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Liz Eckardt new owner of the Olde Mansion Inn located in the idyllic town of Pleasant Creek Indiana has her hands full with guests and Beans her notoriously lazy bulldog When Beans uncovers a freshly buried stash on the inn’s property−an old love letter a Civil War era photograph and human bones Liz is determined to get to the bottom of the macabre find But how deep will she have to go to find the truth?With the help of her uilting friends the Material Girls and Pleasant Creek’s handsome mayor Jackson Cross Liz slowly unearths the clues that will lead her to the heart of the matter and to a local family’s secret that has been buried for over a century

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    This is the second book in the Amish Inn Mysteries This series is an Amish Cozy Mystery series I have read this book two times and I really enjoyed this book The main character is Liz Eckardt who is the Olde Mansion Inn owner Beans Liz Bulldog found a Civil War era photograph and human bones in the ground behind the Inn In this book Liz wants to find the truth behind the photo and human bones

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    I enjoyed this 2nd book in the Amish Inn Mysteries Liz is a great main character and there are plenty of excellent secondary characters among her friends and family I find the setting very appealing and the mystery storylines have been fast paced and interesting This series is different from the ones I usually read as the books are not all by the same author I wondered if that would affect the consistency of the series but no worries with that so far

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    Nice break from heavy subjects Characters are enjoyable

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    After her dog digs up some old bones and a picture and love letters Liz goes about uncovering who and what happens

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    Liz Eckardt's bulldog Beans digs up skeletal remains underneath the new business owners favorite resting bench beside a fragrant lilac bush in the backyard of the Olde Mansion Inn Pesky dog So begins book #2 in the Amish Inn Mysteries seriesThis book has historical background dating back to the Civil War genealogy involving a female soldier in the war between the states Arsenic poisoning a fight between competing Genealogists vying for historical credit a love story gone bad a wealthy male antagonist murderer wowtoo much to list Keeps you readingI truly enjoy this series It's light no vulgarity no gore and a cast of lovable eccentric characters Kudos th Annie's fiction

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    Liz has a bulldog named Beans and most of the time he is lazy But he digs up an old love letter a Civil War era photograph and human bones Liz tries to find out who the bones belong to and learn of the history of the woman in the photographWith the help of the Material Girls a group of women Liz included who get together to make different crafts and her newest friend Jackson Cross will she be able to find out who and why someone put those three things in her yard and find out what happened to Emma?People who love to read mysteries serials books written by Christians and chick books should enjoy this bookThis book can be read by anyone

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    Once I started reading I couldn't put this book down This is a great read if you like small town mysteries There's just the right amount of action so you don't get bored While the series is called Amish Inn Mysteries this particular book didn't have much to do with the Amish past mentioning the main character's Amish roots one Amish character mentioned in passing and a description of Amish presence in the town I love Amish books and this was not the same type I usually read The series is so good that's not a problem for me I can't wait to find in this series

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    Liz gets involved working to solve a really cold case dating back to the Civil War days When her dog Beans digs up some human bones in her courtyard it sets in motion a chain of events that will finally get justice for a wronged young woman This cozy is delightful for not only its intricate mystery but also for its enchanting array of characters

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    Same series different author but I still enjoyed the characters and the plot The books flowed together seamlessly There was less focus on the Amish details in this book but the historical aspects tied into the mystery were very interesting These are uick delightful summer reads

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    A great read Characters are real people who help each other Like most murder mysteries the main character Liz gets very involved Took a while to zero in on the guilty party A must read