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The Greatest Western Writers Of The 21st CenturyMountain Man Smoke Jensen's long lost brother Luke Jensen is a dead shot scarred by war the perfect formula for a bounty hunter And he's cunning and fierce enough to bring down the deadliest outlaws of his dayLaw Of The GunLuke Jensen has earned this bounty hunting down the violent man charged with murdering a preacher's daughter The outlaw Judd Tyler confesses to many crimes but not the girl's murder And he tells Luke they won't reach the town of White Fork alive because a corrupt sheriff does the bidding of a cattle baron and that man's son is the true killer Sure enough halfway to White Fork Luke and his prisoner are battling for their lives and when they finally reach town they're greeted by a storm of bullets betrayal and blood With a band of innocent travelers caught up in the melee Luke is outgunned surrounded and sure of only this his only job now is survival by the measured efficient righteous killing of as many men as he can

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    Another great entry in the Luke Jensen series An involved book that most Johnstone books with better writing and plotThe story starts as most Johnstone books do with a uandary Most johnstone books see an obvious ending This does not have that ending and there are many turns in the story to add complexity to the tale The ending is standard Johnstone and this is a repeat ending of other Johnstone talesBottom line I recommend this book 6 out of 10 points

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    Another Great BookAll the action you would expect from a J Johnston book great western another Jensen family member as tough as Smoke

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    ExcellentThis is a great western book exciting and interesting from start to finish It portrayed the triumph of good over evil

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    Love these books Thanks Ki Lane

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    always enjoy luke jensen

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    Another great read

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    Title Death Rides Alone Luke Jensen Bounty Hunter #5Author William W Johnstone J A JohnstonePages 336Year 2016Publisher PinnacleMy rating is 5 starsLuke Jenson rides into Wyoming looking for a man who is wanted in Montana and that is where the adventure begins to take off Before Luke even locates his man he becomes entangled with the town’s braggart that leads to lead flying in all directions From then on the lead not only keeps flying but Luke’s life seems to be in danger Luke with his wanted man in tow heads for Montana but is the man really as guilty of the crime of which he has been accused?Through the many miles Luke hears parts of Tyler’s tale and in time Luke realizes it has a ring of truth In addition to the beautiful scenery described in the book there seems to be a mystery surrounding the murder that Tyler is accused of in a town located in Montana I really enjoyed reading Luke and Tyler’s adventures and constant run in with danger as well as a possible love interest for Tyler if he is proved innocent I enjoy these westerns so much I hate for the ending to come in each book but there are many great stories that I have yet to enjoy So look for western reviews coming in the near future from the pen of the Johnstone familyIn November of this year is the time when readers can sign up for the Johnstone book club on their website so be watching

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    Once again Luke Jensen does not disappoint This story is probably one of my favorites in this series You can read it as a stand alone or start with Luke Jensen Bounty Hunter From the first page to the last this book is non stop action and adventure Luke as always has a prisoner to take in and a mystery to solve I guess I enjoyed this book a little than the others because the mystery component was solid throughout the book I did not guess the evidence until the very end However I am not a great detective so some may fine out what Judd is hiding from the beginning If you enjoy a good western with lots of action and adventure this book is for you

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    A Darn Good Western I enjoyed this book I have read many books that have been written by the father and son and none have disappointed me Highly recommend reading of this book

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    Great bookAs always the Johnston's have written a good book I love reading about the Jensen family I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good book