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A twenty four hour romance about two teens who meet—and perhaps change their minds about love—on a train ride to Upstate New York in the middle of a snowstorm One train ride Two strangersNoah is a hopeless romantic He’s heading back home for one last chance with his first love whom he broke up with when he went off to collegeAmmy doesn’t believe in true love—her parents being prime examples She’s escaping from a mom who can’t take care of her to a dad who may not even want her That is until one winter night when Noah and Ammy find themselves in the same Amtrak car heading to Upstate New YorkAfter a train wreck first encounter between the two of them the Amtrak train suddenly breaks down due to a snowstorm Desperate to make it to their destinations Noah and Ammy have no other option but to travel together What starts off as a minor detour turns into the whirlwind journey of a lifetime and over the course of the night they fall in love But come morning their adventure takes an unexpected turn for the worst Can one night can really change how they feel about loveand the course of their lives forever?

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    see this is exactly why i'm the most subjective of readers how the heck am i supposed to rate this anything less than 5 stars when it kept me up past 3am????????this book might not have been the most revolutionary idea but it was freaking adorable and the most perfect fluffy ❄️❄️wintery❄️❄️read the characters are genuine and their conversations were cute and natural freaking adorable unlikely romance between two polar opposite teenagers stranded in a snowstorm trying to get home they literally trek through snow together after their train abruptly stops and everything that could possibly go wrong GOES WRONG IM SO GROSSLY IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK its exactly what i needed at the moment and i dont care if im not being objective they called themselves out on crap they thought or said they're both readers so much family drama to keep the plot going the development of the romance was so well done there was a genuine friendship building that occurred first and i just love seeing characters bond and build a foundational relationship before jumping into a romance WE LOVE THAT DEVELOPMENT 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 noah is a little baby and needs to be protected ugh i had so much fun reading this book i never wanted it to end

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    this was an impulsive pick up at the library because it sounded very cute but unfortunately i was left with just an ‘okay’ feeling overall i think the main reason was i failed to connect with or even like ammys character she really wore on my patience throughout the book also this was very insta lovey and sometimes that works with meet cutes but it didnt for me in this particular case however it was enough of a decent story that i wanted to finish it so that definitely says something 25 stars

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    This book felt likewell a train wreck In order to write a review that is as concise as possible I hope I'm going to divide my observations into three main areas First upCharactersUmso I thought Ammy was awful pretty much from the time she mocked The Hunger Games right up until the end of the book Her snobby taste in literature aside she's one of those feminists who apparently thinks it's okay to make rude comments to men for reinforcing antiuated gender norms by daring to gasp politely offer to carry her luggage through a freaking snowstorm The nerveNow of course offering to carry Ammy's luggage isn't the only horrifyingly masculine sin Noah managed to commit throughout the course of this book and Ammy was kind enough to call him on all of them including blaming him for a ridiculous set of circumstances that was as much out of his control as it was out of hers And the worst the absolute worst part is that Noah bought all of it hook line and sinker He spent half the book apologizing for things he never should have had to apologize for while Ammy used her crappy home life and a pair of X chromosomes to justify her crappy treatment of him without ever really apologizingAnd I just can't Call me crazy but I think it's possible to raise a generation of strong women without bringing men down in the process and I fully believe you don't do that by encouraging behavior like Ammy'sThe irony is that Noah spends half the book waxing poetic about his ex girlfriend a girl he eventually comes to realize wasn't a good person for him to be with because she couldn't love him as he was while simultaneously falling into lust with a girl who treats him just as badly if for different reasons He was basically a doormat who sold his soul for a chance to make out with a girl he'd known for less than twelve hours Story StructureSo I actually read the first five chapters of this book via Epic Reads First Five and liked them which is why I checked this book out from the library in the first place However after how disastrously I reacted to Nicola Yoon's The Sun is Also a Star which builds an unrealistic romance along a similarly condensed timeline I should have known better Look I'll buy that two people can meet under a difficult set of circumstances and then forge a connection that will eventually lead to a meaningful relationship and maybe just maybe to a forever romance but I just can't swallow meant to be and she's the one on the basis of a string of bad decisions and some Super 8 Motel Cheetos for dinner style making out I need than that And this book didn't deliverReality of the Physical CircumstancesOkay so I admit I'm a big stickler for small details especially in books that are set in the real world Bend reality all you want in a fantasy or a futuristic sci fi world but please for all that's holy have someone reality check your contemporary real world novels before you publish them I may live in Maryland where an inch of snow shuts down schools for the day because we don't have the experience or infrastructure to deal well with snow events but I've been driving for 22 years While I'm sure they deal with snow in New York better than they do here I'm still not buying for a minute that an Enterprise would rent a Ford Mustang presumably still a rear wheel drive vehicle as most sports cars are to two teenagers during a snowstorm that shut down the freaking bus line Or that an entire 55 mile stretch of roads would be magically cleared by snowplows which are never once mentioned in the course of the book overnight following a snowstorm that continued at least into late eveningNor do I believe that Noah and Ammy would have traveled 20 miles in 25 minutes during said snowstorm Most people would have found a hotel in town instead of trying to drive home to begin with especially given that both of them would have been too late for their respective engagements anyway And that's not even taking into account the ridiculous seuence of events that led up to that point such as how they managed to sneak off of a stalled Amtrack train without setting off a buttload of alarms or the fact that apparently in this book the sun has fully risen by 702 am in early January in New York or at least risen enough to warm up a hotel room and blind someone walking out the door of said hotel roomDoes it really take that much extra time to read for these kinds of details? To Google something as simple as what time the sun rises in early January in New York oh hey I did it just this afternoon and found out that the sun rose at 719 am this morning January 23rd which is three whole weeks after the day this book takes place? Or to craft a story that doesn't depend so heavily on events that simply wouldn't happen in real life?Maybe this is a nitpick on my part maybe most people don't care but dear Lord I do So yeah I guess that's about it Bottom line Definitely not my kind of book

