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In A Future World Rife With Decay And Destruction, Killy Is A Man Of Few Words Who Packs One Very Powerful Gun He Wanders An Endless Labyrinth Of Cyberdungeons Filled With Concrete And Steel, Fighting Off Cyborgs And Other Bizarre Silicate Creatures Everyone Is Searching For The Net Terminal Genes, But No One Is Quite Certain What Kind Of Power They Contain The Answer May Lie Hidden Among The Scattered Human Settlements Of This Vast And Desolate Future World

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    I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.A lot of the comics and manga I ve read are passable, or even good.Others are excellent and exceed my expectations.But for the first time, something so profound and beautifully stylised has come along or has been around for a long time and blown my mind.This is a manga with fantastic drawings that set an atmosphere I haven t encountered since the mystique of Blade Runner This manga is an author s blood, sweat and tears poured into an artwork that took him six years to complete And you can feel its beauty seeping at the edges of every page.Unlike anything else I ve read before, this work of art does not hand you the story up front it gives you an atmosphere, a drawing and a tiny smattering of dialogue to fit the pieces together Blame contains one of the most unique forms of narrative I ve ever experienced a narrative where you are the co author where you fill in the blanks and enrich the story with your own thoughts.Blame is filled with philosophical meanderings that aren t too forced or lacking in fact, it has the perfect blend of existential dread and kick ass action Most importantly, this manga is so personal In every frame featuring a life form you feel their sadness, distrust and anger shouting at you from the pages A must read for fans of cyberpunk and the existential elements that follow suit.

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    This has actually been the second time I was reading this Last June I read the Master Edition, which collects volume 1 and the first three chapters of volume 2 But it was terribly hot at the time and this is a challenging book So my brain, in a somewhat futile attempt to enable me to do some basic stuff of everyday life, switched all memory functions off, apparently Therefore a re read was in order, before I m continuing with this series.Well, these older editions are even challenging There s not a lot of text here Tsutomu Nihei basically gives you a lot of pretty artwork and a bad ass protagonist that doesn t talk much, but carries a very powerful gun, of which he makes extensive use while he s making his way up through the gigantic, vertically grown, post apocalyptic city, in search of the Net Terminal Genes Why And what exactly are the Net Terminal Genes No answers yet At least the text is giving you none You have to use your imagination.What complicates matters though, is that these older editions are harder to decipher than the Master Edition, which is already not an easy read itself While the art really looks very pretty, the lack of coloring and often times either busy or blurry panels, combined with the lack of text, make it pretty hard to make out what s actually going on When characters are only a blur albeit a nice looking one , there s barely any way of telling what happened to whom at some particular point.This book requires patience Towards the end there are a few hints at what might be going on here But I would totally understand if someone doesn t feel the urge to continue after this first volume I recommend to read the Master Edition, as it gives you a little information to work with And it also has reworked, refined artwork that makes it a little easier to decipher what s happening in the respective panels Nihei also changed the name of the protagonist and reworked some of the dialogue Though from what I ve seen, it doesn t make much of a difference.On to volume 2 This was a buddy read with Cathy, Rue and Tyler who were all reading the Master Edition Because they are clever And I am me.

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    This review goes for the whole series, there might be mild spoilers ahead.You re not gonna like this cyberpunk manga if you re into funny humorous stories, well developed likable characters and or ones you can identify with, witty dialogues and or dialogues in general, logical explanations and answers served to you on a golden plate, art that is pleasant to your eyes and full of diverse landscapes, any kind of action that is developed than an average shooting computer game, optimism.All above said, I shouldn t like it much myself But I loved it to the point that I finished 10 volumes in just two nights then again, it s not like there was a lot of reading What is it, making this graphic story so interesting First of all graphics, of course Quite messy in starting chapters, later it gets better and polished, and it gives you the feeling of endless bad dream that you can t escape biomechanical , concrete and steel megastructures, pipes, endless corridors, wires etc I am still not sure if it wasn t a virtual world somewhere deep in the Matrix, to be honest And there s some strange sinister beauty in this landscape that is definitely not human friendly Cyborgs, robots, AIs just awesome Strange, scarily anthropomorphic and zoomorphic creatures, alien and deadly I could read this manga just for those.Plot not that special, pretty much it s an endless quest for an item that barely exists, some kind of Holy Grail But the plot is not the most important thing here, while the depiction of this cold world is And it s all depicted in surprise graphics.Characters Killy and Cibo, who get a lot of damage and physical transformations and considering those of Cibo, I guess the psychological transformations as well We don t know about them much, we don t learn in the end They remained as mysterious as they were.This story leaves you with unanswered question in the end than you had in the beginning Who was Killy Was Cibo really who she said she was And Sanakan, what about her Was it even real world What with the timeline, was it linear Who was the child Killy saved in first chapter, who was his friend helping him And when did it really happen What about the ending I could give you of those.I like stories that are challenging and this one was definitely one of those Atmospheric art is a huge plus and it helps you to get inside the world I would wish for a different ending but then again it would be a different manga, and this one is just fine I m looking forward for Tsutomu Nihei s works, this guy is really interesting and promising mangaka.

