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In this meticulously researched and absorbing biography Arthur Kahn brings Caesar alive and explores the spirit of his age with intensity illuminating the politics the technological and scientific developments military struggles and the artistic and philosophical ferment

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    These pointsIt will help to have a knowledge of how the Roman republic was set up that is its magistrates key offices the Senate Comitia Centuriata and Comitia Tributa Little of this is explained to the reader who is presumed to know this After which the reader will benefit in learning how the army operated legions cohorts and the like Knowing this well in you go Experiencing the violent turbulence of the last century of the Republic’s existence Caesar learned much and benefited from it hence the title He’s only young for a few chapters The main story is his biography where he went what he did In the background is the conflict freuently violent with riots and murders between the optimates and populares or if you will the well to do and the less wealthy Caesar championed the latter The author describes the wealthy party and its government as an oligarchy and explains what it does in terms of what typical oligarchies do reckon he doesn’t like ‘em Much of how Caesar thought seems to have been influenced by Epicureanism uotes from the period greats are found in the text as they may have related to JC Battles are fought and won or lost There isn’t much about the movements or tactics There probably isn’t that much information about them available two millennia later Everything you may have read or leaned about Cicero and Cataline in your third year Latin is tossed out the window The author sums Cicero up as a “trimmer” A major point which stuck with me is Caesar’s generosity in victory He seemed to have a game plan to restructure the Republic and this did not sit well with the hide bound aristocratic oligarchs who stood to lose big sesterces under this so that explains the Ides of March People are either “Caesarphiles” or “Caesarphobes” The epilogue tells where the author stands

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    Incredibly long and meandering biography of Caesar's life and not just his school years Sometimes the endnotes had nothing to do with the text it supposedly supported Yes I'm weird enough to read the endnotes Many uotes not attributed There are so many other biographies of Julius Caesar out there Skip this and read thoseOne good thing you'll be so happy when this book is done

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    Very well written The author was knowledgable did his research and presented it in a factual yet compelling manner I never thought that I was reading a novel but it was not a dry non fiction book either Also presented many sides of issues and left the reader to interpret available factsevidence rather than telling the reader what to think of Caesar's life Also included enough background information to put his life properly in context but did not overwhelm with meaningless historical trivia

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    This biography of Julius Caesar is a bit like one of Bob Woodward's instant histories in that the author plausibly fleshes out such facts as can be documented For one unfamiliar with Caesar or the late Republic this is a readable and interestingly opinionated introduction