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It’s the height of summer in Las Vegas Everyone believes the serial killer Seven of Spades is dead—except Levi Abrams and Dominic Russo—and it’s back to business as usual For Levi that means investigating a suspicious overdose at the Mirage that looks like the work of a high class call girl while Dominic pursues a tough internship with a local private investigator The one bright spot for both of them is their blossoming relationshipBut things aren’t so simple Soon Levi is sucked into a dangerous web of secrets and lies even as his obsession with the Seven of Spades intensifies Dominic knows that Levi isn’t crazy He knows the Seven of Spades is still out there and he’ll do anything to prove it But Dominic has his own demons to battle and he may be fighting a losing warOne thing is certain the Seven of Spades holds all the cards It won’t be long before they show their hand

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    Vague and slightly suirrely review coming right upI'm an unabashed Star Wars fan Every time they rereleased the original trilogy I bought it I wouldn't even venture to guess how many times I've seen them I love them all but I love The Empire Strikes Back just a liiiiiitttttlllleee bit though it took me YEARS to figure this out With its great space adventures and Yoda revelations and the relationship development between Han and Leia how could it not be? Plus it has the most epicest of epic movie lines of all timeBet you thought I was going to sayClose but no I am a sap and apparently have been for a long time I've built my bridge and made peace with this Trick Roller has those same ualities Like many romance readers I like to see relationships develop I'm voyeuristic that way Trick Roller gave those little bird's eye view bubbles where we get a front row seat to the intimacy building between Dom and Levi So many moments where I felt like I was on the journey with them and as a reader that's where the magic is Those tiny details that so often get overlooked in other narratives were showcased hereAlmost immediately there is a beautiful perfect uiet moment after Levi and Dom have spent the night together for the first time where Levi is getting ready to leave for work He's admiring Dom who's still asleep his suare jaw his broken nose his size and he can't help touching him Dom kisses his fingertips before drifting back off In that moment I knew right along with Levi that they're becoming something Another one happened after Dom's had a rough night and is on the razor's edge of backsliding and the only person he even considers reaching out to is Levi Levi sticks with him through the next day and intuitively knows how to shake him out of his funk That sparring scene was gold Pure goldCouples who yin yang well who bring out the best in each other is one of my favorite things Dom and Levi are opposites in many ways and the way that those differences compliment one another was a joy to read There is an honesty in the way this relationship is developing that's very relatable in that they're both letting their dating guards down letting the other truly see them which is the mark not only of growing trust but a healthy relationshipOf course there's some finding religion inducing crazy hot sex dirty talk biting making excellent usage of their size difference in creative ways Of course there is a level of desire between them that's unspeakable This is CK we're talking about here and she deserves a medal or something for the second sex scene 🙌 but the intimacy that's building between them through those moments when they get lost in each other yeah That's what I live for when reading romance By the end of Trick Roller they have become a 'we' They are a unit reliant upon the other though they've not uttered the big L word yet and I'm certain there will be obstacles for them to overcome I feel that they are meant to beThe thriller aspects were subdued and less heart attack inducing since the Seven of Spades is supposedly dead but there are subtle clues that will likely have greater meaning as the series progresses so it's by no means a throwaway book Even though it's early in the series I'm going to go out on a limb and say I believe this one has the potential to be my Empire Strikes Back complete with the OMG no way can I live through the wait cliffhanger but I'll get back to you Trick Roller is not a standalone; it is book 2 in a 5 part series and I wouldn't recommend trying to read them out of order An ARC was provided by NetGalley

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    45 StarsBetter than the first book I enjoyed it Love this couple I liked how they have each other’s back how they help each other with their own personal problems and they are not judgmental toward each other how they trust each other and never doubted each other They are perfectly sync with each other Told in dual Pov 3rd person It’s well written and well paced with a great story line It’s the second installment in the Seven of Spades series it’s cliffy and it has to be read in order Overall enjoyed it a lot and hope you like it as well