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    This was so cute I was wavering between a 45 and a 5 but the 5 won out The characters really bothered me at the beginning They were so fucking stupid but they really grew on me I got so angry at their thinking sometimes until I realized I've thought the exact same things The only difference between us is that I was their age 67 years ago and I've had time to realize how shitty that kind of thinking is They were me when I was a teenager Once I took a step back and put myself back in that mindset I was less angry and much understanding This is the second book by Leah Konen I've read and I've loved both of them

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    I do enjoy a story with a known and specific time frame to it so I was pretty eager to get to it I liked Noah He’s sweet and maybe a bit nerdy but pretty adorable Ammy is smart and loyal and having a hard time with what’s going on in her life Because of that she lashes out A lot So much that I struggled to root for her Plot wise it was like a YA Planes Trains and Automobiles I enjoyed all of the little mishaps and obstacles they had to deal with There is a slight reveal that I wasn’t expecting and how that’s handled was frustrating and satisfying at the same time Overall I did want to love this book like crazy but just couldn’t fully get behind Amy’s journey Huge thanks to Katherine Tegen Books for providing the arc free of charge

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    Not even halfway done when I decided to write this review and haven't changed anything since then if that tells you anything Love and Other Train Wrecks begins on a train with Ammy heading to her father's wedding with his new wife On the train she meets Noah a boy on his way home to try to win his ex girlfriend back with flowers and a romantic plan in hand A massive snowstorm is happening and soon the train breaks down With a leap of faith Ammy and Noah head off the train trying to find other ways to get back home in timeI'm just not a fan I went into this book expecting a nice fun and cute YA read What I got wasn't any of those things except for the fact that this book is indeed YA My issue might start from the fact that I don't like 24 hour romance books in the first place They are the ultimate of insta love and I will never be behind it If I knew this was one of those before I started I might not have botheredThe thing is the romance is not good at all and neither are the two main characters together Ammy is cynical about love while Noah is a hopeless romantic Ammy is also pretty pretentious and rude almost the whole time blaming Noah for every bad thing that happens on their adventure and being an all around jerk which using her parents divorce as an excuse to be a judgemental person Put a sign on her that says no fun allowed zone Noah of course is a pushover who never stops saying sorry for things that aren't even his fault Besides that I didn't hate him as much as Ammy But my GOD was the dialogue between them so cheesyPlus what is the deal with all The Hunger Games hate? Around the first few times I was going to let it slide but it kept weirdly going on for Ammy to insult Noah for liking it and then for Noah to realize that The Hunger Games isn't proper literature at all ??? Bro this book itself is a YOUNG ADULT novel get out of here with thatAs for their adventures of trying to get home after their train breaking down and them getting lost it was fun I had a few laughs at all the issues that came up but at one point I had to throw out my suspension of disbelieve There were also a LOT of coincidences and things that just worked out too perfectly Some things weren't that believable at all but I'm not going to get too hung up on it Paintings are supposed to be pretty I argue They're supposed to wow you Books are supposed to remind you that life is hard for everyone That other people have it even worse than you I know you know that because you love reading as much as I do”Art isn't meant to be just pretty and to say that was insulting to every artist who puts their heart and soul into making artwork that goes beyond being pretty And there are many different reasons for reading a book and not every single one of them is to remind you that everyone has it worse I love to read Say my favorite thing to read is books about cats and only about cats Do I suddenly not love to read because I'm not reading a book that reminds me life is hard? The idea of reading for enjoyment shocks me tooThis book was an actual train wreck and I'm not into it

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    Noah is a precious little bun that just needs to be protected at all costs I'm kind of confused at how I want to rate this because it did make me think it was so stinking cute but it kind of was just an alright kind of story So I think 3 stars its gonna be which makes me sad but it seems about right

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    This book was just okay in my opinion I really hoped there would be to the story and I felt a bit disappointed in the end The characters Ammy especially definitely mature throughout the book and I was glad for this The big plot twist was a bit of a shocker but I wasn't the biggest fan I would have preferred something else The ending was in some way what I hoped maybe the author could have given us a little something though

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    The only thing I liked about this book was its cover

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    I really enjoyed Konen's last book The Romantics and had high hopes for this book I am happy to report that Love and Other Train Wrecks delighted me in many of the same ways•Pro Noah was a sweet cupcake and I loved him He was not perfect as I found out but he had a huge and beautiful if slightly misguided heart •Pro I loved the dynamic between Ammy and Noah Eavesdropping on their conversations was uite a treat and seeing them go from strangers to enemies to friends to warmed my heart •Pro Both Ammy and Noah were nursing some serious guilt and Konen's slow reveal really had uite an impact •Pro This was a physical and emotional journey for both Ammy and Noah As they shared their stories with each other they realized a lot of important things about themselves •Pro There is a lot of bookish love in this story as both Ammy and Noah are book lovers I have to award bonus points for that •Pro There were some humorous travel snafus a la Planes Trains and Automobiles I felt bad to for Ammy and Noah but I also couldn't hold back my laughter •Pro The duel point of view was used uite well and I was especially fond of when Konen had those little overlaps I love when we get to experience the same moment from both POVs •Pro I am going to give Konen a round of applause for that big speed bump she threw in there I did NOT see that coming •Pro The ending is a big YES from me If you read this you will understand a why I liked it so much hint I got closureOverall This was a trip worth taking I really enjoyed making this journey with Ammy and Noah as each of them unpacked some of their emotional luggage and filled in those spaces with much better thingsI would like to thank the publisher for the review copy of this book BLOG | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN | FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS