Take a chance on this book and sit back and enjoy the ride This book rate if may go up if or when I read it again

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    I was a huge fan of Delvers LLC and was looking forward to this book as well I waited to write this review until after I finished all three books so that I could make a fair comparison It was fairly obvious that the author was attempting to write something from the perspective of a woman and was trying to flesh out some back story for his world With that in mind I cannot recommend this book If you like interesting magic systems this book has it It's not as intricate as one by Brandon Sanderson but honestly nobody's is that intricate The universe around Ludus is legitimately interesting and his take on humans is uite funny There is obviously a larger world that we only get glimpses of and that is intriguing In spite of these strong points the book suffers from issues of writing that will make your head spin I mean why would I even like this character? issues I'll go into them below##### Spoiler Warning ######The book suffers from 3 main problems1 Depth There are places where the author could have given us depth early in the book by introducing us to characters that would matter to the main character Instead he kills her best friends in literally the first chapter and while I'm sure that Nora felt it deeply I just felt that random character number 4 needed to stop breathing so we could get on with the story Also the entire story suffers from this as it's obvious that the author is just using the world as a reason to talk about his magic system which is legitimately cool Do you remember when they killed Jory in ASOIAF? Yes you do because you care about the character This book doesn't have that 2 Pacing Dear God does this book suffer from dyslexia We should have ended the book with Enheduanna giving her an orb and her getting her powers Instead we get this in just the first few chapters after she takes on a group of 4 people one of them orb bonded by herself with no powers Then she spends days learning to air skate All of these things could have been done in interesting ways and simply were not The bad pacing leaves you with no emotional connection to Nora3 Nora Don't get me wrong this could be a good character All the pieces are there She focuses on all the wrong things though This is a woman who we find out later used to cut herself She came up in an abusive relationship with a guardian who was uite evil Her best friend helped her stay grounded through all of this Turns out her guardian was involved in a evil god cult and was trying to bring demons into the world When did we find this out? Book 3 All of this should have been forshadowed in the first book to give us some depth As a result of these things Nora comes across as shallow and unlikable

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    Pretty good book I have read some of the Delvers LLC books but it honestly never occurred to me that knowing backstory of any ox the characters would be interesting However I'm finding it very interesting and I plan to follow Nora's adventures to their fullest

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    Meh neither good nor bad