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    425 starsObviously i am late to this party Nothing to add that all the other amazeballs reviews haven't said already The writing is steller and so on point The mystery though engaging was just ok i was proved right every time Dominic and Levi's relationship is still growing and i like them together The rest of the characters fit so well into the story RecommendedOff to book 3

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    August 2020 Audiobook 4 I like this narrator and StarsOriginal review January 2018 The Seven of Spades is dead Case closed Fast forward three months and life in Las Vegas is back to normal Whoa wait a sec screeching to a halt The case had been solved hadn't it? That is what everyone believes right? Or at least what everyone wants to believe because the conseuences of a serial killer of their caliber trying to take the law into their own hands and still being on the loose would be unthinkable Well not everyone is so easily convinced After what happened in Kill Game LVMPD Detective Levi Abrams and bounty hunter argh here we go again bail enforcement agent Dominic Russo now prospective private investigator are apparently the only ones who believe not to say know that the self righteous killer is still out there somewhere all set and all too eager to strike again Despite being officially reprimanded not to pursue this theory any further and getting nothing but scorn and derision for his conviction Levi is getting and obsessed with this idea and has trouble letting it go But with the Sin City being full of criminals who are demanding full attention on their part Levi finds himself kneedeep in a new murder case that seems to be not the expected trick roll evident at first glance after all He'd never worked a case uite like this before where the uestion wasn't who wanted the victim dead so much as who of those many people wanted it most At the same time Dominic is having a try at a change of career by practicing an internship at a local private investigation firm and has to deal with a case that leads to him being stretched to his limits in fighting his inner demons which proves to be a nearly impossible task if it weren't for Levi And their growing bond might be the only thing that can save them bothAfter or less casually dating for a while now Levi and Dominic decided to take a step forward in their relationship which leads to ahem some ice bath reuiring situations and with that of course I mean myself Boy these guys can be uite inventive umm as in take out a patent for it inventive ; Their relationship is at an early stage and with Levi still not completely over how things ended between him and his ex boyfriend Stanton it is far from being solid but both Levi and Dominic discover that they might have found a much needed anchor in each other And even if they are hesitant to put a name to it they cannot deny that their feelings for each other are already going deeper than they both expected He thought about Dominic calling him baby again in that deep rumbly voice Though he should have hated it all it did was make him shiver because it was different this time Everything was different with Dominic Trick Roller will probably go down in history as the book I was ready to commit a murder for And the victim would have been my neighbor to be precise It was really close let me tell you All I wanted to do was sitting peacefully on my couch and bury my nose in my Kindle when she decided to have the party of her life Instead of reading I sat there plotting the slowest and most painful killing techniues possible And no you don't want to know what exactly came to my mind Let's just say the Seven of Spades could have learned one thing or two ; When I finally got to read again I indulged myself in my own obsession because as far as addictions are concerned I'm sure now that I found a new one for myself Although this is just the second of five books this series already has 'all time favorite' written all over it The character development is simply amazing and everytime Levi and Dominic were together I was about to melt into a puddle of goo because of how perfect they are for each other The homework the author did on police procedural and setting and her love for detail in regards to background stories side characters and everything else was once again impressive as hell She found the perfect balance between romance and mystery and although the Seven of Spades pulls their strings from the background this time they are still looming like a dark cloud over the story and the little clues the author slipped in only confirmed my suspicion of their identityWell said story ended with a bang literally and now I just have to figure out how to survive the next three months waiting for the next installment much less the year it will take for the whole series to be complete Highly recommended

