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Skilled sculpted and sexy the men of adult entertainment are the kind of guys a woman reserves for her fantasies not her reality But is there to these professional hotties than meets the eye?The day Robyn Flores meets Zac Fallon is one of those days You know when you’re already late for work Mostly because you haven’t really slept since your best friend abandoned you for her fiancé and her exponentially better life The kind of day you drag yourself to the cleaners to pick up your laundry only to discover you’ve got the wrong bag—Star Spangled seuined thong anyone? So Robyn is definitely not ready for the ridiculously gorgeous guy at her front door except that they have each other’s clothes But then is any woman ever ready to meet the love of her life?There’s just one problem Zac Fallon is not the love of Robyn’s life Zac knows despite the all too intimate dinner they share he doesn’t have a shot at her Because the next time Zac sees Robyn he’s front and center of the male revue headlining her best friend’s bachelorette party So much for wooing the pretty schoolteacher much less impressing her old fashioned family with his upstanding lifestyle Now he’s only got one way to win his dream girl It’s gonna be the steamiest most irresistible seduction she’s ever seen And this time it will be no act

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    I'm a little biased I suppose ;

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    Originally posted at Booklovers For LifeI had such high hopes for Stripped – I mean a stripper and a fifth grade teacher? To say I was intrigued would be an understatement and I ended up adoring Fallon and Robyn Their romance was surprisingly so much sweeter than I expected but just as dirty and sexy as I was hoping a stripper romance would be It was so easy to fall into the story the writing the characters Zoey Castile is a new author you don’t want to miss And if you’re a fan of Magic Mike you absolutely need to read StrippedRobyn Flores’ life is a bit of a mess She’s an elementary school teacher who is perpetually late getting to work She used to have plans growing up on how exactly her life would turn out and it’s all spiraled out from under her But things start to change when she finds a seuined thong in her laundry a thong that belongs to her next door neighbor who is also one of the strippers who shows up at her best friend’s bachelorette partyFallon is not ashamed of being a stripper and why should he be? He embraces his job that has led him to become successful and comfortable in life a change from his childhood He sees no shame in what he does though he hates that people disrespect him and look down on him when they find out what he does for a living He and Robyn feel an instant connection the moment they meet and the chemistry between them is on fire I loved every moment they were together as they banter with each other and form a closer bond Fallon is absolutely perfect for Robyn with the way he treats her so preciously The way he embraces his job helps Robyn discover and embrace her own true passion in life Robyn frustrated me a bit with her back and forth – in both life and with Fallon – but that was balanced out by how kindhearted Fallon was Stripped was surprisingly low on drama but it worked for their storyAs far as first books in a series go Stripped was fantastic It was entertaining funny but also had its meaningful moments Also Zoey Castile is way too talented at writing stripper scenes because they just come to life right out of the pages And they are HOT I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for her readers with the rest of the series and I’m so excited to see strippers fall in love Thanks to the publisher for generously providing me a copy to review Ebook Paperback this review? Subscribe to Booklovers For Life for

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    Who thought I would ever read a book about a male stripper hero? Certainly not me Stripped was at the top of my most anticipated romance reads of the year and Zoey Castille's romance debut totally swept me off my feet It was funny charming and oh so sexyI'm going to start this review by raving about Fallon the said stripper I have to say he was top book boyfriend material for me He was someone who rose up from a rather sad childhood to become someone successful and comfortable The guy had the kindest heart ever and I loved how pure and precious he was He knew that being a stripper wasn't a job that brought him glory or earned him the respect of people around him but Fallon was entirely satisfied with his job that not only paid him well but also allowed him to travel the world I loved that he wasn't ashamed of his profession and instead completely embraced it The guy totally had the moves outside of the performing stage too and ugh I was so in love with him Actually if I'm being honest I fell in love with him the minute I found out he had a husky puppy which was very early on in the book I have no shame Robyn his neighbor and love interest was of a hot mess Growing up she had a vision and clear plan of what her life would look like Unfortunately she was at a place in her life that she was not satisfied with She was repeatedly late to her job as an elementary school teacher and was sometimes at odds with her best friend who seemed to have turned her life around in the best way I'll admit that there were times that I found Robyn's behavior a little careless especially when it came to being late to school I did understand where she was coming from but I wish she had made the decision to go after her dreams without burdening the kids and their education Despite that I did end up liking Robyn because she was humorous and witty She also slowly began to figure out what she truly wanted to do with her life as well as tried to make amends with her friendFallon and Robyn's romance was my favorite part of Stripped There were elements that made it almost close to insta romance but I found it to be believable in this case The chemistry between the two was on fire and their banter truly entertaining It was just a delight for me to read their interactions which was probably why I sped through this book in a matter of hours The dramaconflict in the book was also rather low key which I appreciated Stripped was also steamy as hell but than the bedroom scenes I found Fallon's performances to be sexier Zoey Castille does an amazing job at describing those scenes and you should read the book just for them The secondary cast here was also a lot of fun I liked meeting Fallon's coworkers and getting acuainted with their different personalities I can't wait to read their booksStripped was a great start to the Happy Endings series and I'm looking forward to seeing what Zoey Castille has up her sleeves with the future books If you like Magic Mike and romantic comedies you've got to read this book

