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Also Known As Two Pearls Of Wisdom, Eon Rise Of The Dragoneye, And Eon All The Same Book Just Published With Different Publishers Swordplay, Dragon Magic And A Hero With A Desperate SecretTwelve Year Old Eon Has Been In Training For Years His Intensive Study Of Dragon Magic, Based On East Asian Astrology, Involves Two Kinds Of Skills Sword Work And Magical Aptitude He And His Master Hope That He Will Be Chosen As A Dragoneye An Apprentice To One Of The Twelve Energy Dragons Of Good Fortune But Eon Has A Dangerous Secret He Is Actually Eona, A Sixteen Year Old Girl Who Has Been Masquerading As A Boy For The Chance To Become A Dragoneye Females Are Forbidden To Use Dragon Magic If Anyone Discovers She Has Been Hiding In Plain Sight, Her Death Is AssuredWhen Eon S Secret Threatens To Come To Light, She And Her Allies Are Plunged Into Grave Danger And A Deadly Struggle For The Imperial Throne Eon Must Find The Strength And Inner Power To Battle Those Who Want To Take Her Magicand Her Life

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    Even a cornered rabbit will fight with teeth and claws If you like the sound of really good fantasy that is steeped in a unique blend of Chinese and Japanese mythology, the world Alison Goodman has created should be next on your list Vivid, colourful and highly imaginative But you might want to make sure you have the even amazing sequel lined up for when you re done.How refreshing it is to be completely surprised by a story, to not be able to predict where the plot will take me next, to not be bombarded with insta love and cringy romance I cannot tell you how often while reading this I said a silent thanks to Ms Goodman for being so original The politics of this book also drew me in in a way that many other fantasy books completely failed to do It was so interesting The aristocracy here is full of liars and backstabbers and people out for what they could get.This combined with the fantasy aspect of the dragons which I didn t really expect to love that much was superb It was the perfect blend of political upheaval and magic.In this exciting new world, Eon is one of the candidates to become the next Dragoneye apprentice He knows his chances of success are slim after being crippled, but it s much than that Because Eon is actually Eona, a girl, forbidden to be a Dragoneye warrior and facing certain death if her secret is uncovered In a bizarre series of events, Eona ends up being thrown into the limelight, blackmailed and used as a weapon by opposing sides, and caught in the middle of a battle for power that she may be the only one with the ability to stop How brief and hidden were the moments of destiny Eona is an incredible character, driven by a mixture of loyalties and the desperate desire to survive in a world that is against her She is the kind of heroine that you really want to succeed and it matters a great deal what happens to her and where this story takes her There are not many books as unique and enchanting as this one and the sequel is all of that and .

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    I hardly ever read straightforward fantasy, but every once in awhile a book comes along that blows right past all my usual objections to become a new favorite As gently but strongly as a wisp of incense, Eon beckoned until I was completely in the thrall of its magic, and I hate to think how sad my life would be if didn t have this vividly imaginative novel in it.For years, 16 year old Eon has been training to be a Dragoneye apprentice, a coveted position in which the student serves as the conduit between energy dragons and the human world Eon s whole way of life is cloaked in secrecy and danger, however, because Eon is actually Eona a girl forced by necessity to live her life as a boy If her secret were discovered, her life would be danger, as well as the lives of those around her To make impossible odds even impossible, Eona is also crippled, so the deck is very much stacked against her But on the day the apprentices are chosen, it is revealed that Eona has the unusual ability of seeing all the energy dragons, not just one and she is chosen by the powerful Mirror Dragon, a being that has not been seen in hundreds of years There are gorgeous dragons and epic sword battles, all against the backdrop of an incredible setting that takes its influences from a blend of Japanese and Chinese cultures, but is still a unique world of its own I really like the idea of stories with girls disguised as boys, and though the concept is certainly nothing new, it s definitely not something we see too much in young adult literature What makes this an exceptional book is the intricate tapestry of characters and themes that are deftly woven together, as well richly textured and evocative writing You can practically hear the whisper of heavy silk robes and see the glow of majestic dragons as you read this book, and every night when I closed my eyes, I kept thinking about the creak of wooden wagons and the clang of swords that I d read about that day You are wrong when you say there is no power in being a woman When I think of my mother and the women in my tribe, and the hidden women in the harem, I know there are many types of power in this worldI found power in accepting the truth of who I am It may not be a truth that others can accept, but I cannot live any other way. For me, the book s greatest strength is its depiction of gender and the roles that women play in a parochial society This is definitely a novel for mature young adult fans because of the situations and themes explored with transgendered characters, eunuchs, forced intimacy, and physical assault I found it fascinating that the author chose to write a book focusing on a world where power is forbidden to women, and my favorite character was the indelible Lady Dela, Eona s contraire mentor who is a man living as a womanwho is in love with a noble eunuch I mean, really Who could fail to be intrigued by such a scenario And who could fail to admire the gutsiness of a YA author in exploring such impossible loves The book is by no means perfect, however Eon has a problem connecting with her dragon, and as soon as the problem was presented, I knew immediately as I suspect most readers will what the issue was So it was frustrating to watch her further sabotage herself for several hundred pages before she finally realizes what the solution is near the end view spoiler Just say no, Eona hide spoiler