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    The uestion wasn't who wanted the victim dead so much as who of those many people want it most Nothing like trying to solve the mystery when everyone who knew him wanted to kill him I think it's nice when someone can evoke that many feelings He was a person that everyone could agree to hateEven the copsHere is one of the cops on the case's take on the victim after learning about his life and personality It's no wonder he was murdered Marine said looking up from her stack of papers I'd kind of like to go back in time and kill him myself Yes wouldn't we all like to go back in time to kill some horrible people from the past Sometimes them just being killed once isn't satisfying enough Of course it's not only horrible people but those who are really really hated that some want to overkill Look up the story of John Wycliffe sometime They hated him so much that 43 years after dying for his beliefs there was a crowd that dug up his bones burned them and then scattered the ashes in the river These people were pretty angry There's really no anger like shovel anger Anytime someone is angry enough to utter these words you know shit's about to go downAnd then there are those who are just so damn hard to killLuckily for the murderer this guy wasn't so hard to kill he was just very killable I think there may have been a lottery drawing as to who got to do the honors I wouldn't be surprised if a whole group of people got together to cook up a conspiracy to kill this guy Okay but even though I found that all entertaining it isn't really the main focus of the book While they are working on solving murders we are seeing Levi and Dominic's relationship develop They are a cute couple but I still think there will be trouble ahead for them The book made a lot of references to both of their inner struggles and I think at least one of them will fall off the wagon at one point I saw foreshadowing Oh and there is tons of sex If you ever had uestions about the gay man sex mechanics it's here If you don't you might want to skip this series There is no holding back on the detailsStill a great series I like the couple and the side characters I also am a fan of police procedurals so this has it all

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    45 StarsHoly Smokes that was good There's always that missing element you get in the first book of a series of the main characters coming together but I have to say despite that I really loved this one Things are moving at nice pace between Dom and Levi which I love They have a great connection and chemistry There was plenty of steam in this one The mysterysuspense in this series has really been perfection Not so much that it over powers the romance There's enough other stuff going on with the main characters to give it a good balance I am not normally a fan of continuing series so I love how so far these books have ended on plot cliffy's then relationshipromance cliffy's The ending of this one was pretty intense It's going to be a looooooong four months before book 3 comes out in April But I can not wait ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Reread March 2019At this point everyone a suspectALL BETS ARE OFF ♠️ So like 2nd book in the Seven of Spades ♠️ series I don’t even know where to begin This might be gushing and raving than a review Because I’m betting it all on this series I’m so shook guy I’m a 72 magnitude earthuake This might be spoiler ish but the end of book one wrapped up with my favourite serial killer being “dead” or so the rest of Las Vegas thinks but my main dudes know that is not the case Our Seven of a Spades ♠️ is cunning and dead for himher means just resting up Book 1 also was just a prelude into Doms and Levi path into a relationship and recovering from all the shit they been through Trick Roller gives time into their lives without the shadow of a serial killer loose on the streets but never letting up that at any moment heshe could strike and fuck all the things up Levi spends his time trying to catch a killer doing regular detective work and Dominic working is way up to being a PI but also facing his own struggles They both have an addiction and only time will tell who gets consumed with no way out Ok Here goes the raving The Story While I love my serial killer extraordinaire I liked this one with Levi working on actual case that isn’t messing with his head While Levi seems almost settled we see something dark rearing it’s head in Dominic and I ain’t gon lie I’m hella worried for the future It’s going to be dark it’s going to be rough and they will need their wits about them but keeping it together seems very uncertain The Sexy Love I have uestions directly for Ms Kingsbridge Why they gotta be so sexy? This sexy wrestling like is their a school for that? Seriously though Dom and Levi are something else My disinterest and sometimes disconnect with sex scenes happen often but these two make even the simplest of kisses an experience I want their love to succeed and shine bright like a diamond I’m no size ueen heh but the way the author give nods to how their both built it does something to me Gaww cue wrestle move sex in my head I’m crying real sexual tears right now The Conclusion Excuse me sir Are we just going to go out like that? Like hell I was expecting it but in reality I wasn’t ready for it and I am crying that I can’t just jump into book 3 The pain and game is coming and Levi and Dominic better be ready to play because “ All Bets Are Off” I am a such a fan of Cordelia’s writing the flow the knowledge of crime and just overall execution While Trick Roller lacks the heart pounding action of Kill Game in no way does it feel settled It’s the calm before the storm and the look into blossoming love affair of our MCs is almost like an illusion A “enjoy this right now Bask in the good times because when you’re all the way up the only thing left to do is fall” God I’m weak Trick Roller is a seuel to a series that might be one of my faves ever I’m just uaking that all my feels don’t get fucked in the end You can end up hating the things you love Book 3 I’m waiting for you

