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The balance of power in Skanda is about to shiftBeautiful broken Tristin of Ysdrach would rather hide in his dragon form than live with a Wytch power that forces him to feel the pain of the past in every object he touches Struggling to come to terms with a future he never believed he’d have Tristin needs a reason not to surrender to the beast withinWithout Wytch power Prince Mikhyal of Rhiva is not ualified to be his father’s heir but newly discovered knowledge possessed by Rhiva’s allies could change that On their journey to a secret negotiation that could shift the balance of power in Skanda Mikhyal and his father are attacked and Mikhyal is left bonded to an ancient sword with a mission an attitude and a penchant for blackberry tartsEven with the distractions of a royal betrothal ceremony an enemy striking from the shadows and the complex negotiations of alliance and rebellion the painfully shy Tristin still manages to catch Mikhyal’s eye The two men barely have time to acknowledge their mutual attraction before another attempt is made to end the line of RhivaCan Tristin and Mikhyal get to the bottom of the plot? Or will the Northern Alliance be torn apart before the ink on the treaty is dry?94000 words

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    It's the end of the roadfor now I started this series with my awesome cyber child Josy back on October 13th and because of other books and sometimes even live we managed to drag this out until the end of November and the good news is we loved every minute of it The bad newscome on now you knew there was going to be some anyways the bad news is that for now we've run out of books to read but there will be in the new year because you know one can never have too may dragonsSo gather round dragon babies and we'll talk about thingsIn 'Burn the Sky' we met Prince Garrick the Heir Presumptive to the throne of Altan and Wytch Master Ilya Ilya and Garrick meet and fall in love when Ilya is summoned to Altan to teach Prince Garrick how to control his wytch powers after they have been forced to manifest and then in each subseuent book we are introduced to at least one of the MCs for the next book I love this format in a series It gives me a touch of the familiar and the new For me it keeps things interestingSo here we are at 'Dragonwatch' and we are badk in Altan with Garrick Ilya and Tristin of Ysdrach whom we met in Shadowspire when Jaire is taken captive and held captive at the same castle where Tristin has been held captive and drugged for most of his life When Kian and Ambris our MCs from Blackfrost book #2 along with Vayne attempt to rescue Jaire he refuses to leave without Tristin and that's the condensed version of how Tristin came to be at Altan and believe me that's condensed there is a whole lot of good stuff being left out here but that's why you read the books right?Ok so here we are at Castle Altan and Ilya is now trying to teach Tristin to master his Wytch power which forces him to feel the pain of the past in every object he touchesit's not a fun power to have in fact it struck me as being incredibly painful both mentally and physically at timesPrince Mikhyal of Rhiva has no Wytch powers but he is the heir to the throne of Rhiva if his father has any say in it but not if the Wytches council gets their way and can form an alliance with Altan and the other kingdoms of the north and this is how they come to be ambushed on their way to Altan There's a war brewing between the Wytches council and the Kingdoms of the north as they prepare to fight for the right to once again rule their own lands The Wytches council has power and they have the numbers what they don't know is that the kingdoms of the north have dragons of fire and icedragons with unknown powersand they will bring painyep that's pretty much where the author left us when it comes to the bigger picture of this story and of course we'll get a new pair of MCs whose story will be woven into this epic adventure While I don't read a lot of fantasy stories it's not for lack of love for the genre I'm just really really fussy about what I read Don't get me wrong I'm claiming to be any kind of authority on the genre or anything of that natureit's just me being picky about what appeals to me what I'll like and what I know I'll want to read but this series with all it's dragony awesomeness just poked and poked at me until I thankfully caved and I knew I was going down the rabbit home on this one so of course I grabbed my cyber child and pulled her down the rabbit hole with me I think we're both happy that we did thisI know I am and since Josy's already looking forward to the next book as much as me I'm pretty sure she's good with how this all turned out as wellFor me this one had it all an awesome plot action adventure intrigue an adorable and smexy romanceand best of all DRAGONS because I love DRAGONS and I'm really really looking forward to 'Falkrag' book 5 in the Wytch Kings seriesit's going to be goodreally really good of this I have no doubtSo that's my chatter about 'Wytch King's' definitely one of the the best fantasy series that I've read in uite a while and the subject of yet again another awesome buddy read with my cyber child Josy