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    When I first started this book, I was like,Then I read some , and I became like this Thankfully, before I went completely bald, the shit hit the fan, and it was THE END This book and I have a long and complicated history About two years ago, a friend from the UK was visiting and she left behind a book called The Two Pearls of Wisdom She told me I HAD to read it, and as I tend to do with most paperbacks, I shoved it in the black hole I call a bookcase and promptly forgot it existed.Fast forward two years later, to when my book goddess Tatiana writes a glowing review of a fantasy novel called Eon Dragoneye Reborn Enthusiastic as always, I rush off to order the book, and while I m waiting eagerly for it to arrive, I decide to sort through the overflowing mess of books in my room I come across The Two Pearls of Wisdom, and while I m randomly flipping pages, a name leaps out and stabs me in the eye Eon I read the synopsis in disbelief and log on to Goodreads to see that my terrible suspicion is true The Two Pearls of Wisdom is, in fact, the original title of Eon Dragoneye Reborn.As I said, this book inspired a variety of emotions in me, most of them extreme Ah, the hallmark of a great book , you think But the truth is, I almost gave this book whispers three stars Seriously, when I was halfway through the story, I thought I might have an apoplexy and splatter my overtaxed brains across the walls Now there s a pretty image for you Eon is not an easy character to like He doesn t have the easy courage of a Katniss, or the admirable and stoic, heroism of a Harry Potter He is a little too real, if there can be such a thing As the unprepared victim of political intrigue and power games, he is unwilling to accept the responsibility that has been thrust upon him Expecting to be an apprentice, one of twelve and schooled by a Dragoneye, he is instead thrust into the position of Co Ascendant, expected to govern the Council and prevent the usurpation of the Emperor s throne While Eon s fright and denial of the burden placed on him were beautifully drawn, and only mildly irritating, it was his attempts to reach his dragon that truly tried my patience As a reader, you are well aware that Eon s continued consumption of the Sun drug, and his denial of his femininity, are distancing him from his dragon but since Eon continues to struggle against this obvious conclusion for several chapters, it leads to a sort of hideous, helpless frustration on the poor reader s part Combined with the general passivity of his characterization, I found it very hard to like him indeed It is not until the very end that Eon begins to accept responsibility for his decisions and moves up from pawn to queen But I am still not ready to forgive an entire book where the protagonist is subject to the whims of other people and gets tossed around like a leaf in a high gale with no motivating force of his own The reason I refer to Eon as a he, instead of a she, is because Goodman has skilfully portrayed him as a boy throughout the novel Except for occasional thoughts about his hidden womanhood, Eon never deviates from the path of manhood The main thing that earned this book four stars is the sheer diversity of its mythos and characters Unlike the large majority of Western focused SFF, Eon derives its mythos from Chinese and Japanese culture It is a viciously alien but colorful amalgamation of forced castrations, transvestites, bonded labour and magical energy There is a LOT of world building to process is in this book, but a familiarity with Chinese culture and history, and the sheer fascination of immersing myself in a world so far out of the norm, helped it all go down easy,Eon was a difficult book emotionally, but it was gripping and edgy and real Definitely a must read, if you haven t already.

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    Well, I hope you re happy Tatiana, Penny and everyone else who convinced me to read this book I hope you re REAL happy They probably look something like this right now I just spent the last five hours reading this book and freaking the hell out I swear the tension, anxiety and heart palpitations did not stop until the last page Right up to the end I was clutching my chest like some kind of heart patient in desperate need of a quadruple bypass.The big themes in this novel centre on sexuality, gender roles and personal identity so get ready to get a little confused about whether you need to pee standing up or sitting down.Although, the Sheewee and P mate have erased most of the need to worry about squatting if you do decide that you are, after all, a sitterThen again, there is another option image error

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    As seen on The ReadventurerWhen it comes to fantasy, I am a fan of the softer, girlier type, heavy on romance and relationships and lighter on mythology, magic and dragons That s why it is such a surprise I liked this book so much, because Eon Dragoneye Reborn is very mythology oriented and prone to frequent info dumping especially in the beginning.At first, the story is reminiscent of Alanna The First Adventure Eon a is a 16 year old girl who pretends to be a 12 year old boy in order to have a chance of becoming a Dragoneye an apprentice to one of the 12 dragons The Dragoneye help channel and manipulate the dragons energies Eona has to conceal her sex because only men are allowed to be the Dragoneye and if her true identity is found out, her death is imminent Soon, however, the story becomes something 10 times exciting than Tamora Pierce ever offered Once the day when the ascending dragon chooses his new apprentice approaches, Eona finds herself at a center of a complex political intrigue that threatens the future of the whole country She has to make alliances, she has to pick the side she wants to be on, she has to make some tough decisions.Although I admit, I missed the romance and some tear inducing moments in this book, the impeccable, magnificent world created by Alison Goodman completely captured my imagination and made me forget about the slight deficiencies in characterization The world of the Empire of the Celestial Dragons is simply a magical mix of Chinese mythology and astrology, Feng Shui, Tai Chi meditation and various aspect of many Eastern cultures It is is very ceremonious, very precise and measured I particularly liked the whole concept of dragons that are essentially bodiless energies rather that fire spitting reptiles This alternative book cover is an epitome of how I imagine the world of Eon Isn t it gorgeous And don t let me forget to mention the gender bender twists in this book Not every YA novel has cross dressers, transsexuals and eunuchs in it Can t wait for the sequel Its cover is totally fierce

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    Larger graph if you can t read it here A Few More Points If you want someone to seem like a villain, do NOT make them taste like a creamsicle when you kiss them Vanilla and orange AWESOME How DARE you end a book at that point just kidding, Ms Goodman You hooked me for the next one I hope that Chart is part of book two When he says Sluuuuut to Irsa, I laughed out loud at the audiobook One high point of the audio version which, overall, left a lot to be desired

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    I was really struggling between 1 and 2 stars for this one so I m compromising with 1.5 stars.

