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Dr Brooke Campbell has a surprise for her fiancé Tess Sinclair While Tess has been preoccupied with moving them into a new home Brooke has been planning a surprise wedding Nervousness and excitement are in the air as Brooke and Tess look forward to new beginnings But merging families has a uniue way of bringing back old memories Brooke and Tess will need to confront issues from their past old insecurities and long held feelings of loss At the same time they must endeavor to foster a sense of security in Tess’s twins Dani and Davey as they commit to their life together Personality conflicts old misunderstandings rebellious nine year olds and personal insecurities remind Brooke and Tess that love is a fragile entity Moving forward in their life together will reuire them both to remember that families come with a special label—Handle with Care

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    Boo yaa Still loving the vib 4 is next

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    SplendidI know I always repeat myself when writing a review for a book by JA But hey that's not my fault they are all amazing You are immediately drawn to all the characters especially to Tess and Brooke They make you feel warm and fuzzy inside The family dynamic is fantastic and you can feel all the love Love binds but just like in real life it is not always smoothly The double D's they are amusing and let you laugh out loud Their dialogues unbelievable Again it is so well written the pace is excellent and the story pulls you in and engages you My Valentine day due to circumstances didn't become as I had planned but despite this reading this book made my Valentine day very enjoyable It was a delight to read

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    Another sweet story with this adorable family Wedding timeFavorite uotes from the bookBeing deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage” Lao Tzu“May the wind carry them gently into their future together Like leaves of one tree they are now two parts of one soul ever drifting but always seeking refuge in the comfort of each other’s arms”

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    Okay I'm just going to put down a couple of notes First off though 1 I rather enjoy the other two series by Armstrong enjoy a lot; 2 this book ended with a comment about the next book in this series reinforcing that one of the other two might actually be over now since that one is the only one that I recall ever ending without that 'continued in' commentI'm not sure why but I've never been able to get into any of the people involved in this series The first story was good enough to be likeable but it's been downhill for me personally ever since Sad that I just I'm mmphs I just don't particularly like any of the characters in this specific series here And uite frankly if this hadn't been an Armstrong story I'd have DNF'd this book Don't take that as a recommendation to give this story a pass Most people apparently seem to love the story I just couldn't get past disliking the characters to be able to enjoy the 'glow' of a weddingThinking about things yeah that's basically what I wanted to note except for one last thing there's a roughly 90 to 95 percent chance that I will not read anything else in this series It'd be better for me and better for the author I mean I don't like giving a rating like this one here I just mmphsI was about to hit the submit button then recalled I gave a 2 rating and only noted I didn't like the characters So to add to that I'll note people sure did act weirdly I'm not really sure what's going on with this series the others seem to have people acting naturally but this one always seems to be weird Like people kept being on the verge of giggling smirking sighing etc In moments when it seemed out of character to be giggling smirking or whatever Well not out of character for the sighing Okay then I don't like the characters and something about this specific story here didn't flow easilynaturally to me though probably just to meETA One last thing completely unrelated to my rating or my thoughts on the story what the heck is going on with the cover to this book? Why does one character look like she's about 12 feet tall while the other one is roughly 4 feet Sure that one is sitting so is probably 5 something standing but they sure look weird posed next to each other on the coverFebruary 21 2016

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    I love watching people fall in love But you know what I love ? Watching people LIVE in love Witnessing the melding of Brooke Tess Dani and D into a family is inspiring Every day there are people finding new love new families new kids new parents As someone that has a blended family I can attest that it is at times a struggle and at times it is the greatest joy This series along with all JA Armstrong's series is about real life real people real situations It may be fiction but you can be sure there is someone struggling with these very issues all the time Thank you for giving hope to those that are wondering if there is a Happily Ever After There is it just doesn't look the same for everyone Keep writing and sharing

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    I love the series 'Special Delivery' By JA Armstrong I like that I can read them in one sitting that it's like catching up with Friends and here all the gossip but mostly I love that it's simple stories of love that could happen everyday Tess and Brooke are moving into their new home But Brooke has never been happier and she need to show Tess just how happy she making Brooke I've read all the episodes from this series up to date so all the reviews will be the same from me But have a read I know you won't regret it

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    I think of all the books I read in this series this one really did not hold my interest but still looking forward to the next one

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    What a sugary sweet series The every day life of a couple with children Add some friends relatives and a family pet This story has a surprise wedding Fun stuff

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    The third part of the Special Delivery series with truly likeable MCs Tess Sinclair and Dr Brooke Campbell comes with sweetness and romance Read the full review

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    Love the SeriesGreat continuation to an already awesome series Brooke and Tess as well as the twins are great characters with great supporting characters Can't wait for the next installment