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    This series should be read in order although each book gives us a new couple and a solid ending the overarching plot and secondary characters carry from one book to the next In this book we get Prince Mikhyal who is the oldest son of the Wytch King of Rhiva Since Mikhyal’s Wytch power has never materialized the Council named his younger brother as the heir to the Kingdom of Rhiva When he and his father are attacked along the road to a meeting Mikhyal is somehow part of pulling victory out of impossible odds and is left bonded to an ancient sword with an attitude personality and powerMikhyal also encounters Tristan a shy uirky abused man just beginning to shed the chains of his past Tristan was one of my favorite characters in the previous book so I was pleased to see him get his appropriately slow burn love story here This installment has a nice balance of adventure pain sweetness and snark It might be my favorite so far

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    More dragons wrapped in a fabulous tale I’ve come to love this series Sure it has its flaws but I’ve come to appreciate McKenna’s ability to weave intriguing characters into her fantastical world #5 in the Wytch Kings series can’t come soon enoughNote I wrote this weak review during the beginning of my long recovery from major surgery I know I’m going to wince down the road

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    Caveat biased review I have the pleasure of beta reading this series and have an attachment to Tristan whose book this isActually review will follow shortly as I need a computer to write this and put in spoilers etc

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    I hope we get a book about Shaine

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    I really enjoy escaping into this world Jaye McKenna has built The magic mythe history and characters are very interesting and it’s easy to fall in love with the men working to fight the Wytch Council and their evil Prince Tristan of the New Flower Bed was a victim of the Council and was imprisoned drugged for most of his life He was rescued when Kian Jaire we’re kidnapped by the Council in ShadowspireMikhyal Is the former heir to Rhiva and on his way to Altan for Prince Jaire’s betrothal ceremony he his father the King of Rhiva are attacked by bandits During the fight he is disarmed and grabs the bandits dropped sword Here we meet Dirit a mythe dragon chosen to bond with Wytch Sword of Rhiva to protect the royal line and restore the balance Unfortunately he has no idea what balance Dirit is a ferocious mythe dragon the size of a cat with a love of blackberry tarts and full of snark sarcasm and witty titles for his bond mate I want one I think this might be my favorite so far We still have the Council using the mythe to hurt those trying to fight their power but the men of the Northern Kingdoms are finding that love family and friends will help heal the wounds

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    5 Dragon Stars from start to finish I loved everything about this book and for me it's the best one in the series so far And that's saying something because I really enjoyed the previous booksA big thank you to my cyber momma Karen who read the whole series with me and reading with her made the books so much better because we could share our loves for dragons We are really looking forward to the next book in the series and another awesome BRLook up Karen's review because she says it so much better

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    Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews Rated 45 out of 50 Love BytesWelcome to installment four in the author’s Wytch King series In this installment our focus switches to Tristin of Ysdrachanother Kingdom within Skanda We met Tristin in Shadowspire where we learned some secrets of his background I was really happy to see Tristin get his own story He was so broken suffered such abuses and most importantly had that strange Wytch power that pretty much immobilized him I wasn’t sure he could recover and move onPrince Mikhyal is the oldest son of the Wytch King of Rhiva yet another Kingdom Unforunately Mikhyal’s Wytch power has never materialized so the Council has decreed his younger brother to be the heir to the Kingdom of RhivaWhile traveling to Altan to meet with King Garrik Mikhyal and his father’s party are attacked by bandits and something mysterious happens The bandits are all killed and in place of their bodies all that remains are little piles of polished bones Mikhyal awakens with an ancient sword in his hand which he vaguely remembers picking up just prior to all hell breaking loose on the banditsAnd a final main character in this storyjust when I think the author can’t surprise me with anything different along comes Dirit I love this character and I’m sure you will as well No spoilers on who he isbut hold on to your blackberry tartsAs I’ve said in my reviews on the other books in the series the author has written a really enjoyable series full of HEA’s or at least HFN’s Each book is focused on a different pair and each builds on the previous books and the characters flow from one to the nextIt is uite obvious that this isn’t the end of the series The ending is wide open with events moving towards the revolt of the northerners I personally can’t wait to see where the author goes from hereI highly recommend this one

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    35 starsI did like the book though my favourite has to be book 3 so far The main difference being that I felt that the main characters interacted in book 3 as compared to this book Nevertheless I enjoyed this book and especially loved Dirit Though regarding one plot point view spoilerif Dirit had the ability to make himself seen by all for short periods of time why didn't he do that with his previous owner who was seen as kind of crazy? But then again with his personality he might have just not bothered with it hide spoiler