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    Aaaaahhhh, this was good though not without faults, and I think anyone who reads Eon will know exactly why I deducted a star You will figure out early on why Eon is struggling, and it ll drive you crazy until she figures it out The fact that Eon takes forever to realize the big secret was not something that ruined my enjoyment completely, but it definitely dampened a story that could have been perfect.I started this book hot off the tail of Seraphina, not even realizing until I started writing this review that I had read two young adult fantasies with dragons back to back Normally I d read something different because I genre and series hop constantly, but Galla and CJ wanted to read this one together so I obliged though I forged ahead a bit on my own This book was very different from Seraphina though, and if I had to compare it to another book I would say it reminded me of a historical Cinder, but I also can t go without mentioning Mulan I m not saying this story isn t original or engrossing though quite the opposite Even though there are many books, movies, and historical events that Eon draws from, this book is special in spite of that fact Goodman still manages to maintain an air of originality even with all of the stories that have come before it.If you ve known me for any length of time you re aware that I have an infatuation with all things Asian I actually have a BA in Asian Studies, though I ll admit history wasn t my strongest suit my concentration was in the Japanese language It was still easy to recognize that Goodman pulled a great deal from many different historical events and cultural backgrounds Woman Script is a reference to hiragana fun fact the first novel written in Japan was by a woman , I could see the shadow of the rise of the Tokugawa Shogunate, and Confucianism practically permeated every aspect of this world Fear of foreigners, dethroning the emperor so the warriors could rule, women being powerless, this was all something that actually occurred I also couldn t help but remember the early Joseon period, and since I went back and read some of the history, I see why Eon felt so familiar Besides pulling from historical events, Goodman deftly weaves together elements from many different Asian cultures, blending things seamlessly With all that being said, you don t need to have any knowledge of any Asian history to appreciate how much detail this author put into creating her world.This story was fascinating, the characters were richly developed, and the world was lushly created Not everything was as it seemed and I was honestly surprised at some of the twists the story took, plus Goodman managed to create a villain that I couldn t hate completely If you re looking for another book with dragons after reading Seraphina or you want another young adult fantasy that takes place in an Asian setting like Cinder, definitely check this book out Eon isn t perfect, but it s certainly a fun ride.

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    I need to read the second book like RIGHT NOW I m so mad that I don t own it because I literally want to start reading it immediately.

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    I have a love hate relationship with this book In the end I m glad that i read itEon has grew up his entire life having a single thought literarlly beaten into his head everything feminine is bad Emotions are feminine therefore Eon should not feel And to avoid abuse Eon lived almost religiously by that one thought, resulting in a sociopath feel to the POV but thats neither here or there My main issue with this book is this If Eon had felt of an inclination to male characterisics then this book wouldve been totally fine But he didn t He was forced to be male Because he was constantly told and shown that being female was bad, and lesser This was a good book idea to overall show that being female is not lesser but I didn t love how the author executed it Eon kept making mistakes just constantly trying to be manly It was literarlly trial and error for half the book This isn t a cliche woman dressing up as male to manipulate a situation while secretly plotting shit Eon literarlly don t think about the fact he s a woman because its unacceptable to him And that broke my heart That being said, this book did a great job with some diverse characters I loved Lady Daya, a man with the characteristics of a woman because she CHOSE that She was so strong in her identity, I was in awe.kinda wish we read about her instead of Eon at first but I m hoping Eona finds the same acceptanceself love I had no dragon name, no true power No hope Another thing is that the author kept almost painfully forcing Eon to be an underdog It was literarlly one thing after the other on how it was impossible and so unrealistic but somehow it will kinda work out and isn t that amazing I just got tired of it Alert your men, Ryko said He turned his head and I saw the rise of violence in his eyes I wondered what he saw in mine Here we go There were some great lines and general great writing in this book Secondary characterwise Ryko defintely top 3 and I got really curious about what it meant to be a Shadowman details book 2 please However, as the book went on Eon began to feel emotions Except it was mostly anger Actually I thiink it was only anger. either way it slowly began to show some spunk in the character A eunuch and a Contraire How the gods would laugh, she said bitterly The gods are already laughing, I said How else could the future of an empire rest on my shoulders I guess I love this book for the world building and the end product I loved how it all turned out in the end for Eona as a character In the end, Eona is a much stronger person She learned how to fight, finally accepted her self though will need to work at it , and Eona found a purpose when before Eon was simply following whatever people said But I am not Lord Eon Not any I am Eona, the Mirror Dragoneye I looked up at the black smoke that hung over the palace and Dragon Halls, then turned my attention back to the startled man beside me And I want to join your resistance Because of this last sentence I am really looking forward to book 2 while secretly encouraging people to skip the first one and just go the sequel.