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    45 Stars​ Trick Roller is book 2 in the Seven of Spades series and I'm loving where it's going This book does not stand alone though folks so start at the beginning​ with Kill Game​ Also there are a few books to come so the story isn't even close to wrapping up here I do like where it leaves off though It is a delicious cliffhanger but I think it was well done ​T​rick Roller picks up 3 months after ​Kill Game​ left off The Seven of Spades case is closed and Levi is pretty much the only one in the department that feels that ​Seven ​​of ​Spades is still ​very much aliveThe Seven of Spades plot line isn't as overt as it was in the first book ​Seven ​​of ​Spades is biding their time but definitely still watching; waiting But there is a thread of their presence throughout that I very much enjoyed ​I found that the pacing was just a bit slower than Kill Game​ as well and I loved savoring every moment​Levi and Dominic are taking their relationship slowly They haven't talked about being exclusive yet but it's pretty clear they are exclusive They're both pretty gone for each other The smexy times are plentiful without being too much and I felt that there was a good balance between the suspense plot and the relationship development​ and that is not always an easy feat in a romantic suspense book I'm looking forward to getting my greedy hands on of this story Book 3 can't get here uickly enough ​If you enjoy romantic suspense as much as I do you are in for a treat with this seriesRecommended​ ARC of Trick Roller was generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    5 starsCordelia Kingsbridge leaves no box unticked with this series y'all Seriously this is already in my top ten books for 2018 and it's only JanuaryI can't say much without spoiling the story but believe me if you loved Kill Game you 're going to want to have Trick Roller's babiesThe mystery blew my mind Both mysteries actually The trick roller case that is Levi's new assignment and the Seven of Spades the ongoing theme in the series and the case that Levi never gave up on This and Dal Maclean's Bitter Legacy are uite possibly the best MM mysterysuspense books I 've ever readLevi and Dominic's relationship starts to take off It's not just sex now that emotions start getting in the way The suspense plot might always be at the forefront but the romance is still strongThe sex What can I possibly say about the sex? The two full on sex scenes count for ten Levi is WILD And really really bendyThe ending is very strong and left me gaping like an idiot Honestly it puts to same some of the best moviesEvery secondary character is very well sketched I really like some of them but at this point I suspect everyoneI can't say but trust me you want to read this Highly recommended Thank you Josy for the wonderful gift

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    If you haven't yet read the first book I'd recommend you to wait for the book#2 and maybe book#3 to be released and then to read the whole series in one sitting I know for some real passionate fans of the author it could appear as a silly advice but I think you will enjoy it much if you read all three books one by one The reason #1 It is not THAT often in the genre that a serial killer will be hunted through the whole series Normally a mystery series has a separate case for every single installment In Seven of Spades you have to wait up to the very end to know who is this mysterious serial killer I didn't know it when I picked up the first book but at the latest after the book#2 there is no doubt that you have to wait for the final installment to prove your detective skills That doesn't mean that no crime has been committed uite the contrary our boys are pretty busy and have their hands full it is why you have to remember many small details that at the first sight are not actually relevant to the BIG case but don't be very careless EVERYTHING is important here If you can recall every small details you read about three months ago go ahead and ignore my advice The reason #2 If you a slow burn fan you should read the second book immediately after the first book The book#2 started with a VERY intense SEX scene My problem was I needed some time to re entry into the story to be reminded of a great chemistry between Levi and Dominic This scene caught me cold without a foreplay The guys came straight to the point after a three months period of sexual abstinence and I had to force myself to stay with them and not to start to skim already through the first pages I'm glad that it was actually my only complaintI like that the case that Levi and Dominc work through in Trick Roller Seven of Spades #2 is thrillingly complicated And I liked how they do it together I enjoy to observe how their relationship develops and how they become not only lovers but also confidential partners I think that Cordelia Kingsbridge has succeeded in creating a sensitive romance that is perfectly combined with a well done mystery And this promising ending I can't wait for the next bookVery recommended ARC provided kindly by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review