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    My 3s are the weirdest rating shelf is gonna be so longThere were things that I wasn't in love with about the writing style too much repetition and restating It started undeniably cute and I thought the heroine was really interesting The hero was how do they say a cinnamon roll mostly? He's a stripper she's a teacher He's ready to settle down tale as old as timeShe's a bit of a mess this is on my 'i will forget your names by morning' shelf for a good reason feeling overwhelmed and buried and not able to keep on her internal mess that is uickly turning external she's turning into a bad friend self centered It was an oddly mysterious storyline until the hero Fallon thank god said to her It sounds like you're depressed And I thought hallelujah She's isolating herself has no will or direction to get things done feels off doesn't know what's wrong with her I thought interestingGuess where that went? No where Into the loving arms of her beau into a life where she upends everything she's doing I guess it felt a little minimized where I think it's a very big deal And someone was pretty right with what's up with her And true situations can change and make one have a different outlook I suppose but I just didn't trust it I just didn'tThen there was the bitches A principal who kept hitting on her her friends and other women ganging up on her and 'outing' her boyfriend as a stripper And I thought ah c'mon where this felt like it was going to be a book with meaningful secondary relationships it wasn't Instead we're given reasons those relationships just don't stand up to her and the heroAnd there's The hero's a stripper and she gets pulled on stage The hero's a stripper and there's a bachelorette party she's at where said hero is dancing for a bride who cannot stand the thought Since these situations are the things of nightmares hey I have been pulled on stage before and I 'd be mortified if strange men tried to dance on me Not fun but ok Fine sometimes a stripper novel won't appeal to meBut the hero has this has a husky puppy This might be an insane thing to nitpick on but I take pet owning a little too far He leaves the puppy alone a lot And then basically lets the puppy out to potty the dog is a fricking husky In a new york apartment Then he leaves the dog alone again to get laidI get that it's supposed to signify his care and commitment but instead it's a big old 'half assed' look for the hero And he's got these weird temper flares because of his insecurity And they didn't workSo 275 to 3 I'll try again It was just disappointing in the end

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    That was fun Actual rating is somewhere between 3 4★ Stripped is the perfect romcom to read in an afternoon on the beach maybe with a cocktail nearby Don't expect too much besides laughing giggling and a little bit of drooling while imagining the hero to be Magic Mike There's no actual drama so the story is pink and fluffy Both main characters have amazing banter and chemistry and the heroine is just a beautiful hot mess I don't know what else to tell you about it besides the fact that I really enjoyed it I felt good reading it and i would definitely recommend it when you need a light read ARC provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Robyn Flores schoolteacher is floundering She’s depressed struggling to focus on work and her personal life she can’t sleep and she’s barely holding on by a thread When a laundry mixup involving a very patriotic thong ends up bringing her into contact with her neighbor Zach Fallon sparks fly Fallon’s just gotten home from a night at ye olde strip club and seeing his beautiful neighbor in her robe captivates him and he asks her out And she promptly rejects him C’mon y’all know it’s never an easy road to an HEA folks but yes romance happens Now I’m going to try and keep this review simple Ok fine We’ll see if I manage to keep it under novella length shall we?The Good Latinx author and heroine Zoey Castile was born in Ecuador raised in ueens and I adore that she’s worked her corner of New York into her story Robyn is Latinx and it’s woven seamlessly into her character’s history without big neon Yes I love the diverse cast of characters that NYC vibe and how it all works to make a very interesting backdrop to this romance Magic Mike meets Bridesmaids? I’m in Robyn’s struggles in particular her depression has led to an estrangement from her best friend Lily and it was giving me strong strong Kristen WiigMaya Rudolph’s friendship from Bridesmaids vibes While I would have loved to see of them together on that later their friendship felt genuine and I especially liked that they still had each other’s backs when it really mattered Fallon’s a sweet hero I have pretty straightforward tastes If you give me great Firsts and a hero who is ALL IN for his heroine I’m usually a very happy romance reader He’s adorable ripped for days and hot for his woman Yeah I loved himThe Badish Pacing I would have loved to have seen time spent building up their relationship especially in the beginning Their meet cute really did set up a good foundation and I loved that time was spent by both characters in scenes outside the relationship However the way their relationship developed stutter stopped with the transition between every step just a bit off The subplots involving his job and hers were appreciated though they weren’t developed beyond the necessary and the ending was rushed Everything in Between Bonus points for the chapter title names Made me want to go out and listen to them all on a playlist I want I liked the supporting characters or at least what I saw of them Aiden is a standout and I completely understand why he’s getting his own HEA and I’m ready and waiting because I really liked Robyn and Fallon’s romance The Bridesmaids meets Magic Mike with vibe was entertaining and made me close my kindle with a smile That’s all I can ask for I’d recommend for rom com fans and I’m looking forward to the next oneARC provided by publisher via netgalley for reviewFor reviews visit

