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Aru is only just getting the hang of this whole Pandava thing when the Otherworld goes into full panic mode The god of love's bow and arrow have gone missing and the thief isn't playing Cupid Instead they're turning people into heartless fighting machine zombies If that weren't bad enough somehow Aru gets framed as the thief If she doesn't find the arrow by the next full moon she'll be kicked out of the Otherworld For good But for better or worse she won't be going it alone Along with her soul sister Mini Aru will team up with Brynne an ultra strong girl who knows than she lets on and Aiden the boy who lives across the street and is also hiding plenty of secrets Together they'll battle demons travel through a glittering and dangerous serpent realm and discover that their enemy isn't at all who they expected

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    YOU SHALL NOT LEAVE THE SLEEPER OUT OF THE NEXT BOOK ROSHANI CHOKSHI Full review available here chants BHIMA BHIMA BHIMAIs it just me or does that creature look like the crab from Moana who is obsessed with shiny things but like with Maui's hook thing?? I love this cover though

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    I don’t know what to say other than HECK YES I absolutely loved this second installment in the series and can’t wait to pick up book three Aru is so snarky and between her and the new characters introduced Brynne and Adrian and obviously the beloved Mini there’s so much adventure and so many hilarious golden moments

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    The song of death was like ice creeping across a windowpane and a warning shout unleashed a second too late and water closing over your head and the silent chime of a moment that has been forgotten forever It was impossible and painful and ultimately inevitableOh how I love this colorful heartwarming middle grade series Aru Shah and the Song of Death is the second book in the Pandava uartet and a wonderful seuel to Aru Shah and the End of Time I can't say a lot about this second installment for fear of spoilers but Aru and Minnie must team up with two new characters in order to find the god of love's stolen bow and arrow These two new characters include Brynne a super strong girl who seems to know than she lets on and Aiden a boy who lives across the street and is also hiding some secrets The four must battle demons travel through a glittering and dangerous serpent realm and discover that their enemy might be than meets the eye Middle grade usually isn't my thing but Roshani Chokshi has managed to make me fall in love with just about everything in her Pandava uartet I adore Aru who's sassy and awkward and entirely herself and Minnie is an adorable lovely friend for our main character What could have been a mere rehash of the first book turned into a new and fresh adventure with the addition of Brynne and Aiden who are wholly fleshed out and completely lovable I loved this group of four so much and the friendships among them are super sweet The Lord of the Rings references were also extremely welcome It made me love these dorky kids even As always Roshani's writing was as beautiful and vibrant as the world she's crafted in this series The rich colors of the Otherworld spring off the page and new and interesting lands offer a lot of wonder and intrigue Aru and her friends battle a giant crab monster demons and humanoid serpent creatures and I was delighted by the Hindu mythology interspersed throughout the plot You should never seek help from the Lord of the Waters said the crab darkly He is fickle and unpredictable just like the ocean The sea has a temper Also it keeps things it likes Bright baubles that catch its eye Pretty girls and boys who look at their reflection in the water for too longnever realizing that the water is looking backWhat continues to surprise me about this middle grade series though is the story's heart and maturity Our young characters are faced with difficult moral uestions in this book driven by a villain that garnered uite a bit of sympathy Aru and her friends learn about the nature of stories and how they can be manipulated and even warped as time goes onHistory is written by the victors as they sayAnd really I'm just so grateful that the Pandava uartet puts diverse characters and girl power at the forefront There isn't any unnecessary romance each and every one of the female characters are uniue and strong in their own way and the male characters are multi faceted and supportive I love this series so much and if I ever have kids I'll definitely be putting these books in their hands Aru Shah and the Song of Death had a surprising amount of nail biting action wonderful adventure lovable characters and an emotional story at its heart I can't wait for the third book The Tree of Wishes I already miss these characters too much As Aru’s mom had always told her sometimes villains do heroic things and heroes can do villainous things so what did it mean to be one or the other?

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    35 stars The song of death was like ice creeping across a windowpane and a warning shout unleashed too late and the silent chime of a moment that has been forgotten forever It was impossible painful and ultimately inevitable After reading Aru Shah and the End of Time last year and enjoying it deeply I was than excited to get my hands into this one Interestingly enough the story resumes a very short time after we left Aru the last time I thought this was gonna spend some years apparently not “Just because he is a hero doesn’t mean he cannot also be a monster” Like its predecessor this was a fun ride I had a blast following Aru and her friends around Discovering of this culture that is so rich and full of adventures We got to go deeper into some stories and discover some new ones The whole concept of a soul song is very pretty “Sometimes the best kind of love was just loving yourself” Even though I really enjoyed this right now there's only one thing going through my head this book was way too similar to Aru Shah and the End of Time We had basically the same structure than we did last time Sure we get added people but the rest is pretty much the same Structured based there are few differences Sure this time we are also playing detective because we don't know who the bad guy is view spoiler But I mean the whole thing with Mini going missing was way too reminiscent to Boo missing last time And the whole we don't really like each other though admittedly Mini and Aru liked each other than Aru and Brinn hide spoiler

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    Star Rating 5 STARS I’m doing my happy dance I can’t stopI loved this so much Literally So MuchRTC so much to say So much to love Plus I’m too busy singing and dancing with gleevvv THEBEST vvv the instant the first WORD to this lyric was said I think I died of happiness After singing it through of course Three times One of my favorite parts of Mulan😊 We must be Swift as the coursing river With all the Force of a great typhoon With all the Strength of a raging fire ;Ah Aru how I love your amazing references I kind of cherish the ones too that make me wonder how some readers younger than me would understand or “get it” haha The ones that are pretty obscure had me going 🧐🤓 that is so freakin awesome I am loving this Hopefully it gets readers curious enough that they look them up; it’s how we keep those sorts of things alive 💛💛💛 Mysterious as the dark side of the MOOOOOOONNN