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    This dark, gritty, alienating, violent cyberpunk manga is really good The artist Nihei is really gifted to draw buildings and he creates an empty world left with never ending growing buildings, metallic structures, and deadly creatures out to get you The structures and the Safeguards who were once protecting the population, are now out of control and kill everyone on sight, due to a virus the population was exposed to Killy is set to find a person whose genes Net Terminal Genes are uncorrupted by the virus in order to get back the control over the structures and the Safeguards since only such a person can access the control center During that time the Silicones, the official bad guys, keep causing troubles and want to stop Killy Thankfully, Killy is a powerful cyborg and makes friend along the way with Cibo a scientist.The manga has barely any dialogue, Blame is the kind of manga where you really have to pay attention to each image and even reread a few times the manga in order to really understand what is going on I think it is worth it.This is my review for the whole manga.

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    I m not much of a manga person but Blame was very enjoyable, loved his style, the massive structures, the designs of the androids creatures, etc There s not much dialogue but it fits well with the atmosphere and style.A journey through dark, cavernous superstructures, encounters with human dwellers, machines and murderous transhuman cyborgs.

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    I never seen a manga before that focus on image narration rather than normal character conversation It s makes the reader make guesses and figure out the plot for themselves rather than waiting for answers in the next chapter or so like those normal shoneen manga we normally read 5 starts possibly my next favorite Sci fi manga since Gantz.

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    Well, if this ain t another case of looking cool and artsy as hell while making zero sense I don t know what is One thing is certain though Killy is the kind of guy who pulls the trigger on his bomb ass gun a graviton beam emitter, no less , no questions asked Oh, and he s really tough, too.

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    This review stands for the entire series In short, the art is beatifully complex and the story is immensely bleak but there is quite a bit to enjoy here If you like dystopian stories then this might be one to check out The main character is pretty much a blank slate and the plot is relegated to a videogame like search for an item but the world building is awe inspiring and the art reinforces the tone Nihei works to create I sometimes found the action a tad hard to follow due to the absurdly complex art but most action scenes were well done and the character art is pleasingly unique One thing I should note is that if you are going to pick up the series, make sure to get the first two volumes at the same time The first volume is a good addition but doesn t give you almost any plot explanation or progression it s all intoduction.

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    CYBER PUNK TBH IDK what s happening But it s cool It s gonna take some chapters to understand and with all the gun fights I love it.Our main protagonist seems to be in a giant maze which has thousands of floors and he s trying to go up but there s no end.

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    Why would you spell something that is supposed to sound like Blam with this spelling Blame That is nothing compared to the confusing artwork It s imaginative, chaotic and futuritic with numerous impressive vistas, but the story throws you right into the action when you need some basis to understand what you re seeing The synopsis on the back cover says enough to get you started, though, and it s a breeze to skim through given that the text in this very review is probably as long as half of the text in the book.Killy, the main chracter, is on a journey to recover net terminal gene samples in a setting that has no plants or animals It s a construction strenching endlessly for untold levels He meets organic and synthetic enemies that want him gone, primarily the Authority whose role in this world is yet to be revealed Killy has a very powerful gun that helps him out of tough spots He leaves destruction in his wake as he makes his way toward higher levels in the construction His next stop is a place called Akima.