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Since the early nineteenth century the women of Gee’s Bend in southern Alabama have created stunning vibrant uilts In the only photo essay book about the uilts of Gee’s Bend for children award winning author Susan Goldman Rubin explores the history and culture of this fascinating group of women and their uniue uilting traditions Rubin uses meticulous research to offer an exclusive look at an important facet of African American art and culture   In the rural community of Gee’s Bend African American women have been making uilts for generations They use scraps of old overalls aprons and bleached cornmeal sacks—anything they can find Their traditions have been passed down through the decades Much to the women’s surprise a selection of the uilts was featured in an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston in 2002 The exhibition then traveled to the Whitney Museum in New York City “Eye poppingly gorgeous” wrote a critic for the New York Times about the exhibition He continued “Some of the most miraculous works of modern art America has produced” The Metropolitan Museum of Art will exhibit its newly acuired collection of Gee’s Bend uilts in 2017   Rubin is known for producing well researched highly praised and sophisticated biographies of artists and other important figures Through similar research The uilts of Gee’s Bend shares specifics about this rare community and its rich traditions allowing children to pause to consider history through the eyes of the people who lived it and through a legacy that is passed on to the next generation   This book should be of great interest to classrooms libraries and those interested in African American art in the United States in addition to uilting life in early emancipated colonies in the South and Gee’s Bends importance in the Civil Right’s movement The uilts and the incredible stories behind them are powerful motivators for anyone who wishes to accomplish anything A map directions on how to make a uilt suare endnotes and an index round out this stunning nonfiction book

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    Impulse choice at the library Thought I'd skim for the pix but the text is fascinating I mean for example I know that tenant farmers have had it hard but the author makes clear that because blacks were powerless in some ways some of them could become even worse off than their slave ancestorsAnd the pictures of the uilts are indeed wonderfulAnd there's no reason that many of us couldn't use scraps remnants worn out clothes both from our own household and from thrift charity shops to make similar uilts The three patchwork uilts that I made for my sons were easy thrifty and are still beloved nothing artful like these ladies' creations but something anyone could doLots of back matter including instructions how to get started making your own But I think the instructions are unclear you'll likely want to use one of the myriad other books or online tutorials when you beginBtw there are two kinds of uilting Here we're talking about patchwork uilts The kind of bed covering you buy in a store with stitching all over a solid piece of fabric is something else not nearly as interesting or budget or earth friendly

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    This is a gorgeous and inspiring look at the uilts of Gee's Bend their history and the people who made them It is kept pretty simple because it is meant for children but the tragedy and suffering of these ladies and their families is not whitewashed I would have liked information about each of the ladies who made the uilts but there are books for adults that have that I recommend this book not just to children interested in history art or crafts but for adults with interests in the same areas It is a great introduction to the uilts keep an eye out because an exhibit could come to a museum near you I was so fortunate as to see some of them in the Wiregrass Museum of Art in Dothan AL And if you are a uilter you surely will find the uilts fascinating This book will serve as a good reminder of why uilts were made to begin with and what they were made of

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    Vibrant colorful photography combines with interesting narrative text in this nonfiction picture book that tells the story of a group of African Americans who created beautiful uilts on a plantation in Alabama The descendants of slaves these people farmed the land and worked very hard Making uilts was social entertainment and also a necessary task to keep their homes and families warm and comfortable As time went on through the Civil Rights era these uilts were discovered for the amazing works of art that they are This well researched book shares their story This is a nice nonfiction resource to share with middle grade readers

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    I loved seeing the uilts and their creators and learning the history of Gee's Benders This book brought me into a glimpse of how hard it was for tenant farmers and how inspired motivated and driven they were by Martin Luther King Jr There's even instructions in the back to make your own uilt block and turn it into a full uilt

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    I would like to write kid's non fiction This is a great example of that I love the uilt pictures and that she brought this story to light It also inspired me to start uilting again If these hard working poor monitarily women can do it I certainly can also

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    I believe that this book would be wonderful for students to go along with the social studies unit on family history and traditions The book being a photo essay book brings lots of images to life with descriptions about the uilts themselves the stories behind the uilts and a little bit of information about the creators of the uilts I would include the twin text of The Keeping uilt by Patricia Polacco as well In The Keeping uilt we see how a family collected items from a child's life and put them together into a uilt Items included a dress and a babushka or shawl The family used the uilt over the years for many different things all while remembering the items from which it was made I would have the students create their own uilt for an activity The students would simply start with construction paper and on each piece they would think of an item that could be cut down from their past or present family and illustrate it on each piece Some examples of items could be clothes bibs or blankets They would then glue the pieces together and be able to share it with the class giving their reason for choosing each part and why they feel it would be important enough to include in their uiltPolacco P 2013 The keeping uilt New York Toronto Ontario Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers

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    I enjoyed this book but I can't imagine it will find a very large juvenile audience

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    A fascinating story of how these dazzlingly creative uilts carefully and lovingly stitched by descendants of slaves in Gee's Bend Alabama ended up hanging in the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City Amazing the positive influence and inspiration we can be for each other if we want to be Hooray for the women of Gee's Bend and their stunning uilts

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    Lots of great information and full page photos of the uilts but it does seem like it is missing a through line to keep kids engaged in the story

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    A handsomely illustrated history of the women who uilted over the years at Gee's Bend Alabama They started during the time of slavery and continued as a community through the years supporting each other and teaching the next generation of uilter artists It's a compelling read for one with some knowledge of the history; perhaps a bit dry for young readers One photo seems to be incorrectly captioned