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    I received a copy of this book from the authorpublisher in exchange for an honest review  I have been dying to get my little paws on Stripped ever since the publishing deal for this series was announced I mean a 'Magic Mike' inspired romance set in NYC need I say ? I live for stripper romances and though I wasn't particularly a fan of Magic Mike the movie I had high hopes that Zoey Castile would deliver with this movie inspired romanceRobyn Flores' life is a mess She's unhappy with her job her social life is lonely now that her best friend is getting married and she feels like she's lost her sense of purpose Things take a turn when a mishap between Robyn and her new sexy neighbor Zac Fallon takes place and sparks fly between the pair Since neither one is in the right place to start a new relationship they make an arrangement to enjoy each other's company until Zac has to leave for his new gig But when Zac has to leave earlier than expected will these two be able to go their separate ways as easily as they had hoped?I had high hopes that Zoey Castile would not let me down with this book and I am happy to say that she did not disappoint  Stripped was the perfect blend of sexy and sweet and I couldn't get enough I just want to say that this story takes place in Astoria which is not too far from where I live and never have I ever seen any guys like Zac up in those part of the hood Like are y'all hiding them somewhere and if so can you hook a girl up please? Tangent aside I love the fact that this book takes place in a setting that I am familiar with It's so rare that I ever read a book that sets in my part of NYC The writing was on point and I swear this shit was like crack because I had a hard time removing my eReader from my hand There were so many laughable heartfelt moments that left me smiling and then there were the down right sexy scenes that left me heated My favorite parts have to be all the stripper scenes Like I ain't even ashamed but the visuals in those scenes had me living I loved both of our main characters Robyn is such a relatable character and I feel like we're both in similar places in our lives Throughout this book she tries to find her passion again and learns to take risks she wouldn't normally take And then we have Zac who is also struggling with happiness because although he loves being a stripper it's not giving him the joy he once used to feel You guys I fell so hard for Zac He is a dream babe The romance is a bit insta lovey but it worked for me so I didn't mind it Also the chemistry between Zac and Robyn is sizzling I can't wait to read the next book in the Happy Endings series I'm sure it will be just as addicting as the first book

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    Song for summary Wild Thoughts by DJ KhaledA steamy read The characters are amusing flirtatious and shameless; while the plot is a rowdy and entertaining journey that follows the unlikely romance between a chaotic fifth grade teacher and one sexy male stripper The author does a great job of unearthing the uniue and dynamic brotherhood that lies beneath the glitter seuinned thongs and shallow partying of the world of exotic dancing A fun and fresh love story; Stripped shows us just how crazy love can get when two people from two very different worlds come crashing together

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    Fallon is the perfect mix of sweet and sexy the kind that is so rare to find he might as well be a fucking unicorn Where the hell has Zoey Castile been all my life? Yeah you guessed it The cover and title caught my attention and the synopsis closed the deal I tried a new author and now she'll have a new stalkerI mean reader I absolutely adore this story and the support characters are so incredible that I'm already jonesing for what they have in store for me next The line forms hereMy attention was caught from the very first chapter It was so uniue and hilarious that I'll be remembering it for a long time to come What an introduction to Fallon and Robyn it was and it just got better and better from there The author's writing style is so smooth I just fell into the world of Stripped and before I realized it I was on the last page Am I the only one who does this when they can't accept that it's over? I just kept tapping my Kindle hoping that if I wished hard enough the next tap would produce an extra chaptersigh I guess I'll just have to be content with delicious anticipation as I wait for my next #HappyEnding

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    I didn't really get this? Like sure two people who aren't really happy with their lives meet and decide to start over together sure It happens very fast but whatever But I don't really get when they fell in love or why? I kept expecting to see it happen and then it never really did in a believable way for me