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    I think I liked this one better than the first one but mostly because of the addition to the cast I can't wait to see who gets added to the next book

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    I’ve been so excited to read this seuel since I finished the first book a couple of weeks ago It was such fun and I completely fell in love with the characters and I’ve been waiting to know what happens to them next and this book was just as spectacularWhile the previous book gave us an introduction to this world of reincarnated Pandavas and prophecies and the Otherworld we get to go deeper into it in this one The plot is slightly different this time around because the characters are on a uest to prove their innocence of the theft for which they have been blamed The author does a great job keeping the pace uick and consistent throughout there is never a dull moment and the humor is totally up to the mark There are also numerous pop culture references especially LOTR which I really enjoyed but what delighted me were the references to Bollywood Indian dance and music and a certain beloved cricketer I actually thought Roshani was pretty excellent at making sure the humor and references were very organic to the story and never felt too much We also go much deeper into some of Arjuna’s story in the Mahabharata and Surpanakha’s story in the Ramayana I liked the analysis of the epics from a neutral perspective that even heroes do wrong things sometimes and we don’t always know the complete story There is also an underlying theme that two wrongs don’t make a right and everyone has the choice to make the right decisions despite what has happened in the past These are things that we probably realize while reading our epics but don’t want to voice our opinions because that’ll make us unpopular but I liked that the author didn’t shy away from these discussions This was a very uick read and pretty much finished the book in a single sittingI completely fell in love with Aru and Mini in the first book and it was great to meet them again Due to reasons we don’t get to see Mini or Boo for a significant portion of the book and I really missed their banter But Aru is delightful than ever and definitely confident about her abilities too She has grown very attached to the Otherworld and the various celestial beings which makes the idea of losing it all very scary for her but she is also worried that is not capable of being a hero and will ultimately disappoint her found family But despite grappling with these issues she never loses sight of her mission and is always thinking very uickly on her feet to get everyone out of troublesome situations We also get introduced to new characters Brynne and Aiden who are guarding their own personal family secrets but have to team up with Aru and Mini for the uest Brynne has used to working alone always and is well trained so she is not interested in having to tag along with Aru but slowly they start to grow on each other and I loved the progression of their relationship Aiden on the other hand is like a peace keeper and mother hen wrapped up in a single package always making sure they don’t fight amongst each other and also have everything that they need to keep up their sustenance I loved this new dynamic between the gang and I’m also very excited to see who else will be joining them in the future books And finally that revelation of which Mahabharata character Aiden is reincarnated from was hilarious and uite unexpected and I just couldn’t stop laughing at the way it was handled What can I say except if you enjoyed Aru Shah and the End of Time stop wasting any time and pick this up immediately If you haven’t read this series but love middle grade adventure fantasy novels then this one is just perfect This book was fun delightful fast paced with an amazing group of characters who will keep you smiling throughout

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    #1 Aru Shah and the End of Time ★★★★★➸ Trigger warnings for view spoilerparental abandonment absent parent alcohol consumption emesis death of a loved one recounted mild violence physical assault fire animal attack and bullying hide spoiler

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    Roshani Chokshi can really do it all The humor in this is so on point and even though there was some pretty stressful action scenes this wonderful book was so full of perfectly woven mythologies and endearing friendships “Rick Riordan Presents” books are a gift to readers everywhere and I can’t wait to get my hands on even of these beautifully diverse stories

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    Not too much to say here except that this was fun ride with Aru I think that Chokshi did a great job with the adventure story line while still giving a fun flavor to old stories that Aru Mimi and the newest additions have heard about We also had a great set up into the next book as well'Aru Shah and the Song of Death has soul sisters Aru and Mimi trying to track down a thief who stole the god of Love's bow and arrow Coming across someone that they believe stole it Aru and Mimi come across the third PandavaBrynne After being summoned before the Guardians the three Pandavas are told either they find out the name of the thief who stole the bow and arrows or they will be banished and the Pandava cycle will have to start again Boo is also not allowed to help them so the three girls along with Aru's next door neighbor Aiden all have to go and find the bow and arrows before time runs out Of course the three girls have trouble ironing things out and working together and it doesn't help that Aru is a little jealous that Brynne appears to be best friends with Aiden the boy that Aru had a crush on in the last book Thank goodness that Chokshi doesn't do any of that love triangle nonsense in this book though We have the three girls slowly learning to trust each other and figuring out and how their powers from the brothers work exactly I thought that Chokshi did a great job with developing not only Aru but everyone else as well Aru still doubts herself at times and doesn't feel that confident as a Pandava very reminiscent of Sailor Moon Mimi is still obsessed with good hygiene and Brynne seems obsessed with food I thought Aiden was a nice addition and am interested to see where that whole story line with his parents is going The writing was very good and I laughed at all of the chapter headings Some of the headings spoiled what was to come though but still made me crack up There is also a lot of pop culture references in this which made me laugh Taylor Swift Jay Z Bollywood etc The flow was very good and I enjoyed getting to see of the world of the Pandava's in this one The setting of the Night's Bazaar and other locations have always been my favorite part of this series and the other one that Chokshi wrote The Star Touched ueen We get to see some old and new characters in this one which was goodThe ending left things nice and tidy with a hint of what the next book will be about I loved that this book was focused on the three girls becoming friends and also family and that Aiden was just all of their friend Please no love triangle hint or jealousy in the next book It's refreshing to just see a boy and several girls being friends