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Fresh untouched Jewel considered herself lucky when she found shelter in a ribald tavern during a raging storm But after she had bathed and lay naked under clean sheets a towering stranger unlocked the door and confidently strode in and only then did the curvaceous beauty realize she'd been tricked Her heart raced when she felt his hard muscular form First the auburn haired innocent shook with fear and hatred as the arrogant male made free with her charms Then though she despised herself for it passion and excitement overwhelmed her and she matched his fiery desires Enchanted by a temptress from the moment Amery's emerald eyes gazed upon Jewel's lush figure starkly outlined by her rain drenched gown he knew he had to have her for the night The dashing womanizer arranged for her comfort then demanded she show her gratitude by entertaining him until dawn He always loved and left but somehow his strong arms got used to the feel of her soft curves his bronze skin needed her velvet touch And his powerful torso had to crush her perfect body No matter how much he fought it the lusty male couldn't help embracing her time and again and surrendering to the glorious pleasure of her irresistible Forbidden Magic

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    I cannot remember this book That says it all doesn't it?

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    CW rpeThough the writing was good and kept me mostly engaged I couldn't get past Amery raping Jewel Not just once but multiple times The characters too were mostly shallow and cliche Amery was an egotistical misogynistic idiot of a man with really no redeeming ualities And Jewel bless her heart was a simpering fool who cried constantly and had not a shred of common sense The plot was pretty ridiculous even for a romance novel And the culmination was too fast and pat I don't think I've read anything else by this author but I'd certainly give her another chance considering I enjoyed the prose and overall style of her writing especially with the use of old English in the dialogue

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    The hero Amery is a villain from his abusive and dishonorable treatment of the heroine Poor Jewel I warn you do NOT read this book if you are looking for romance And Amery damn you to hell