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It's a dog eat dog world and Cassie is back to take part Wanting to explore her sexual boundaries Cassie signed up as a shared submissive with a difference A live in pet with four housmates to indulge her to train and pet and fuck her silly It was supposed to be just a bit of fun but her first taste turned out to be almost too much to handle When she discovered she was falling for her master Greg Cassie considered walking away Now like a dog with a bone Cassie has returned to the house to meet Sarah and Andrew A couple with a cage in their bedroom and a penchance for barking commands Cassie knows she'll have to deal with Greg eventually First her new master and mistress will take Cassie to her limits and demonstrate that some barking dogs do bite This novella is 16000 words of hot explicit pet play erotica It is meant for adults only and kinky adults at that It contains elements of BDSM anal play bisexual acts girl on girl and spanking

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